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------------------------------------------------------------------------- $400 SUITS - Never Give What You Can't Take Back 100 FLOWERS - 100 Years of Pulchritude 100 RAISONS - L'Irlando 101ERS - Elgin Ave. Breakdown 12 SUMMER OLD - When the Romance Ends 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Bull Of The Woods 14 YEAR OLD GIRLS - Strategy Guide -16- & TODAY IS THE DAY - Zodiac Dreaming 16 HORSEPOWER - Coal Black Horses 16 HORSEPOWER - Folklore 16 HORSEPOWER - Hoarse 16 HORSEPOWER - Olden 16 HORSEPOWER - Rock-Palast 16 HORSEPOWER - Sackloth 'n' Ashes 16 HORSEPOWER - Secret Youth 16 HORSEPOWERS - Live March 2001 2 MINUTOS - Un Mundo De Sensaciones 2 MINUTOS - Valentбn Alsina [1988-1993] 20 MINUTES DE CHAOS - from split LP w/ Alt TC 20 MINUTES DE CHAOS - from split LP w/ Execradores 22-PISTEPIRKKO - Big Lupu 28 DAYS - 28 days 2-RAUM WOHNUNG - In Wirklichkeit 2-RAUM WOHNUNG - Kommt Zusammen 2-RAUM WOHNUNG - KOMMT ZUSAMMEN 4 PROMILLE - 4 Und Ab 4 PROMILLE - Alte Schule 4 PROMILLE - Alte Schule 4 PROMILLE - Die Jungs Von Nebenan (EP) 4 PROMILLE - Im N_Sten Leben 4 PROMILLE - Trinken und Fahren EP 4 PROMILLE - War Das Sein Bester Freund 4 PROMILLE - Wo Sind Denn All Die Leute 4 SIIVITS - All discoaphy 2002-2005* 4 SKINS - A Few 4 Skins More Volume 1 4 SKINS - A Few 4 Skins More Volume 2 4 SKINS - Clockwork Skinhead 4 Skins - Fistful Of 4-Skins 4 SKINS - Singalong-A 4-Skins 4 Skins - Singles And Rarities 4 SKINS - The Good,The Bad & The 4 Skins 4 SKINS - The Wonderful World Of The 4-Skins 44 LENINGRAD - Caiikt ilow 44 LENINGRAD - Ctoi! 46 Short - Just A Liability 4-SQUARES - Steve's Hamper 5,6,7,8`S - TEENAGE MOJO WORKOUT 5,6,7,8'S - Bomb The Twist 5,6,7,8'S - I Was A Teenage Cavewoman 2x7 (karate) 5,6,7,8'S - Mondo Girls A-Go-Go (7)'S - Bomb The Rocks - Early Days Singles'S - Pin Heel Stomp'S - Pretty Little Lilly Can Dance No More'S - The's'S - The's Can't Help It! 54 NUDE HONEYS - Drop The Gun 59 TIMES THE PAIN - 20% Of My Head 59 TIMES THE PAIN - Blind Anger & Hate [EP] 59 TIMES THE PAIN - Calling the Public 59 TIMES THE PAIN - End of the Millenium 59 TIMES THE PAIN - More Out Of Today 59 TIMES THE PAIN - Music For Hardcore Punx [EP] 7 SECONDS - 3 Chord Politics [Demo] 7 SECONDS - 7'' 7 SECONDS - Alt.Music.Hardcore 7 SECONDS - Blast From The Past [Ep] 7 SECONDS - Commited For Life [EP] 7 SECONDS - Drastic Measures (Demo) 7 SECONDS - Good To Go 7 SECONDS - Guilty Of A Crime Of Thinking [Live] 7 SECONDS - Live! One Plus One 7 SECONDS - New Wind 7 SECONDS - Old School 7 SECONDS - Ourselves 7 SECONDS - Out The Shizzy 7 SECONDS - Praise [Ep] 7 SECONDS - Scream Real Loud … (Live) 7 SECONDS - Scream Real Loud...Live! 7 SECONDS - Skin, Brains And Guts [EP] 7 SECONDS - Socially Fucked Up [Demo] 7 SECONDS - Soulforce Revolution 7 SECONDS - Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over 7 SECONDS - The Better Youth Years 7 SECONDS - The Crew 7 SECONDS - The Music The Message 7 SECONDS - Walk Together Rock Together 7 YEAR BITCH - Gato Negro 7 YEAR BITCH - Sick 'Em 7 YEAR BITCH - Viva Zapata! 88 FINGERS LOUIE & KID DYNAMITE - Split CD 9 SHOCKS TERROR - Zen And The Art Of Beating Your Ass 98 MUTE - After The Fall 98 MUTE - Slow Motion Riot 999 - Biggest Prize In Sport 999 - Emergency 999 - English Wipeout (live) 999 - Found Out Too Late [7 Inch] 999 - Found Out Too Late 7'' 999 - Lust, Power & Money 999 - Punk Singles 1977-1980 999 - The Biggest Prize In Sport 999 - You, Us, It A CAMP (NINA PERSSON) - A Camp A GLOBAL THREAT - Here We Are A GLOBAL THREAT - In The Red Ep A GLOBAL THREAT - The Kids Will Revolt [EP] A GLOBAL THREAT - The Power Ep A GLOBAL THREAT - Until We Die A GLOBAL THREAT - What The Fuck Will Change A Global Threat - Where The Sun Never Sets A GLOBAL THREAT - Who's To Blame Ep A PERFECT CIRCLE - EMOTIVE A PERFECT CIRCLE - MER DE NOMS A PERFECT CIRCLE - THIRTEENTH STEP A.F.I. - Answer That & Stay Fashionable A.F.I. - The Art Of Drowning A.P.P.L.E. - Neither Victims Nor Executioners ABC DIABOLO - Give Rise To Doubts ABDUCTEE SD - 6 trax ep ABHINANDA - Abhinanda ABRASIVE WHEELS - Black Leather Girl ABRASIVE WHEELS - Punk Singles Collection ABRASIVE WHEELS - When the Punks Go Marching In ABRUPTUM - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo ABRUPTUM - Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes ABUSED - Loud And Clear (EP) ACCUSED - Grinning Like An Undertaker ACCUSED - Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Story Ever Told ACCUSED - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral ACCUSED - Return Of Martha Splatterhead ACCUSED - Straight Razor ACID DRINKERS - Dirty Money, dirty Tricks ACID KING - Acid King (10" vinyl EP) ACID KING - III ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE - Mantra Of Love [Alien8 Recordings] ACROSS THE BORDER - …But Life Is So Boring, Sir, Without Commiting A Crime ACROSS THE BORDER - Crusty Folk Music For Smelly People ACROSS THE BORDER - Hag Songs ACROSS THE BORDER - If I Can't Dance Across the Border - If I Can't Dance, It's Not My Revolution ACROSS THE BORDER - Short Songs, Long Faces ACROSS THE BORDER - The Last Dance Around The Fire (live) ACROSS THE BORDER - Was Bleibt ACTION SWINGERS - Action Swingers ACTION SWINGERS - Decimation Blud ACTION SWINGERS - Decimation Blvd ACTIVE MINDS - Dis Is Getting Pathetic [Ep] ACTIVE MINDS - Free To Be Chained ACTIVE MINDS - I'm Not A Tourist [7 Inch] ACTIVE MINDS - Murder In The Laboratory ACTIVES - Riot EP ADAM AND THE ANTS - Dirk Wears White Socks ADAM AND THE ANTS - Kings Of Wild Frontier ADAM AND THE ANTS - Peel Sessions (1978-79) ADAM AND THE ANTS - Prince Charming ADAM ANT - Friend Or Froe ADAM ANT - Vive Le Rock Adamkus Ir Leva - 2001 Adamkus Ir Leva - Green Demo Adamkus Ir Leva - Self Titled ADHESIVE - Sideburner ADHESIVE - We Got The Beat ADICTS - 27 ADICTS - Rise And Shine ADICTS - Rockers Into Orbit ADICTS - Smart Alex ADICTS - Songs of Praise ADICTS - Sound of Music ADICTS - The Complete Adicts singles coll. ADICTS - This is Your Life ADICTS - This Is Your Life [1978-1980] ADOLESCENTS - 2003 (EP) ADOLESCENTS - Adolescents ADOLESCENTS - ADOLESCENTS + WELCOME TO REALITY + ALL BY ME… ADOLESCENTS - BALBOA FUN ZONE ADOLESCENTS - BRATS IN BATTALIONS ADOLESCENTS - Live 1981 and 1986 Adolescents - Live At The House Of Blues ADOLESCENTS - LIVE STARWOOD, L.A. C.A. (MARCH '1981) Adolescents - O.C. Confidential ADOLESCENTS - RETURN TO THE BLACK HOLE (LIVE) Adolescents - The Complete Demos 1980-1986 Adolescents - Unwrap and Blow Me Ep ADOLF AND THE PISS ARTISTS - Hate Generator ADOLF AND THE PISS ARTISTS - March Of The Piss Artists ADOLF AND THE PISS ARTISTS - This is your law (ep) ADOLF AND THE PISS ARTISTS - Zero Hour ADRENALIN O.D. - A.O.D. Themes Rare & Unreleased ADRENALIN O.D. - Cruising With Elvis In Bigfoot's UFO ADRENALIN O.D. - Humungousfungusamongus ADRENALIN O.D. - Humungousfungusamongus ADRENALIN O.D. - Let's Barbeque EP ADRENALIN O.D. - Sentimental Abuse 7'' ADRENALIN O.D. - The wacky hi-jinks of Adrenalon O.D ADVERTS - Cast Of Thousands ADVERTS - Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts AEROBITCH - An Urge To Play Loud AEROBITCH - An Urge To Play Loud Ep AEROBITCH - Are You Ready 7'' AEROBITCH - C'mon Cop Make My Day AEROBITCH - C'mon Cop, Make My Day AEROBITCH - Steamrollin' AEROBITCH - Time To Start Kickin' Ass AFGHAN WHIGS - 1965 AFGHAN WHIGS - Congregation AFGHAN WHIGS - DeboGentlemen (EP) AFGHAN WHIGS - Gentlemen AFGHAN WHIGS - Honky's Ladder (EP) AFGHAN WHIGS - My World Is Empty Without You (EP) AFGHAN WHIGS - Up In It AFGHAN WHIGS - Uptown Avondale Afraid! - Self Titled [EP] AFRIKA KORPS - Bonzus 7" AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY - 24 Hour Roadside Resistance AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY - All Fall Down AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY - Exchange EP AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY - Nothing New For Trash Like You AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY - V.M. Live 7-16-1995 [Live EP] AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY - Destroy What Destroys You Against All Authority - The Restoration Of Chaos And O AGATHOCLES - Thanks For Your Hostility AGENT 51 - Just Keep Runnin' AGENT 51 - Red Alert AGENT 51 - The Red And The Black AGENT BULLDOGG - Ett tusen glas AGENT ORANGE - Bitchen Summer [EP] AGENT ORANGE - Bitchin Summer AGENT ORANGE - Blood Stainded Hitz AGENT ORANGE - Bloodstains [EP] AGENT ORANGE - Demo AGENT ORANGE - Eldorado [EP] AGENT ORANGE - Everything Turns Grey [EP] AGENT ORANGE - Greatest And Latest AGENT ORANGE - Live 930 Club AGENT ORANGE - Living In Darkness AGENT ORANGE - Paradiso, Amsterdam 24.05.83 (Sb) AGENT ORANGE - Real live sound (live) AGENT ORANGE - Secret Agent Man [EP] AGENT ORANGE - This Is The Voice AGENT ORANGE - Virtually Indestructible AGENT ORANGE - When You Least Expect It Ep AGENT ORANGE + JESUS AND THE GOSPELFUCKERS - Split LP AGENTS - For all the massive AGHORA - Aghora AGITATORS - Meeting The Lads AGNOSTIC FRONT - Another Voice AGNOSTIC FRONT - Believe AGNOSTIC FRONT - Cause For Alarm AGNOSTIC FRONT - Dead Yuppies AGNOSTIC FRONT - Last Warning (Live + EP '83) AGNOSTIC FRONT - Liberty And Justice For All Agnostic Front - Live At CBGB AGNOSTIC FRONT - Live At CBGB's AGNOSTIC FRONT - One Voice AGNOSTIC FRONT - Por Vida [EP] AGNOSTIC FRONT - Riot Riot Upstart AGNOSTIC FRONT - Something's Gotta Give AGNOSTIC FRONT - United Blood [EP] AGNOSTIC FRONT - Victim In Pain AGNOSTIC FRONT - Warriors AGNOSTIC FRONT/DISCIPLINE - Working Class Heroes AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED - Honkey Reduction AGRESSION - Agression AGRESSION - Don`t be mistaken Agression - Don't Be Mistaken AGRESSION - Forgotten Skeleton AGRESSION - Full Circle AGRESSION - Live At Fenders Hall, Long Beach, Ca AGROTOXICO - Caos AGROTOXICO - Estado De Guerra Civil AIDS WOLF - The Lovvers AIRBAG - Ensamble Cohetes AK-47 - Gdje Umire Autoritet, Rada Se Sloboda AK-47 - The Badge Means You Suck [EP] AKIAKANE - 3rd CD AKIAKANE - Kasumisou AKIMBO - City Of The Stars AKIMBO - Elephantine AKIMBO - Forging Steel And Laying Stone AKIMBO - Harshing Your Mellow AKIMBO - Navigating The Bronze AL KE NO LE GUSTE KE SE JODA - Al Ke No Le Guste Ke Se Joda Alanis Morissette - So-Called Chaos ALARMA SOCIAL - Vinilos ALBUM LEAF - One Day I'll Be On Time ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS - Hangover Cure ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS - It Pays To Drink ALEC EMPIRE - Futurist Advance ALEC EMPIRE - Generation Star Wars ALEC EMPIRE - Hypermodern Jazz 2000.5 ALEC EMPIRE - Intelligence and Sacrifice CD1 ALEC EMPIRE - Intelligence and Sacrifice CD2 ALEC EMPIRE - Limited Editions 1990-94 ALEC EMPIRE - Low On Ice (The Iceland Sessions) ALEC EMPIRE - Miss Black America ALEC EMPIRE - Squeeze the Trigger ALEC EMPIRE - The Destroyer ALEC EMPIRE - The Geist of Alec Empire CD1 ALEC EMPIRE - The Geist of Alec Empire CD2 ALEC EMPIRE - The Geist of Alec Empire CD3 ALEC EMPIRE & TECHNO ANIMAL - The Curse of the Golden Vampire ALICE DONUT - Bucketfulls Of Sickness And Horror In An Otherwise Meaningless Life ALICE DONUT - Donut Comes Alive Alice Donut - Dry-Humping The Cash Cow Alice Donut - Mule ALICE DONUT - Pure Acid Park ALICE DONUT - Revenge Fantasies Of The Impotent ALICE IN CHAINS - Mtv Unplugged ALL - Pummel ALL FOR NOTHING - Demo ALL YOU CAN EAT - Manga ALLEGIANCE - Here Today ALMANDINO QUITE DELUXE - Absobloodylutely ALMANDINO QUITE DELUXE - Violent Potato ALPHA BLONDY - Rasta Poue ALPHA BLONDY - Alpha Blondy ALPHA BLONDY - Apartheid Is Nazism ALPHA BLONDY - Cocody rock ALPHA BLONDY - Dieu ALPHA BLONDY - Grand Bassam Zion Rock ALPHA BLONDY - Live Au Zenith (Paris) ALPHA BLONDY - Revolution ALPHA BLONDY - The prophet ALPHA BLONDY - Yitzhak Rabin ALTERNATIVE TV - Live 78 [REMASTERED] ALTERNATIVE TV - Live at Rat Club '77 ALTERNATIVE TV - Peep Show ALTERNATIVE TV - THE IMAGE HAS CRACKED AMANDA WOODWARD - La Decadence de la Decadence AMANDA WOODWARD - Pleine De Grace [Ep] AMANDA WOODWARD - Self Titled AMANDA WOODWARD - Ultramort AMDI PETERSENS ARMY - Blod Ser Mere Verkelict Ud Pa Film EP AMEBIX - Arise AMEBIX - Beginning Of The End AMEBIX - Make Some Fucking Noise AMEBIX - Monolith AMEBIX - The Power Remains LP AMEBIX - Who's The Enemy [Ep] AMEBIX - Winter [Ep] AMEN - Amen AMEN - Death Before Musick AMERICAN ANALOG SET - Promise Of Love(Complete) AMERICAN DISTRESS - American Distress AMERICAN DISTRESS - Demo AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - American Nightmare AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - Background Music AMERICAN STEEL - American Steel AMERICAN STEEL - Fat Club 7'' AMERICAN STEEL - Jagged Thoughts AMERICAN STEEL - Rogue's March AMPPEZ - Frankly Speaking About Love Amps - Pacer AMSTERDAMNED - Live De Buze, Steenwijk AMULET - Freedom Fighters AMULET - Freedom Fighters ANADOREI - Pussy Cannibal Holocaust ANAL BEARD - Puffin` Billy Butlin ANAL BEARD - Record Collector ANAL BEARD - We, the dreg ANAL CUNT - I Like It When You Die ANAL CUNT - Morbid Florist Anal Thunder - Table For One ANAL THUNDER - Will Fuck For Crack ANALOGS - Hlascover Rock ANALOGS - Kroniki Policyjne ANALOGS - Street Punk Rulez ANALOGS - Trucizna ANARCRUST - Progression Or Decline ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET - Caveat Emptor (-1) ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET - Caveat Emptor (-1) ANDRACULOID - Observations In Human Error ANE BRUNE - Spending Time With Morgan ANEKDOTEN - From Within ANFALL - Die Wahrheit Ist Anders ANGEL CITY OUTCASTS - Let It Ride ANGELIC UPSTARTS - 2.000.000 Voices ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Angel Dust (The Collected Highs 1978-1983) ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Blood On The Terraces ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Bombed Out ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Independent Punk Singles Collection ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Kids On The Street (Best Of) ANGELIC UPSTARTS - last tango in moscow ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Lost And Found ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Never ad Nothing ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Power Of The Press ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Reason Why? ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Sons fo Spartacus ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Still From The Heart ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Teenage Warning ANGELIC UPSTARTS - We Gotta Get Outta This Place ANGRY SAMOANS - Back From Samoa [EP] ANGRY SAMOANS - Back From Samoa Lp ANGRY SAMOANS - D For The Dead 7'' ANGRY SAMOANS - Demo 10-78 ANGRY SAMOANS - Dope On The Scarecrow 7'' ANGRY SAMOANS - Generation Next 7'' ANGRY SAMOANS - Gimme Samoa 31 Garbage-Pit Hits ANGRY SAMOANS - I'd Rather Do The Dog ANGRY SAMOANS - Inside My Brain ANGRY SAMOANS - Inside My Brain Lp ANGRY SAMOANS - Live At Rhino Records Lp ANGRY SAMOANS - Queer Pills Ep ANGRY SAMOANS - Radio Session ANGRY SAMOANS - Return To Samoa Lp ANGRY SAMOANS - STP Not LSD ANGRY SAMOANS - Stp Not Lsd Lp ANGRY SAMOANS - Studio Samoa (33rpm) ANGRY SAMOANS - The 90's Suck And So Do You Cd ANGRY SAMOANS - The Unboxed Set ANGRY SAMOANS - Vom (Pre- Angry Samoans) - Live At The Surf City 7'' ANGRY SAMOANS - Yesterday Started Tomorrow [EP] ANGRY SAMOANS - Yesterday Started Tomorrow Lp ANGST - Lite Life ANITA LANE - DIRTY PEARL ANITA LANE - SEX O'CLOCK ANNIHILATION TIME - II ANNIHILATION TIME - s-t ANNIHILATION TIME - Tales Of The Ancient Age ANOREXIA - Rapist In The Park 7'' ANTELOPE - Crowns & The Flock (Dis142 7'') ANTELOPE - St (Dis132a Ep) ANTI - The Hardcore Years 1980-84 ANTI CIMEX - 7''EP (1981) & demos (1982) ANTI CIMEX - Anarkist Attack [7 Inch] ANTI CIMEX - Country Of Sweden ANTI CIMEX - Made in Sweden ANTI CIMEX - Raped Ass ANTI CIMEX - Scandinavian Jawbreaker ANTI CIMEX - Victims Of A Bombraid ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE - Pig Iron ANTI SYSTEM - Defence Of The Realm [EP] ANTIDOTE - Alt. versions split 7'' with the NY-Relx ANTIDOTE - Another Dose ANTIDOTE - Back In The Year Zero ANTIDOTE - Bounce The Bouncer [EP] ANTIDOTE - DM - Hobbscore demotape ANTIDOTE - Game Over demotape ANTIDOTE - Go Pogo! ANTIDOTE - Keine Arbeit [EP] ANTIDOTE - Keine Arbeit split 7'' with Das Shocks and Die Strohsacke ANTIDOTE - Live Cbgb ANTIDOTE - Live In Alkmaar 20-12-03 ANTIDOTE - My Life ANTIDOTE - No Communication ANTIDOTE - S.T. Demo Tape ANTIDOTE - Slapstick - never released demotape ANTIDOTE - Split 7'' with Worhats ANTIDOTE - Thou Shalt Not Kill ANTIDOTE (USA NYHC LEGEND) - Live @ CBGB's (07-24-1983) ANTI-FLAG - For Blood And Empire ANTI-FLAG - A New Kind Of Army ANTI-FLAG - Die For Your Government ANTI-FLAG - Kill Kill Kill 7 Inch ANTI-FLAG - Mobilize ANTI-FLAG - The Terror State ANTI-FLAG - Their System Doesn't Work For You ANTI-FLAG - Underground Network ANTI-FLAG & D.B.S. - North America Sucks (Split) ANTI-HEROS - 1000 Nights of Chaos (Live) ANTI-HEROS - American pie ANTI-HEROS - Loosers Can't Be Choosers [EP] ANTI-HEROS - That's Right Don't + Tread On Me ANTI-HEROS - Underneath The Underground ANTIKORPER - Gelee Royal ANTIKORPER - Raus ANTIKORPER - Raus 1998 ANTIKORPER / AURORA - Rukensturch in Kukenstrasse ANTIMANIAX - As Long As People Think ANTIMANIAX - I'm Without Sleep... In This Desert Of Concrete ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - Live In Yugoslavia ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - Out Of Control ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - Quintessentials ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - Scum ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - The Best Of The Anti-Nowhere League ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - The Horse Is Dead (Live) ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - We Are... The League ANTI-PASTI - Caution In The Wind ANTI-PASTI - No Government ANTI-PASTI - The Last Call - Vinyl ANTI-PASTI - The Punk Singles Collection ANTI-PATRIOTIC FRANKENSTEIN - Cider Breakfast ANTI-PRODUCT - Conscious Minority ANTI-PRODUCT - The Defeaning Silence Of Grinding Gears ANTI-PRODUCT - The E.P.'s of AP ANTISCHISM - Antischism ANTISCHISM - Discography ANTISEEN - Destructo blitzkrieg ANTISEEN - Eat More Possum ANTISEEN - Hell ANTISEEN - Honour Among Thieves ANTISEEN - Noise For The Sake Of Noise ANTISEEN - Raw Shit ANTISEEN - Screamin' Bloody Live ANTISEEN - Southern Hostility ANTISEEN - The Boys From Brutalsville ANTISEEN & TEXAS TERRI - Split 7'' ANTI-SOCIAL - Battle Scarred Skinheads ANTI-SYSTEM - Defence Of The Realm EP ANTI-SYSTEM - No Laughing Matter LP ANTITAINMENT - Gymnasiastik mit EP ANTI-TODOR - Ne Bojim Se APERS - The Apers APOCALIPSTIX - War In My Head APOCALYPTICA - Cult APOCALYPTICA - Inquisition Symphony APOCALYPTICA - Plays Metallica By Four Cellos APOCALYPTICA - Reflection APPLE - Neither Victims Nor Executioners APPLE - Plutocracy = Tyranny & Exploitation ARAB ON RADAR - Queen Hygeine ARAB ON RADAR - Rough Day At The Orifice ARAB ON RADAR - Soak The Saddle ARGUE DAMNATION - Direct Action Now ARGY BARGY - Drunk, Drugs And Football Thugs ARMCHAIR MARTIAN - Hang On Ted ARMCHAIR MARTIAN - Monsters Always Scream ARMCHAIR MARTIAN - Xelophobe(EP) ART BRUT - Bang Bang Rock And Roll ART BRUT - It's A Bit Complicated ARTICLES OF FAITH - Complete Discography Vol. 1 ARTICLES OF FAITH - Complete Discography Vol. 2 1983-1985 ARTICLES OF FAITH - Give Thanks ASOBI SEKSU - Citrus ASSASSINATORS - Demo '06,Comp Track,2 New Songs ASSASSINATORS - Sigt Efter Hjertet Lp ASSASSINATORS - St 7'' ASSHOLE PARADE - Embers ASSHOLE PARADE - Student Ghetto Violence ASSORTED JELLY BEANS - WWW.Y2KTheory.EP..A.J.B..Com [EP] ASTA KASK - An Finns Det Hopp ASTA KASK - Kung & Fosterland ASTA KASK - Plikten Framfor Allt EP ASTRO ZOMBIES - Mutilate Torture And Kill Astrobrite - Pinkshinyultrablast ASURE - Zone Beyond Reality At The Drive In - This Station Is Non-Operationa AT THE DRIVE-IN - ACROBATIC TENEMENT AT THE DRIVE-IN - Alfaro vive, carajo! AT THE DRIVE-IN - ALFARO VIVE, CARAJO! [EP] AT THE DRIVE-IN - EL GRAN ORGO AT THE DRIVE-IN - Hell Paso AT THE DRIVE-IN - HELL PASO AT THE DRIVE-IN - IN CASINO OUT AT THE DRIVE-IN - Invalid litter deparetment cd1 AT THE DRIVE-IN - INVALID LITTER DEPARETMENT CD1 AT THE DRIVE-IN - Invalid litter deparetment cd2 AT THE DRIVE-IN - INVALID LITTER DEPARETMENT CD2 AT THE DRIVE-IN - One Armed Scissor AT THE DRIVE-IN - ONE ARMED SCISSOR AT THE DRIVE-IN - RELATIONSHIP COMMAND AT THE DRIVE-IN - Relationship Of Command AT THE DRIVE-IN - ROLODEX PROPAGANDA [UK SINGLE] AT THE DRIVE-IN - Vaya EP AT THE DRIVE-IN - VAYA EP AT THE DRIVE-IN & BURNING AIRLINES - SPLIT CD AT THE DRIVE-IN & SUNSHINE - BWRO223 [SPLIT CD] ATARI - We'll Be Fighting ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - 60 Second Wipeout ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Burn, Berlin, Burn! ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Delete Yourself ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture [EP] ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Kids Are United EP ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Live at Brixton Academy ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Rage [EP] ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Redefine the Enemy ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Revolution Action!!! [EP] ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - The Future Of War ATARIS - BS, BH, Next 12 Exits ATARIS - Look forward to failure ATARIS - So Long Astoria-Retail ATHEIST RAP - II Liga Zapad ATHEIST RAP - Predsednici Predsednistva Predsednika ATOM & HIS PACKAGE - A Society Of People Named Elihu ATOM & HIS PACKAGE - Atention! Blah Blah Blah ATOM & HIS PACKAGE - Atom & His Package ATOM & HIS PACKAGE - Making Love ATOM & HIS PACKAGE - Redefining Music ATREYU - Suicide Notes And The Butterfly Kisses ATTACK - Demo ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER - This Is Free Europe AUS-ROTTEN - And Now Back to Our Programming AUS-ROTTEN - Anti Imperialist (ep) AUS-ROTTEN - Fuck Nazi Sympathy AUS-ROTTEN - Not one single fucking hit AUS-ROTTEN - The Rotten Agenda AUS-ROTTEN - The System Works For Them AUSTIN LUCAS - Put The Hammer Down AUTHORITIES - Soundtrack Fortrouble 7'' AUTHORITITES - PUPPY LOVE AUTOCLAVE - Autoclave (Dis108) AVENGERS - Avengers (1977-79) AVENGERS - Died for your sins AVENGERS - Live In Winterland 14-01-78 AVENGERS - The Complete Recordings AVENGERS - We Are The One 7 Inch AWKWARD THOUGHT - Mayday B.G.K. - A Dutch Feast... The Complete Works Of B.G.K. B.G.K. - Live in CBGB's B.O.L. - Punk, Sex & Alkohol + Bonus Tracks (Live) B52-S - B-52s B-52'S - Cosmic Thing B-52'S - Good Stuff B-52'S - Mesopotamia B-52'S - Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology [CD1] B-52'S - Nude On The Moon - The B-52's Anthology [CD2] B-52'S - Wild Planet BABES IN TOYLAND - Dystopia BABES IN TOYLAND - Natural Babe Killers BABES IN TOYLAND - Fontanelle BABES IN TOYLAND - Nemesisters BABES IN TOYLAND - Painkillers BABES IN TOYLAND - Peel Sessions BABES IN TOYLAND - Playtime BABES IN TOYLAND - Spanking Machine BABES IN TOYLAND - To Mother BABY GOPAL - Baby Gopal BABYLON ZOO - King Kong Groover BABYLON ZOO - The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes BACK CHATS - Human wastelands in plastic design BACKFIRE! - Change The Game BACKFIRE! - Choose My Own Path BACKFIRE! - Still Dedicated BACKSEAT GIRLS - Noosh BACKSTREET GIRLS - TUFF TUFF TUFF BACKYARD BABIES - Stockholm Sindrom BAD ASTRONAUT - Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem BAD BRAINS - Attitude The ROIR Sessions BAD BRAINS - Black Dots BAD BRAINS - God of Love BAD BRAINS - I Against I BAD BRAINS - Live BAD BRAINS - Omega Sessions Bad Brains - Pay To Cum 1979-1981 LP BAD BRAINS - Quickness BAD BRAINS - Rise BAD BRAINS - Rock For Light BAD BRAINS - Spirit Electricity (live) EP BAD BRAINS - Youth Are Getting Restless Amsterdam BAD BUSINESS - Bad Business BAD CO. PROJECT - Sucker Stories Bad Manners - Fatty Fatty Bad Manners - Forging Ahead Bad Manners - Heavy Petting Bad Manners - Skinhead Bad Manners - Viva la Ska Revolution BAD RELIGION - The Process Of Belief [Japan] BAD RELIGION - 21st Century [Digital Boy] BAD RELIGION - 80-85 BAD RELIGION - Against the Grain BAD RELIGION - All Ages BAD RELIGION - All Our Yesterdays [Bootleg] BAD RELIGION - Back To The Known EP BAD RELIGION - Christmas Show [Bootleg] BAD RELIGION - Dream Of Unity BAD RELIGION - Generator BAD RELIGION - How Could Hell Be Any Worse BAD RELIGION - Into The Unknown BAD RELIGION - New America BAD RELIGION - No Control BAD RELIGION - No Substance [Japan] BAD RELIGION - Punk Rock Song BAD RELIGION - Recipe For Hate BAD RELIGION - Stranger Than Fiction [Limited European Edition] BAD RELIGION - Suffer BAD RELIGION - Tested [Live] BAD RELIGION - The Empire Strikes First BAD RELIGION - The Gray Race BAD RELIGION - The New America BALANCE - Truth Respect Spirit BALKANSKAJA ZWIEZDA - Balkanskaja Zwiezda BALLAST - sound asleep 2005 BALLAST - Sound Asleep Balzac - Deep - Teenagers From Outer Space Balzac - Descent Of The Diabolos (2nd demo) Balzac - 13 Starway - Children Of The Night Balzac - Art Of Dying Balzac - Beyond The Darkness Balzac - Came Out Of The Grave Balzac - The Last Men On Earth BALZAC - Zennou-Naru Musuu-No Me Ha Shi Wo Yubi Sasu BAMBI MOLESTERS - Dumb Loud Hollow Twang BAMBI MOLESTERS - Intensity! BAMBI MOLESTERS - Sonic Bullets 13 From The Hip BAMBIX - Bleeding In A Box Bambix - Club Matuchek BAMBIX - Crossing Common Borders BAMBIX - Leitmotiv BAMBIX - Out Of The Cradle Endless Rocking BAMBIX - Ritalin [EP] BAMBIX - Split CD [feat. Skin Of Tears] [EP] BAMBIX - Whats In A Name BANE - Holding this moment BANE - It all comes down to this Bangs - Call and Response Bangs - Sweet Revenge Bangs - Tiger Beat BARACKCA - The Best Of 1993-1995 BARCODE - Beerserk BARENAKED LADIES - Born On A Pirate Ship BARENAKED LADIES - Born On A Pirate Ship BARENAKED LADIES - Gordon BARENAKED LADIES - Gordon BASEBALL ANNIE - Ep Collection BASEMENT JAXX - Remedy BATES - Kicks 'N' Chicks BATES - No Name For The Baby BATES - Psycho Junior BATES - Shake BATES - the Bates BATES - The Bates BATES - What A Beautiful Noise BATMOBILE - Blast from the past BATTALION OF SAINTS - Death -R- Us BATTALION OF SAINTS - Fighting Boys 12'' Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus - Burning From The Inside BAUHAUS - Crackle BAUHAUS - Go Away White BAUHAUS - In The Flat Field BAUHAUS - Mask BAUHAUS - Nightime BAUHAUS - Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape Bauhaus - Swing The Heartache BAUHAUS - The Singles 1981-1983 BAUHAUS - The Sky's Gone Out BBQ CHICKENS - Fine Songs Playing Sucks BBQ CHICKENS - Good Bye To Your Punk Rock BE YOUR OWN PET - Get Awkward BEANS - C'mon Get It On !!! BEARDS - Funtown BEASTIE BOYS - Aglio E Olio BEASTIE BOYS - Some Old Bullshit Beat Happening - Anacortes, Wa (Jan. 1987) BEAT HAPPENING - BEAT HAPPENING BEAT HAPPENING - Beat Happening (1983-85 recordings) Beat Happening - Black Candy BEAT HAPPENING - DREAM BEAT HAPPENING - JAMBOREE Beat Happening - Kaos Radio (1988.02.16) BEAT HAPPENING - MUSIC TO CLIMB THE APPLE TREE BY BEAT HAPPENING - YOU TURN ME ON BEAT HAPPENING & SCREAMING TREES - SPLIT (EP) BEAT HAPPENING & VASELINES - LIVE IN LONDON (16.06.1988) BEATALLICA - Beatallica BEATALLICA - Garage Dayz Nite BEATALLICA - Sgt. 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BIRTHDAY PARTY - Prayers On Fire Birthday Party II - The Peel Sessions BIS - Intendo BISHOP ALLEN - The Broken String BITCH ALERT - I Can Feel Your Bones Bitch Alert - Kill Your Darlings BJORK - All Is Full Of Love EP BJORK - Bachelorette EP BJORK - Debut BJORK - Homogenic BJORK - MEDULLA BJORK - Post BJORK - Selma Songs BJORK - Telegram BJORK - Unplugged BJORK - Vespertine BJORK - Volta BLACK 47 - Fire Of Freedom BLACK ARMY JACKET - 222 BLACK ARMY JACKET - The Path Of Two Swords As One BLACK DOG - Bytes BLACK EYES - Cough (Dis145) BLACK EYES - St (Dis135) BLACK FAG - Black Fag BLACK FLAG - Damaged BLACK FLAG - Everything Went Black BLACK FLAG - Family Man BLACK FLAG - I Can See You (EP) BLACK FLAG - In My Head BLACK FLAG - Jealous Again EP BLACK FLAG - Keith Morris Demos BLACK FLAG - Last Show June 28,1986 Detroit, MI BLACK FLAG - Live Los Angeles CA (31.08.1985) BLACK FLAG - Live North Park Lions Club '81 BLACK FLAG - Live Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA (07.04.1981) BLACK FLAG - Loose Nut BLACK FLAG - Markthalle,Hamburg,Germany BLACK FLAG - My War BLACK FLAG - Nervous Breakdown EP BLACK FLAG - Slip It In BLACK FLAG - The First Four Years BLACK FLAG - The Process Of Weeding Out [EP] BLACK FLAG - Wasted...Again BLACK FLAG - Who's Got The 10 1/2? BLACK FLAG - Who's Got The 10$ (Live In Portland 23.08.1985) BLACK FLAG (PANIC) - Panic Demo BLACK FRANK - Frank Black Francis BLACK FRANK & BOWIE DAVID - 2 Live Songs BLACK FRANK & HANSARD GLEN - Studio Session At Today FM BLACK HALOS - Alive Whitout Control BLACK HALOS - The Violent Years BLACK HALOS - We Are Not Alone BLACK LIPS! - Black Lips! BLACK RANDY - Pass The Dust I Think I'm Bowie BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB - Howl BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB - La Boule Noire Show BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB - live 2003-10-22 @ KCRW BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB - live 2004-03-05 @ Los Angeles BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB - Take Them On, On Your Own BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB - Whatever Happened To My Rock'N'Roll [EP] Blank Theory - Catalyst BLANKS 77 - C.B.H. BLANKS 77 - Destroy Your Generation EP 1992 BLANKS 77 - Killer Blanks BLANKS 77 - Killer Blanks BLANKS 77 - Speed [EP] BLANKS 77 - Tanked And Pogoed BLANKS 77 - Tanked And Pogoed BLANKS 77 - Up The System BLEACH - Hadaka No Jyuu BLEACH - Kibakuzai BLEACH - Self Titled BLEACH - The Head That Controls Both Right … BLEACH - Three Girls From Okinawa BLECHREIZ - Rude gangsters BLIND PIGS - Blind Pigs BLIND PIGS - Sao Paulo Chaos BLIND PIGS - Sao Paulo Chaos BLIND PIGS - The Punx Are Allright BLIND SOCIETY - Contrary To Popular Belief BLITZ - Best Of Blitz BLITZ - Blitz Hitz BLITZ - Blitzed/An all out attack BLITZ - Live 100 Club,London,08.12.81 BLITZ - Punk Singles & Rarities BLITZ - Second empire justice BLITZ - The No Future years BLITZ - Voice Of A Generation BLITZ - Warriors BLITZ + VIOLATORS - 1st Demo, 1980(bootleg) BLITZ BABIEZ - Feel This EP BLITZ BABIEZ - On The Line BLITZ BABIEZ - Thought Spawn BLITZKID - Terrifying Tales BLITZKRIEG BOP - Blitzkrieg Bop 7'' BLOC PARTY - Bloc Party (EP) BLONDE REDHEAD - BLONDE REDHEAD BLONDE REDHEAD - FAKE CAN BE JUST AS GOOD BLONDE REDHEAD - Flying Douglas - Harmony 7" BLONDE REDHEAD - IN AN EXPRESSION OF THE INEXPRESSIBLE BLONDE REDHEAD - LA MIA VITA VIOLENTA BLONDE REDHEAD - Louisville, KY 07.21.99 BLONDE REDHEAD - Melody Citronique EP BLONDE REDHEAD - MELODY OF CERTAIN DAMAGED LEMONS Blonde Redhead - Misery is a butterfly BLONDE REDHEAD - Slogan 7" BLONDE REDHEAD - Symphony Of Treble - Kazuality 7" BLONDE REDHEAD - Vague - Jet Star 7" BLONDIE - Blondie Blondie - No Exit BLONDIE - Parallel Lines Blondie - The Curse Of Blondie BLOOD - False Gestures for a Devious Public BLOOD BROTHERS - Crimes BLOOD FOR BLOOD - Livin' In Exile BLOOD FOR BLOOD - Outlaw Anthems BLOOD FOR BLOOD - Revenge On Society BLOOD FOR BLOOD - Serenity BLOOD FOR BLOOD - Spit My Last Breath BLOOD FOR BLOOD - Wasted Youth Brew BLOOD ON THE SADDLE - Fresh Blood BLOODHOUND GANG - Hefty Fine BLOODHOUND GANG - Hooray For Boobies BLOODHOUND GANG - One Fierce Beer Coaster BLOODHOUND GANG - Use Your Fingers BLOODY HOLLIES - Who To Trust Who To Kill Who To Love Blowfly - Blowflys Punk Rock Party BLUETIP - Dischord No. 101 (Dis101) BLUETIP - Join Us (Dis116) BLUETIP - Polymer (Dis121) BLUETIP - Post Mortem Anthem (Dis126) BLUETONES - Luxembourg BOB DYLAN - Blonde On Blonde BOB DYLAN - Bob Dylan BOB DYLAN - Bringing It All Back Home BOB DYLAN - Highway 61 Revisited BOB DYLAN - John Wesley Harding BOB DYLAN - The Basement Tapes Vol 1 BOB DYLAN - The Basement Tapes Vol 2 BOB LOG III - Live BOB LOG III - School Bus BOBBYTEENS - Cruisin' For A Bruisin [Rip Off Records] BODYJAR - How it works Boegies - He Jan, Toe Nou Jan Boegies - Lallend Ten Onder (Demo) Boegies - Parels Voor De Zwijnen Boegies - Wij Zijn Zwijn Bohse Onkelz - Bose Menschen - bose Lieder Bohse Onkelz - Viva Loz Tioz BOILS - The Ripping Waters BOLLOCKS - Total Fuckin' Bollocks BOLLY BOYS - White Kids Gonna Fight BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! - ALBUM MINUTES BAND BOMBENALARM - No Mistakes BOMBORAS - Savage Island BOMBSHELL ROCKS - From Here And On BOMBSHELL ROCKS - Madhouse BOMBSHELL ROCKS - Underground Radio BONECRUSHER - Followers Of A Brutal Calling BONECRUSHER - No Escape (SP) BONECRUSHER - Singles Collection BONECRUSHER - Working For Nothing BONECRUSHER - World Of Pain BONES - Bigger than Jesus BONES - Straight Flush Ghetto BONES BRIGADE - Bones Brigade 7'' Bones Brigade - Endless Bummer BONES BRIGADE - Focused BONES BRIGADE - I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skating BONES BRIGADE - Older Than Shit, Heavier Than Time [Comp] BOO! - Monki Punk BOOMTOWN RATS - LaundMouth [Best of..] BOONARAAAS - 5 Steps Ahead BOONARAAAS!!! - Go Get Goo Goo BORCI PROTIV POKVARENOG SISTEMA - Anarhija Uzvraca Udarac BOREDOMS - Super Are BOREDOMS - Vision Creation Newsun BOSKOPS - "Lauschgift" LP BOSKOPS - Non plus ultra BOSS HOG - Boss Hog BOSS HOG - B-Sides, A-Sides & Other Sides BOSS HOG - Cold Hands BOSS HOG - Drinkin Lechin & Lyin BOSS HOG - Girl Positive Plus BOSS HOG - White Out BOUNCING SOULS - Fight To Live [7 Inch] BOUNCING SOULS - Hopeless romantic BOUNCING SOULS - How I Spent My Summer Vacation BOUNCING SOULS - Tie one on! [EP] BOUNINJOUTAI - Tokyo aizo BOW WOW WOW - Peel Session 27-10-1980 BOWERY ELECTRIC - Lushlife BOY KILL BOY - Stars And The Sea BOYS - Complete Punk Singles Collection BOYS - The Boys BOYS - To Hell with the Boys BOYS NEXT DOOR - Door, Door BOYS NEXT DOOR - Hew Haw (12'') BOYS NEXT DOOR - Lethal Weapons (7'') BRAIN FAILURE - American Dreamer BRAINDANCE - Streets Of Violence BRAINDANCE - The last Will BRANCH MANAGER - Anything Tribal (Dis107) BRANCH MANAGER - Branch Manager (Dis95) BRATMOBILE - Girls Get Busy BRATMOBILE - Ladies,Women And Girls BRATMOBILE - Potty Mouth BRATMOBILE - Real Janelle BRAVES - Love and Mercy BREAKWAY - Step Back BREEDERS - Cannonball [single] BREEDERS - Divine Hammer [EP] BREEDERS - Europe 1993 BREEDERS - Last Splash BREEDERS - Live In Stockholm BREEDERS - Mountain Battles BREEDERS - Off You [EP] BREEDERS - Peel Session Broadcast, 7 feb, 1990 BREEDERS - Pod BREEDERS - Pod Demos BREEDERS - Safari [EP] BREEDERS - Saints [EP] BREEDERS - Title TK BREZHNEV - In Vladiwoodstock BRIEFS - Hit After Hit BRIEFS - Live On Wfmu (12-14-2001) BRIEFS - Off The Charts BRIEFS - Sex objects BRIEFS - Singles Only BRIEFS - Split [feat. Spits] BRIEFS - Steal Yer Heart BRIEFS - The Joy Of Killing Ep BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Brigitte Fontaine BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Kekeland BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Kekeland BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Libido BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Morceaux De Choix BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Rue St.Louis En L'ile BRISTLES - Ban from the punk shop BRISTLES - LAST YEARS YOUTH BRODY'S MILITIA - Hates You [10''] BROTHER INFERIOR - Anthems '94-'97 BRUISERS - Cruisin' For A Bruisin' BRUISERS - Cruisin' For A Bruisin' BRUISERS - In The Pit BRUISERS - In The Pit: Live And Rare BRUISERS - The Authorized Bruisers 1988-1994 BUBONIX - Please Devil, Send Me Golden Hair BUBONIX - Roit Holiday BUCK-O-NINE - Pass The Dutchie BUCK-O-NINE - Pass The Dutchie [EP] BUCK-O-NINE - Twenty-Eight Teeth BUCK-O-NINE - Twenty-Eight Teeth BUFFALO TOM - Let Me Come Over BUFFALO TOM - Three Easy Pieces BULIMIA - Se Julgar Incapaz Foi O Maior Erro Que Cometeu BULLDOG BREED - Brothers through blood Vol.2 BULLOCKS - Ready Steady Cash Burning Brides - Leave No Ashes BURNING HEADS - Burning Heads BURNING HEADS - Escape BURNING HEADS - Super Modern World Burning Kitchen - Confirmation [EP] Burning Kitchen - Confrontation [EP] Burning Kitchen - Consolidation [EP] Burning Kitchen - Damn If You Do, Damn If You Don't Burning Kitchen - Many Wonder BUSH - B-sides and Covers BUSH - Eat More Bush BUSH - Golden State BUSH - Razorblade Suitcase BUSH - Sixteen Stone BUSH - The Science Of Things BUSINESS - Death To Dance BUSINESS - Hardcore Hooligan BUSINESS - Keep The Faith BUSINESS - Loud Proud 'N' Punk Live BUSINESS - No Mercy For You BUSINESS - Official Bootleg BUSINESS - Saturdays Heroes BUSINESS - Smash The Discos BUSINESS - Suburban Rebels BUSINESS - The Best Of The Business BUSINESS - The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But BUSINESS - Welcome To The Real World BUSINESS/COCK SPARRER - Live and Loud! BUSTER POINDEXTER - Buster's Happy Hour BUTCHIES - Are We Not Femme? BUTCHIES - Meke Yr Life BUTCHIES - Population 1975 BUTCHIES - Three BUTTHOLE SURFERS - After The Astronaut BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Butthole Surfers BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Creamed Corn From The Socket Of Davis BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Double Live -- Disk #1 BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Double Live -- Disk #2 BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Electriclarryland BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Hairway To Steven BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Humpty Dumpty Lsd BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Independent Worm Saloon BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Locust Abortion Technician BUTTHOLE SURFERS - P BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Pepper BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Pioughd BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Psychic, Powerless... Another Man's Sac BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Rembrandt Pussyhorse BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Tejass (Live In Pepperland) BUTTHOLE SURFERS - The Hole Truth... And Nothing Butt BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Weird Revolution BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Widowermaker BUTTHOLE SURFERS & BRAIN TICKET - Split CD BUZZCOCKS - Advance BUZZCOCKS - Another Music In A Different K BUZZCOCKS - BBC Sessions BUZZCOCKS - Chronology 1977-81 BUZZCOCKS - Different Kind Of Tension BUZZCOCKS - Entertaining Friends Live 4-31 1979 BUZZCOCKS - Ever Fallen In Love BUZZCOCKS - Flat-Pack Philosophy BUZZCOCKS - Lest We Forget BUZZCOCKS - Love Bites BUZZCOCKS - Modern BUZZCOCKS - Operators Manual BUZZCOCKS - Orgasm Addict-What BUZZCOCKS - Parts 1 2 3 EP BUZZCOCKS - Peel Sessions 9-7-1977 BUZZCOCKS - Singles Going Steady BUZZCOCKS - Spiral Scratch EP BUZZCOCKS - Spiral Scratch Ep BUZZCOCKS - Times Up BUZZCOCKS - Trade Test Transmissions BUZZKILL - House Of Bad Touch BUZZKILL - Up BUZZOV-EN - Welcome To Violence [Alternative Tentacles] BYRDS - Willin' (Live In Goteborg April, 24 1967) BZ BZ UEU - s/t C.I.A. - Codename Freibeuter C.I.A. - God, guts, guns CA--A LOCO - Goanga CALEXICO - Black Session (22-05-00) CALEXICO - Peel Session (15th jun.,1999) CALEXICO - The Black Light CALIBAN - Caliban CALIBAN - Demo CALIBAN - Vent CALIBAN & HEAVEN SHALL BURN - The Split Program CANDYSUCK - Kill Your Boyfriend! CANDYSUCK - Score CAPITOL CITY DUSTERS - Rock Creek (Dis127) CAPITOL PUNISHMENT - Bulwarks against oppression + Glutton for Punishment 7'' CAPITOL PUNISHMENT - Three chord pile up CAPITOL PUNISHMENT - When Putsche Comes To Shove CARDIGANS - First Band On The Moon CARDIGANS - Gran Turismo CARDIGANS - Long Gone Before Daylight CARDIGANS - Emmerdale CARDIGANS - Life CAREER SUICIDE - Attempted Suicide CAREER SUICIDE - Career Suicide [EP] CAREER SUICIDE - Career Suicide LP CASUALTIES - Die Hards CASUALTIES - For The Punx CASUALTIES - On The Front Line CASUALTIES - Stay Out Of Order Casualties - The Under Attack - Retail CASUALTIES - Underground Army CASUALTIES - V.M. Live (Fireside Bowl - Chicago, IL - 4/18/97) CASUALTIES - Who's In Control [7 Inch] CASUALTIES, THE - En La Linea Del Frente CASUALTIES, THE - On The Front Line CASUALTIES, THE - The Early Years 1990-1995 CAT POWER - Black Cat, Washington CAT POWER - Dear Sir CAT POWER - Jukebox CAT POWER - Lights & Music 7'' CAT POWER - Moon Pix CAT POWER - Myra Lee CAT POWER - Nude as the News [EP] CAT POWER - Speaking For Trees (2 CD) CAT POWER - The Covers Record CAT POWER - What Would the Community Think [EP] CAT POWER - White Session, Paris CAT POWER - You are free CAT RAPES DOG - Biodegradable CAT RAPES DOG - People As Prey CAT RAPES DOG - The Secrets Of God CATATONIA - Equally Cursed And Blessed CATATONIA - International Velvet CATATONIA - Paper scissors stone CATATONIA - Way Beyond Blue CATCH 22 - Alone In The Crowd CATCH 22 - Dinosaur Sounds CATCH 22 - Hey Are So Many Ways To Break A Circle CATCH 22 - Keasbey nights CATCH 22 - Live In New Jersey CATCH 22 - Permanent Revolution CATCH 22 - Rules Of The Game (Demo) CATCH 22 - Sincerely Yours (Bonus EP) CATCH 22 - Washed Up! [EP] CATCH 22 - Winter Sucks [EP] CAUSE FOR ALARM - Beneath The Wheel CAUSE FOR ALARM - Birth After Birth CAUSE FOR ALARM - Cheaters And The Cheated CAUSEY WAY - Causey Vs Everything (Alternative Tentacles) CAUSTIC CHRIST - Can't Relate CAUSTIC CHRIST - Can't Relate CAVITY - Built For The Human Race 7"EP CENOBITES - Demons to Some... Angels to Others CF98 - Enjoy CHAIN OF STRENGTH - The One Thing that Still Holds True CHANNEL 3 - Ch3 CHANNEL 3 - Fear Of Life CHANNEL 3 - How Do You Open This Damn Thing CHANNEL 3 - Ive Got A Gun After The Lights Go Out CHANNEL 3 - Last Time I Drank CHANNEL 3 - Self Titled CHANNEL 3 - s-t Ep CHANNEL-3 - Skinhead years 1981-1983 CHANNELS - Waiting For The Next End Of The World (Dis151) CHAOS RABAK - Demo CHAOS U.K./RAW NOISE - Split CHAOS UK - 100 Percent 2 Fingers In The Air Punk Rock CHAOS UK - Burning Britain 7'' EP CHAOS UK - Demo CHAOS UK - Earslaughter CHAOS UK - Enough To Make You Sick CHAOS UK - Flogging The Corpse CHAOS UK - Flogging The Corpse CHAOS UK - Heard It,Seen It,Done It CHAOS UK - Kanpai CHAOS UK - Live In Japan CHAOS UK - Loud,Political And Uncompromising Ep CHAOS UK - Radioactive Earslaughter CHAOS UK - Short Sharp Shock CHAOS UK - The Best Of (The Punk Collectors Series) CHAOS UK - The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes CHAOS UK - The Morning After,The Night Before CHAOS UK - Total Chaos: Singles Collection CHAOTIC ALLIANCE - A New Breed Of Terror CHAOTIC DISCHORD - Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics - Don’t Thrown it All CD CHAOTIC DISCHORD - Now I Call Fuckin' Bomb! CHAOTIC DISCHORD - Very fuckin bad CHARCOAL FILTER - Made In Hi-High 2002 CHARGE 69 - Des mots, des rires, des larme CHARLES BUKOWSKI - Poems And Insults CHE SUDAKA - Alerta Bihotza CHEAP SEX - Headed For A Breakdown CHEAP SEX - Launch Off To War CHEAP SEX - Launch Off To War Cheap Sex - Written In Blood CHELSEA - Chelsea Chelsea - Faster, Cheaper And Better Looking CHELSEA - Live at Music Machine [bootleg] CHELSEA - Punk Rock Rarities CHELSEA - UNRELEASED STUFF CHEVELLE - POINT #1 CHICKS ON SPEED - 99CENTS CHICKS ON SPEED - Fashion Rules! CHICKS ON SPEED - Will Save Us All CHICKS ON SPEED - WILL SAVE US ALL CHICKS ON SPEED AND THE NO HEADS - Press The Spacebar CHICKSONSPEED - 99c CHIXDIGGIT! - Born On The First Of July CHOCO BOY - Inner Strength CHOKING VICTIM - No Gods No Managers CHOKING VICTIM - Squatta's Paradise [EP] CHRIST ON PARADE - Sounds of Collection (bootleg discography) CHUMBAWAMBA - Anarchy CHUMBAWAMBA - English Rebel Songs 1381-1914 CHUMBAWAMBA - English Rebel Songs 2003 CHUMBAWAMBA - First 2 CHUMBAWAMBA - Get On With It (Live) CHUMBAWAMBA - History Luddite Demo CHUMBAWAMBA - Jesus H Christ (Vinyl Only Bootleg Circa '92) CHUMBAWAMBA - Never Mind The Ballots CHUMBAWAMBA - Raising Heck with Chumbawamba CHUMBAWAMBA - Readymades CHUMBAWAMBA - Revolution EP CHUMBAWAMBA - Shhh CHUMBAWAMBA - Showbusiness! CHUMBAWAMBA - The Boy Bands Have Won CHUMBAWAMBA - Top Of The World CHUMBAWAMBA - Tubthumper CHUMBAWAMBA - We Are The World split EP CHUMBAWAMBA - What U See Is What U Get CHURCH - Live In San Francisco 03/16/04(EP) CIDER BREAKFAST - Anti-Patriotic Frankenstein CIRCLE JERKS - Live On Broadway, SF CIRCLE JERKS - At The Whisky A Go Go CIRCLE JERKS - Best Of Flipside DVD Live CIRCLE JERKS - Gig (Live) CIRCLE JERKS - Golden Shower Of Hits CIRCLE JERKS - Group Sex CIRCLE JERKS - La Acoustic CIRCLE JERKS - LIVE AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES CIRCLE JERKS - Live Fast Die Young CIRCLE JERKS - Live in Las Vegas [11-03-83] CIRCLE JERKS - Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities LP CIRCLE JERKS - ODDITIES, ABNORMALITIES AND CURIOSITIES LP CIRCLE JERKS - Teenage Electric [7''] CIRCLE JERKS - Unfortunate Son [7''] CIRCLE JERKS - VI CIRCLE JERKS - Wild In The Streets CIRCLE JERKS - Wonderful (Записано Наверно С Кассеты) CIRCLE KIT - Food For Thought (Demo) CIRCLE ONE - Patterns Of Force CIRIL - s-t CITIZEN FISH - Active Ingredients CITIZEN FISH - Flinch CITIZEN FISH - Life Size CITIZEN FISH - What Time We On CIV - Set your goals CIVET - Massacre CLAN OF XYMOX - Hidden Faces CLAN OF XYMOX - Hidden Faces CLASH - Acoustic Daze - 05.11.85 CLASH - Barbarella's 1976 1026 Birmingham (Live) CLASH - Buy Or Die - Live At The Lyceum, London, UK 28-12-78 CLASH - Clash on Broadway CD1 CLASH - Clash on Broadway CD2 CLASH - Clash on Broadway CD3 CLASH - Combat Rock CLASH - Cut The Crap CLASH - Demos CLASH - From Here To Eternity (LIVE) CLASH - Give 'Em Enough Rope CLASH - Live at Lochem, Holland CLASH - Live at Palladium CLASH - Live On Wxrt-Re-Broadcast, Chicago, Il 14-09-79 CLASH - London Calling CLASH - London Calling CLASH - Sandinista! CD1 CLASH - Sandinista! CD2 CLASH - Super Black Market Clash CLASH - The Clash CLASH - The Cost Of Living Ep CLASH - The Singles CLASH & 101'ERS - EP Collection Clit 45 - 2,4,6,8...We're the Kids You Love to Hate CLIT 45 - Broken Glass EP Clit 45 - Self hate crimes CLIT 45 - Straight Outta Long Beach CLIT 45 - Tales From The Clit Clit 45 - Your life to choose (ep) CLITBOYS - We Don't Play The Game CLOCKWORK TIMES - Live CLOCKWORK TIMES - Нас не Купить CLOROX GIRLS - Clorox Girls CLOROX GIRLS - J'aime Les Filles CLOSE SHAVE - Hard As Nails CLOSE SHAVE - Oi! Kinnok give us back the rose! COBRA KILLER - DHR CD 18 COBRA SKULLS - Draw Mohammed COBRA SKULLS - Sitting Army COCK AND BALL TORTURE - Cocktales COCK AND BALL TORTURE - Egoleech COCK AND BALL TORTURE - Sadochizmo COCK AND BALL TORTURE - Where Girls Learn To Piss On Command COCK SPARRER - England Belongs to Me COCK SPARRER - Guilty As Charged COCK SPARRER - Here We Stand COCK SPARRER - Rumours Carry More Weight Than COCK SPARRER - Run away [EP] COCK SPARRER - Runnin Riot In 84 (Live) COCK SPARRER - Shock Troops COCK SPARRER - Still a teenager at heart COCK SPARRER - True Grit COCK SPARRER - Two monkeys COCKNEY REJECTS - Back On The Streets COCKNEY REJECTS - Live & Loud Greatest Hits Vol #3 COCKNEY REJECTS - Oi! Oi! Oi! COCKNEY REJECTS - Out Of The Gutter COCKNEY REJECTS - Power and Glory COCKNEY REJECTS - The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 COCKNEY REJECTS - The Greatest Hits Vol. 2 COCKNEY REJECTS - The Greatest Hits Vol. 4 COCKNEY REJECTS - Unheard Rejects [EP] + Flares & Slippers ('79-81) + Rarities COCKNEY REJECTS & ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Live & Loud COCKNOOSE - White Trash Messiah COCKNOOSE - White Trash Messiah COCOROSIE - La Maison De Mon Reve COCOROSIE - La Maison De Mon Reve COCOROSIE - NOAH'S ARK COCOROSIE - The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn COCOROSIE - Unreleased COHEN LEONARD - Songs From A Room COHEN LEONARD - Songs Of Leonard Cohen COLDPLAY - A Rush Of Blood To The Head COLDPLAY - Coldplay COLDPLAY - Live 2003 COLDPLAY - X&Y COMET GAIN - Casino Classics COMET GAIN - City Fallen Leaves [Kill Rock Stars] COMET GAIN - If I Had A Soul [7''] COMET GAIN - Realistes [Kill Rock Stars] COMET GAIN - Sneaky COMET GAIN - Tigertown Pictures [Kill Rock Stars] COMETS ON FIRE - Comets On Fire [Alternative Tentacles] Common Rider - Last Wave Rockers Common Rider - This Is Unity Music CONCRETE WORMS - Live At Bit Club, Svilajnac 04.03.2000 CONCRETE WORMS - Live At Bit Club, Svilajnac 04.03.2000 CONCRETES - The Concretes Condemned 84 - Amongst The Thugs Condemned 84 - Battle Scarred Condemned 84 - Face The Aggression Condemned 84 - Live & Loud Condemned 84 - The Boots Go Marching In CONFLICT - Against All Odds CONFLICT - Conclusion CONFLICT - Conflict Time CONFLICT - Deploying All Means Necessary CONFLICT - Employing All Means Necessary CONFLICT - Increase The Pressure CONFLICT - It's Time To See Who's Who Now CONFLICT - Standard Issue Vol II 88-94 CONFLICT - The Final Conflict CONFLICT - The Ungovernable Force CONFLICT - There Must Be Another Way -The Singles- CONFLICT - There's No Power Without Control CONFLICT - Turning Rebellion into Money Consumed - Breakfast at Pappa's Consumed - Hit For Six Consumed - Pistols at Dawn CONTRA - Nemesis Enforcer CONTRA - Social Darwinism CONTRA - Vector Sigma CONTRAVENE - A Call To Action CONTRAVENE - Contravene CONTRAVENE - Discography CONTROPOTERE - Il seme della devianza CONTROPOTERE - Il seme della devianza CONTROPOTERE - Nessuna Speranza Nessuna Paura CONVERGE - Petitioning the Empty Sky CONVERGE - Unloved and Weeded Out CONVERTER - Broken Meat CONVERTER - Unreleased COP SHOOT COP - Ask Questions Later COP SHOOT COP - Ask Questions Later COPYRIGHTS - Mutiny Pop COPYRIGHTS - We Didnt Come Here to Die CORGAN BILLY - The Future Embrace CORNHOLIOS - Mi Minacci COUNTRY TEASERS - Country Teasers COURTNEY LOVE - America's Sweetheart COVEK BEZ SLUHA - Mrzim Ovaj Grad COWBOY KILLERS - Thank You, Fuck You And Goodnight CRAMPS - …Off The Bone CRAMPS - A Date With Elvis CRAMPS - Big Beat From Badsville CRAMPS - Fiends Of Dope Island CRAMPS - Flamejob CRAMPS - Live At CBGBs CRAMPS - Look Mom No Head! CRAMPS - Psychedelic Jungle CRAMPS - Smell Of Female CRAMPS - Stay sick! CRAMPS - Tales From The Cramps Volume 1 CRANBERRIES - Burry the Hatchet CRANBERRIES - Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We CRANBERRIES - No Need To Argue CRANBERRIES - To The Faithful Departed CRANBERRIES - Wake Up And Smell The Coffee CRASH STREET KIDS - Little Girls CRASHED OUT - This Is Our Music CRASS - Best Before... CRASS - Christ the album cd1 CRASS - Christ the album cd2 CRASS - Demo '79 CRASS - Demos (Liberated Bootleg) CRASS - Feeding of the five thousand CRASS - Last Gig, Live In Aberdare 06-84 CRASS - Live In Bristol, Uk CRASS - Nagasaki nightmare CRASS - Penis Envy CRASS - Stations Of The Crass CRASS - Ten Notes On A Summers Day [EP] CRASS - Well Forked But Not Dead (live) CRASS - Yes Sir, I Will CRASS - You'll Ruin it for Everyone CRAVATS - The End [EP] CRAVATS - Yuore Driving Me [EP] CREATURES - Anima Animus CREATURES - BOOMERANG Creep Division - Creep Division CREEPSHOW - Sell Your Soul CRIA CUERVOS - Soap Opera CRIKEY CREW - My Sons CRIMINAL CLASS - Echoes In The Street CRIMINAL CLASS U.S.A. - Echoes in the Street CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Best Crimes Crisis - We Are All Jews And Germans CRO-MAGS - Alpha-Omega CRO-MAGS - Best Wishes CRO-MAGS - Near Death Experience CRO-MAGS - Revenge CRO-MAGS - The age of quarrel CROSSING POINT - Crossingpoint CROSSING POINT - The Path Less Traveled CRUCIAL INTENT - Raptor Jesus Will Fuck You Up! CRUCIAL UNIT - from split CD w-Municipal Waste CRUCIFIX - Dehumanization CRUCIFUCKS - Our Will Be Done CRUCIFUCKS - Our Will Be Done CRUCIFUCKS - s/t CRUDE - 1st lp CRUDE - Attitude CRUDE - Change Everything From Into You First CRUDE - Crude CDM CRUMBSUCKERS - Life On Dreams CRUNT - Crunt CRYING NUT - Circus Magic Urandan CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Convicted (re-issue) CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Life In Grave (demo) CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Live In Detroit CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Live In Houston CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Money Talks (re-issue) CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Speak Your Peace CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Speak Your Peace CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Stream Of Consciousness CUB - Mauler! A Collection Of Oddities CUBANATE - Joy CUBANATE - Oxyacetalene CUFFS - Bottoms Up CUFFS - Bottoms Up CULTURE SHOCK - Resistance Is Fertile CURE - Galore (The Singles 1987-1997) CURE - 413 Dream CURE - Bloodflowers CURE - Boys Don't Cry CURE - Cure CURE - Desintegration CURE - Disintegration CURE - Faith CURE - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me CURE - Pornography CURE - Seventeen Seconds CURE - The Cure CURE - The Head On The Door CURE - The Head On The Door CURE - The Top CURE - Three Imaginary Boys CURE - Wild Mood Swings CURE - Wish CURSE OV DIALECT - Wooden Tongues Curt & The Contras - Hebephrenia Curt & The Contras - No Place For Life Curt & The Contras - Unreleased CURT KIRKWOOD - Snow CURVE - Open Day At The Hate Fest CURVE - The New Adventures Of Curve CURVE - Chinese Burn CURVE - Come Clean CURVE - Cuckoo CURVE - Doppelganger CURVE - Gift CURVE - Pubic Fruit CUT MY SKIN - Nasty CUT MY SKIN - On The Edge CUT MY SKIN - Reflexion CUTE LEPERS - Cant Stand Modern Music Cyco Miko - Lost My Brain (Once Again) CZOLGOSZ - Guernica CZOLGOSZ - Saipan CZOLGOSZ & CRITICA RADICALA - Split Cd D.A.F. - Alles ist gut D.F.A. - Define False Authority D.F.A. - Let's Get Retarded (Demo) D.F.A. & BONES BRIGADE - Split D.F.A. (DANGER FREE ANIMALS) - Demo-Xtraccion D.F.A. (DANGER FREE ANIMALS) - Neocortex D.F.A. [DANGER FREE ANIMALS] - Demo-Xtraccion D.F.A. [DANGER FREE ANIMALS] - Neocortex D.I. - Ancient Artifacts D.I. - Caseyology D.I. - Horse Bites, Dog Cries D.I. - Live At A Dive (Complete) D.I. - On The Western Front D.I. - State Of Shock D.I. - Surfin Anarchy D.I. - Team Goon D.I. - Tragedy Again D.I. - What Good Is Grief To A God D.I. + TSOL - The Blank Club, San Jose. Ca 2004.09.03 D.O.A. - Disco Sucks D.O.A. - Its Not Unusual But It Sure Is D.O.A. - Let`s Wreck The Party D.O.A. - Live Free Or Die D.O.A. - Murder D.O.A. - Northern Avenger D.O.A. - Positively DOA D.O.A. - Talk Minus Action Equals Zero D.O.A. - The Prisoner D.O.A. - True(North)Strong And Free D.O.A. - War On 45 EP D.O.A. - Win The Battle D.O.A. (DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - 13 Flavours of Doom D.O.A. (DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - Bloodied But Unbowed (The Damage To Date: 1978-1983) D.O.A. (DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - Festival Of Atheists D.O.A. (DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - Hardcore '81 D.O.A. (DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - Marijuana Motherfucker (EP) D.O.A. (DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - Something Better Change D.O.A. (DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - The Dawning Of New Error D.O.A. (DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - Triumph Of The Ignoroids (EP) D.O.A.(DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - Greatest Shits D.O.A.(DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - Loggerheads D.O.A.(DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - The Black Spot D.O.A.(DEATH ON ARRIVAL) - The Lost Tapes D.R.I. - Dirty Rotten D.R.I. (DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES) - 4 Of A Kind D.R.I. (DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES) - Crossover D.R.I. (DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES) - Dealing With It D.R.I. (DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES) - Definition D.R.I. (DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES) - Full Speed Ahead D.R.I. (DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES) - Thrash Zone D.S.-13 [Demon System 13] - Killed By The Kids D.S.-13 [Demon System 13] - No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead D.S.-13 [Demon System 13] - Trash And Burn D.S.B. - Battle into invisible zone EP D.S.B. - No fight no get 7'' D.S.B. - Pure cultivation EP D.S.B. - Radical Sharp Shot EP D.S.B. - Subsitute D.S.B. - Wait tremblingly EP D.S.B. - Wings continue to strive with unchanged minds D.Y.S. - Fire & Ice D-66 - D-66 DA SKYWALKERS - Smalltown Saviours DAG NASTY - Can I Say DAG NASTY - Can I Say_Wig Out At Denko's DAG NASTY - Demo DAG NASTY - Field Day DAG NASTY - Four On The Floor DAG NASTY - Minority Of One DAG NASTY - Trouble Is DAISY CHAINSAW - Eleventeen DALEK - Abandoned Language DALEK - Absence DALEK - From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots DALEK - Negro Necro Nekros DALLAX - Beat Chips DALLAX - Core Color _ Pork Pie Edition DALLAX - Tokyo Rude Vibration DALLAX - Too Bad To Be True Damage Case - Tyranny DAMNED - Damned Damned Damned Damned - Fiendish Shadows Damned - Grave Disorder Damned - I'm Alright Jack and the Bean Stalk DAMNED - Machine Gun Etiquette DAMNED - Music For Pleasure DAMNED - Not Of this Earth DAMNED - Phantasmagoria DAMNED - Strawberries DAMNED - Tales from the Damned [1979-1981] DAMNED - The Black Album DAMNED - The Stiff Singles [1976-1977] DANCE DISASTER MOVEMENT - We Are From Nowhere DANCE HALL CRASHERS - Blue Plate Special EP DANCE HALL CRASHERS - Honey, I'm Homely! DANCE HALL CRASHERS - Lockjaw DANCE HALL CRASHERS - Purr DANCE HALL CRASHERS - The Live Record - Witless Banter And 25 Mildly Antagonistic Songs Of Love DANCE HALL CRASHERS - The Old Record '89-92 DARK - Endless Dreams Of Sadness DARK ILLUMINATION - Pathfinder DARK ILLUMINATION - Realize The Error DARLINGTON - EUTHANIZE ME DARLINGTON - Louder Than Morrissey DARLINGTON - MORON-A-THON DAS KLOWN - The Day The Clown Cried 7"EP DASH RIP ROCK - Boiled Alive DASH RIP ROCK - Paydirt [Alternative Tentacles] Daughters - Canada Songs DAVOVA PSYCHOZA - Antropofobia DAVOVA PSYCHOZA - Svet Zaluje DAWNCORE - Entertainment for the Best DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Corporate whores DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Death Race 2000 DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Feed Us A Fetus DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Here Today Guano Tomorrow DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Little Man In Canoe DAYGLO ABORTIONS - OUT OF THE WOMB DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Out Of The Womb DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Stupid World Stupid Songs DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Two Dogs Fucking DE HEIDEROOSJES - Break The Public Peace CDM DE HEIDEROOSJES - Choice For A Lost Generation! DE HEIDEROOSJES - Fast Forward DE HEIDEROOSJES - Fifi DE HEIDEROOSJES - Noisy Farytales DE HEIDEROOSJES - Schizo DE HEIDEROOSJES - Schizo DEAD BOYS - All The Way Down (12inch) DEAD BOYS - All This And More (Disc One) DEAD BOYS - All This And More (Disc Two) DEAD BOYS - Night Of The Living Dead Boys DEAD BOYS - We Have Come For Your Children DEAD BOYS - Young Loud And Snotty DEAD BOYS - Younger, Louder & Snottier DEAD CHRETINES - Hated In Canada DEAD CITY - Demo DEAD COPS - Kill The Cops Flexi DEAD END - Ain't No Cure DEAD END - Dark Inside DEAD FUCKING LAST - Grateful DEAD KENNEDYS - Bedtime For Democracy DEAD KENNEDYS - Bleed for me DEAD KENNEDYS - Buzzbomb From Pasadena 7' DEAD KENNEDYS - California Uber Alles Ep DEAD KENNEDYS - Cold Fish (Demo) DEAD KENNEDYS - Demo Tape DEAD KENNEDYS - Earth Tavern, Portland (Early) Show 19-11-79 DEAD KENNEDYS - Earth Tavern, Portland (Late) Show 19-11-79 [10 trax from 14] DEAD KENNEDYS - Frankenchrist DEAD KENNEDYS - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables DEAD KENNEDYS - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death DEAD KENNEDYS - In God We Trust Inc DEAD KENNEDYS - Jellos Revenge Part I DEAD KENNEDYS - Jellos Revenge Part II DEAD KENNEDYS - Last Show At The Freeborn Hall, Davis, CA [21.02] DEAD KENNEDYS - Live & Alive [7 tracks] DEAD KENNEDYS - LIVE 16-06-84 DEAD KENNEDYS - Live At GWU 7-22-82 DEAD KENNEDYS - Live at the Deaf Club 1979 DEAD KENNEDYS - Live In Germany DEAD KENNEDYS - Live In Nyc - Live And Alive 16.06.84 DEAD KENNEDYS - Mutiny on the Bay DEAD KENNEDYS - Mutiny on the Bay DEAD KENNEDYS - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (7inch Vinyl) DEAD KENNEDYS - Never Been On MTV (Bootleg) DEAD KENNEDYS - Orange Claw Hammer DEAD KENNEDYS - Plastic Surgery Disasters DEAD KENNEDYS - Spend 4th Of July Weekend With DK DEAD KENNEDYS - The Farm (San Francisco, CA) DEAD KENNEDYS - Too Drunk To Fuck (7 '') DEAD MOON - Cracks In The System DEAD MOON - Dead Ahead DEAD MOON - Strange Pray Tell DEAD MOON - Thirteen Off My Hook DEAD POP CLUB - Autopilot Off DEAD RADICAL - Rottenness DEAD STOP - Done With You LP DEAD VIRGINS - Four [EP] DEADLINE - Back For More DEADLINE - Getting Serious DEADLINE - More To It...Than Meets The Eye Deadline - Take A Good Look DEADLINE - We Are Taking Over DEAN DIRG - 9 Refreshing Ways To Say Fuck Off DEAN DIRG - Raus! DEAN DIRG - Same 12'' DEAN DIRG - The 35 Minute Blitz DEAN DIRG - The Last Kid On The Block 12'' DEARS - No Cities Left DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR - Count Me In DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR - Friends Family Forever DEATH BY STEREO - Day of the dead DEATH BY STEREO - Death For Life DEATH BY STEREO - If looks could kill, i'd watch you die DEATH BY STEREO - Into The Valley Of Death DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - The Photoalbum DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - Transatlantism (Complete) DEATH IN VEGAS - Dead Elvis DECEMBERISTS - Always The Bridesmaid A Singles Series DECEMBERISTS - Castaways And Cutouts DECEMBERISTS - Her Majesty DECEMBERISTS - Her Majesty DECEMBERISTS - Picaresque DECEMBERISTS - The Crane Wife DEE DEE RAMONE - AIN'T IT FUN DEE DEE RAMONE - GREATEST & LATEST DEE DEE RAMONE - Hop Around DEE DEE RAMONE - HOP AROUND DEE DEE RAMONE - I Hate Freaks Like You DEE DEE RAMONE - I HATE FREAKS LIKE YOU DEE DEE RAMONE - I.C.L.C. [EP] DEE DEE RAMONE - Standing In The Spotlight DEE DEE RAMONE - STANDING IN THE SPOTLIGHT DEE DEE RAMONE - ZONKED DEE DEE RAMONE & TERRORGRUPPE - [SPLIT] DEE DEE RAMONE & YOUTH GONE MAD - YOUTH GONE MAD DEEP WOUND - Discography LP DEERHOOF - Apple O DEERHOOF - Apple O DEERHOOF - Long Live Traks DEERHOOF - The Runners Four [Kill Rock Stars] DEFIANCE - Defiance EP DEFIANCE - First 2 EPs DEFIANCE - No Future No Hope DEFIANCE - Nothing Lasts Forever DEFIANCE - Out Of The Ashes DEFIANCE OHIO - The Great Depression DEFIANCE, OHIO - One Reason & Defiance, Ohio Split 7 (Defiance, Ohio side) DEFIANCE, OHIO - Share What Ya' Got DEL ARNO BAND - Godina Majmuna DELICATESSEN - There's No Confusing Some People DELTA 5 - Singles & Sessions 1979-81 [Kill Rock Stars] DEMENTED ARE GO - Orgasmic night DEMENTED ARE GO - The Best DEMILICH - Nespithe DEMOB - Better Late Than Never DEMOB - Better Late Than Never (Vinyl) DEMOLUTION GIRL - Panne um Mitternacht [Mini] DEPRESSIVE STATE - Total Annihilation 7'' DESCEDENTS - Milo Goes To College DESCENDENTS - Everything Sucks DESCENDENTS - Everything Sucks DESTRUCTORS - A Final Testament DESTRUCTORS - Armageddon in Action (live) DESTRUCTORS - Cry Havoc and Unleash the Dogs of War DESTRUCTORS - Excercise the Demons of Youth DESTRUCTORS - Forces of Law 7'' DESTRUCTORS - Jailbait 7'' DESTRUCTORS - Merry X-Mеs and Fuck off DESTRUCTORS - Religion! There ain't no Religion! 7'' DESTRUCTORS - Senseless Violence 7'' DESTRUCTORS - T.V. Eye 7'' DESTRUCTORS - Wild Thing 7'' DETESTATION - Agony Of Living DETESTATION - Blood Of The Gods [Ep] DETESTATION - Detestation DETESTATION - Your Choise DETROIT COBRAS - Baby DETROIT COBRAS - Peel Session, 11-mar-03 DEUS - Freakshow DEUS - Hard Night's Daze DEUS - Hotellounge [Be The Death Of Me] DEUS - In A Bar Under The Sea DEUS - My Sister Is My Clock DEUS - The Ideal Crash DEUS - The Ideal Crash Bonus CD DEUS - Worst Case Scenario DEUS - Zea DEVO - Duty Now For The FutureNew Traditionalists DEVO - Freedom Of Choice DEVO - Hardcore Volume 1 DEVO - Oh No It's Devo -- Freedom Of Choice DEVO - Q - Are We Not Men . A - We are Devo DEVOTCHKAS - Annihilation EP DEVOTCHKAS - Live Fast... Die Young DEVOTCHKAS - Oi Toy EP DFA - Defy False Authority DFA - Destined For Assimilation DFL - My Crazy Life DFL - Proud To Be DHC MEINHOF - Bring Chaos To Order DICK + THE BALLS - Dick + The Balls DICK DALE & HIS DELTONES - King Of The Surf Guitar DICK SPIKIE - The Beginning Of The End DICK SPIKIE - The Worst Of... DICKIES - All This And Puppet Stew DICKIES - Dogs From The Hare That Bit Us DICKIES - Go Banana's DICKIES - Great Dictations (The Definitive Dickies Collection) DICKIES - Idjit Savant DICKIES - The Incredible Shrinking Dickies DICKIES - We Aren't The World! DICKS - 1980-1986 DICKS - Kill From The Heart DICTATORS - BLOODBROTHERS DICTATORS - Go Girl Crazy DIDJITS - Fuck The Pigs [7''] DIDJITS - Hey judester DIDJITS - Hornet pinata DIE CHEERLEADER DIE - Down With Pom Poms, Up With Skirts DIE DODELHAIE - Schatzchen, Ich Habe Das Land B DIE HAUT - HEAD ON DIE KREUZEN - Cows And Beer DIE KREUZEN - Demo DIE KREUZEN - St DIE KRUPPS - Paradise Now DIE SCHNITTER - Arg DIE SCHNITTER - Fegefeuer DIE SCHNITTER - Maldrescher DIE SCHNITTER - Saat und Ernte DIE! - I Hope You Die DIESEL BOY - Sofa King Cool DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - Bad Reception DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - Young Tight, And Alright DIGITAL LEATHER - Blow Machine DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - Calculating Infinity DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - Under The Running Board DILLINGER FOUR - Situationist Comedy DILS - Class War DILS - Dils Dils Dils DINOSAUR JR - Hand It Over DINOSAUR JR. - BBC Session DINOSAUR JR. - Bug DINOSAUR JR. - Codename Stooges DINOSAUR JR. - Codename Stooges [Live Bootleg] DINOSAUR JR. - DINOSAUR DINOSAUR JR. - Freakin' Live! [Bootleg] DINOSAUR JR. - Green Mind DINOSAUR JR. - I'M DOIN' FINE (LIVE) DINOSAUR JR. - IRON HORSE (LIVE) DINOSAUR JR. - JAYLOUMURPH (LIVE) DINOSAUR JR. - Keep The Freak Scene DINOSAUR JR. - KROQ Acoustic Christmas DINOSAUR JR. - Monsters Eat Orpheum DINOSAUR JR. - Take A Run At The Sun [EP] DINOSAUR JR. - TRIBUTE TO CHARLIE CHRISTIAN (LIVE) DINOSAUR JR. - USA'91 [Bootleg] DINOSAUR JR. - WHATEVEҐS COOL WITH ME DINOSAUR JR. - Where You Been DINOSAUR JR. - Without A Sound DINOSAUR JR. - You're Living All Over Me DIREKTORI - Cisticete Ulice / Lesli Se Vraca Kruci DIREKTORI - Evo Vam Ga DIRTY BIRDS - Fuck Borders DIRTY SWEETS - Bubblegum Damaged [Rip Off Records] DISCHANGE & EXCREMENT OF WAR - Split [7 Inch] DISCHARGE - 1990(1LIVE AT THE CITY GARDEN OF NEW JERSEY DISCHARGE - Beginning Of The End EP DISCHARGE - Clay Punk Singles DISCHARGE - Decontrol EP DISCHARGE - DEMO '1980 DISCHARGE - Discharge DISCHARGE - Fight Back Ep DISCHARGE - Grave New World DISCHARGE - Grave New World DISCHARGE - Hardcore Hits DISCHARGE - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing DISCHARGE - Live At City Gardens, Nj 30-11-83 DISCHARGE - Massacre Divine DISCHARGE - Never Again DISCHARGE - Nightmare In Lepakko (Finland '83) DISCHARGE - PROTEST & SURVIVE 1980-1984 (CD 1) DISCHARGE - PROTEST & SURVIVE 1980-1984 (CD 2) DISCHARGE - Punk & Destroy [Singles Collection] DISCHARGE - Realities Of War 7'' DISCHARGE - Realities Of War Ep DISCHARGE - Seeing Feeling Bleeding DISCHARGE - Shootin' Up The World DISCHARGE - Vision Of War (CD 1) DISCHARGE - Vision Of War (CD 2) DISCHARGE - War Is Hell Tour DISCHARGE - Why DISCIPLINA KICME - The Best Of… Vol.2 DISCIPLINE - Album Covers (Tribute EP) DISCIPLINE - Bulldog Style DISCIPLINE - Downfall Of The Working Man DISCIPLINE - Everywhere We Go CDM DISCIPLINE - Guilty As Charged DISCIPLINE - Hooligan's Heaven EP DISCIPLINE - Love Thy Neighboor DISCIPLINE - Saints & Sinners DISCIPLINE - Skinhead & Proud [EP] DISCIPLINE / ARGY BARGY - 100% Thug Rock split CD DISCONVENIENCE - Bombs Away Disconvenience - Ready Aim Fire [Demo] Disconvenience - War On Wankers [EP] DISCOUNT - Album DISGUST - A World Of No Beauty DISGUST - Brainwash demo DISGUST - Brutality Of War DISGUSTEENS AND QUEERS - Split Disc From Japan And USA DISORDER - Live In Oslo DISORDER - Senile Punks DISORDER - Under The Scalpel Blade / One Day Son All This Will Be Yourz DISORDER - Violent World DISRUPT - Unrest DISTILLERS - City Of Angels EP DISTILLERS - Coral Fang DISTILLERS - Sing Sing Death House DISTILLERS - The Distillers DISTRICT - My dad`s a punk DISTURBANCE - Demo DISTURBANCE - MALICE IN SLUMBERLAND DIVISION OF LAURA LEE - At The Royal Club DIVISION OF LAURA LEE - Black City DIVISION OF LAURA LEE - Das Not Compute DIVISION OF LAURA LEE - Pretty Electric EP DJ KRUSH - Shinsou - Message At The Depht DMZ - DMZ DO MAKE SAY THINK - Goodbye Enemy Airship The Land DO MAKE SAY THINK - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn DOBERMANN - EP DODELHAIE - Mitternacht DODELHAIE - Oi! It's Doitschpunk EP DODELHAIE - Sinfonie Des Wahnsinns DODELHAIE, DIE - Spiegelbild DOG EAT DOG - Warrant [EP] DOG FACED HERMANS - Bump And Swing [Live] DOG FACED HERMANS - First 7 inch DOG FACED HERMANS - Hum Of Life DOG FACED HERMANS - Hum Of Life DOG FACED HERMANS - Humans Fly - Everyday Time Bomb DOG FACED HERMANS - Humans Fly - Everyday Time Bomb [1986-91] DOG FACED HERMANS - Mental Blocks For All Ages DOG FACED HERMANS - Those Deep Buds DOG FACED HERMANS - Treat DOLLYROTS - Because I'm Awesome DOLLYROTS - Eat My Heart Out DOLORES O'RIORDAN - Are You Listening DOMINATRIX - Girl Gathering DOMINATRIX - Split DONELLY TANYA - Beautysleep DONELLY TANYA - Lovesongs For Underdogs DONELLY TANYA - Sliding & Diving [EP] DONELLY TANYA - The Bright Light [CD1] DONELLY TANYA - The Bright Light [CD2] DONITA SPARKS & THE STELLAR MOMENTS - Fly Feather Fly Donnas - 40 Boys In 40 Nights DONNAS - American Teenage Rock'N'Roll Machine DONNAS - Bitchin' DONNAS - Donnas DONNAS - Get Skintight DONNAS - Gold Medal Donnas - Highshool Yum Yum 45 Donnas - Speeding Back To My Baby (7'' Vinyl) DONNAS - Spend The Night DONNAS - Turn 21 DOOM - Doomed From The Start (The Demo's Album) Doom - Go Mad Yourself! [EP] Doom - Hail to Sweden [7 Inch] DOOM - Hail To Sweden [7''] Doom - Lost The Fight [EP] Doom - Monarchy Zoo Doom - Peel Sessions [EP] Doom - Pissed, Robbed and Twatted [7 Inch] Doom - Police Bastard [7 Inch] DOOM - Rush Hour Of The Gods Doom - The Greatest Invention Doom - Total Doom DOOM - War Crimes [LP] DOOM - World Of Shit Doom & Cress - Split - Mini LP Doom & Extinction Of Mankind - Split Doom & Selfish - Pro-Life Cont Split CD DOORS - Box Set CD1: Without a Safety Net DOORS - Box Set CD2: Live In New York DOORS - Box Set CD3: Future Ain't What It Used To Be DOORS - Box Set CD4: Band Favorites DOORS - L.A. Woman DOORS - Morrison Hotel. Hard Rock Cafe DOORS - Strange Days DOORS - The Doors DOORS - The Soft Parade DOORS - Waiting For The Sun DOTFUCKINGCOM - Selftitled [EP] DOUGHNUTS - Equalize Nature DOUGHNUTS - Feel Me Bleed DOUGHNUTS - The Age Of The Circle [Mini] DOWN BY LAW - All Scratched Up! Down By Law - Fly The Flag Down By Law - Punk Rock Days DOZER - In The Tail Of A Comet DOZER - Through The Eyes Of Heathens DR. KNOW - Best Of Dr. Know DRAGS - Stop Rock 'N' Roll DRAGS - Stop Rock 'N' Roll DREADROT - There Must Be a Solution DREDG - El cielo DREDG - Leitmotif DRESDEN DOLLS - 5 Song Demo DRESDEN DOLLS - A Is For Accident DRESDEN DOLLS - Demos Covers Raritie DRESDEN DOLLS - DRESDEN DOLLS DRESDEN DOLLS - No, Virginia DRESDEN DOLLS - The Dresden Dolls DRESDEN DOLLS - Yes Virginia DRILLER KILLER - Total Fucking Hate Driller Killer - And The Winner Is... Driller Killer - Brutalize Driller Killer - Cold Cheap & Disconnected Driller Killer - Fuck The World Driller Killer - Reality Bites Driller Killer - Totalfuckinghate Driller Killer - What Goes Around (7'') (EP) DRILLER KILLER & SIMBIOSE - Split 7'' DRITTE WAHL - Auge Um Auge DRITTE WAHL - Nimm Drei DRONES - Further Temptations DRONES - Further Temptations DRONES - Further Temptations DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Adverse Chorus [Ep] DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Barcode Generation DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Death's A Career [Ep] DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Eternity [Ep] DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Return of the punk monster DROPDEAD - 2nd LP DROPKICK MURPHYS - Live on St. Patrick's Day From Boston, MA DROPKICK MURPHYS - Sing loud, sing proud! DROPKICK MURPHYS - Boys On The Docks EP DROPKICK MURPHYS - Do Or Die DROPKICK MURPHYS - Single collection DROPKICK MURPHYS - The Early Years DROPKICK MURPHYS - The gang's all here DROPKICK MURPHYS - The Warrior's Code DRUGSTOP - Riot In The Jailhouse DRUNK INJUNS - From Where The Sun Now Stands [Alternative Tentacles] DRUNKS - Ruin It For Everyone DUH - Unholy Handjob [Alternative Tentacles] DUKE SPIRIT - Cuts Across The Land DUKE SPIRIT - X-posure Live, Barfly @ The Monarch, 9-30-03 DWARVES - Are Young And Good Looking DWARVES - BLOOD, GUTS AND PUSSY DWARVES - Come Clean DWARVES - FREE COCAINE DWARVES - Horror Stories DWARVES - How To Win Friends And Influence People DWARVES - Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) 1983-1986 DWARVES - Must Die DWARVES - Sugarfix DWARVES - Thank Heaven For Little Girls'91 + Sugar Fix'93 DWARVES - THE DWARVES ARE YOUNG AND GOOD LOOKING DYS - Island Brennur DYSE - Dyse EA 80 - Gruener Apfel EAGLES OF DEATH METAL - Peace Love Death Metal EARTH - HEX Or Printing In The Infernal Method EARTH CRISIS - Breed the killers EASTERN YOUTH - Time Is Running EASTERN YOUTH - Time is running EASTSIDE BOYS - Echte Helden EAT MY FUK - Wet Slit And A Bottle Of Whiskey ECHO IS YOUR LOVE - 8 hours ECHO IS YOUR LOVE - Sheets of blank fucking paper ECHOBELLY - Everyone's Got One ECHOBELLY - I Can't Imagine The World Without Me ECHOBELLY - Lustra ECHOBELLY - On ECHOBELLY - People Are Expensive ED GEIN - Ed Gein [Demo 2002] EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Teenage Depression EDDIE AND THE SUBTITLES - Skeletons In The Closet EDNA'S GOLDFISH - Before You Knew Better EEK-A-MOUSE - Black Cowboy EEK-A-MOUSE - Eek-A-Nomics EEK-A-MOUSE - Selected Tracks EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN - Tabula Rasa EJECTED - A touch of class EJECTED - Spirit of rebellion EL VEZ - Graciasland ELAKELAISET - Humppa! ELAKELAISET - Humppamaratooni ELAKELAISET - Pahvische ELASTICA - 6-Track EP [EP] ELASTICA - Connection EP ELASTICA - Elastica ELASTICA - Line-Up EP ELASTICA - Mad Dog Pt. 1 ELASTICA - Mad Dog Pt. 2 ELASTICA - No More Heroes [Bootleg] ELASTICA - The Menace ELASTICA - The Radio One Sessions ELASTICA - The Vaseline Gang [Bootleg] ELASTICA - Two To One EP ELECTRAFIXION - Burned ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN - Conquers The World! ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN - Listen Up, Baby! ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN - The Time Is Now ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Anni's Grave ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Burn Bright, Burn Fast ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Conquers The World ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Dawn Of Electric Frankenstein ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Dead & Back ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - How I Rose From The Dead - Live Wfmu Session ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - How To Make A Monster ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - I Was A Teenage Shutdown - Live Wfmu ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Listen Up,Baby! ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Rock 'n' Roll Monster ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Sick Songs ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - Spare Parts ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - The Buzz Of 1,000 Volts! ELECTRIC FRANKENSTIEN - The Time Is Now ELECTRO HIPPIES - Play Fast Or Die ELECTRO HIPPIES - The Only Good Punk Is A Dead One ELECTRO HIPPIES - The Peel Session ELIAS HANIN - In Flames ELIAS HANIN - No Games No Fun ELLE BANDITA - Love Juice ELVIS HITLER - Disgraceland ELVIS HITLER - Hellbilly ELVIS HITLER - Splatter From Hell To Eternity ELVIS HITLER - Supersadomasochisticexpialidocious ELVIS PRESLEY - Clambake EMBRACE - Embrace EMIR KUSTURICA & THE NO SMOKING BAND - Unza Unza Time ENDLESS STRUGGLE - Till the end ENDO NIC - Cold Metal Perfaction ENGINE 11 - Pornflakes ENGLISH DOGS - All The World's A Rage ENGLISH DOGS - Bow to none ENGLISH DOGS - Invasion of the porky men ENGLISH DOGS - Mad punx & english dogs ENGLISH DOGS - To the ends of the Earth / Forward into battle ENGLISH DOGS - What A Wonderful Feeling... ENGLISH DOGS - What A Wonderful Feeling... To Be Fucked By Everyone [EP] ENGLISH DOGS - Where Legend Began EPOXIES - Epoxies EPOXIES - My New World [Ep] EPOXIES - Stop The Future Erase Errata - Nightlife Erase Errata - Other Animals ERIC'S TRIP - Forever Again ERIC'S TRIP - Love Tara ERIC'S TRIP - Peter ERIC'S TRIP - Purple Blue ERIC'S TRIP - Songs About Chris ERIC'S TRIP - The Gordon Street Haunting EVEN IN BLACKOUTS - Foreshadows On The Wall EVEN IN BLACKOUTS - Myths and Imaginary Magicians EX - 1936 The Spanish Revolution EP EX - Blueprints For A Blackout EX - Dignity Of Labour EX - Disturbing Domestic Peace EX - Dizzy Spells EX - GIRL - Heppoco Pou EX - History Is What's Happening EX - Mudbird Shivers EX - Pokkeherrie EX - Tumult EXIST - Exist EXPLOITED - Apocalyse 77 EXPLOITED - Beat 'Em All [DVDA] EXPLOITED - Beat 'Em All [DVDA] EXPLOITED - Beat The Bastards EXPLOITED - Dead Cities (Singles Collection) EXPLOITED - Death Before Dishonour EXPLOITED - Don't Forget The Chaos [compilation] EXPLOITED - Fuck the System EXPLOITED - Horror Epics EXPLOITED - Jesus Dead [EP] EXPLOITED - Let's Start A War EXPLOITED - Live at the whitehouse EXPLOITED - Live In Japan EXPLOITED - Live In Rotterdam, Nl1996 EXPLOITED - Live On Stage EXPLOITED - Live, Lewd, Lust! EXPLOITED - Punk Singles & Rarities 1980-83 EXPLOITED - Punks Not Dead EXPLOITED - Rival Leaders [EP] EXPLOITED - Single collection EXPLOITED - The Massacre EXPLOITED - Totally Exploited [Compilation] EXPLOITED - Troops Of Tomorrow EXPLOITED - Troops Of Tomorrow + Bonus EXPLOITED - Twenty Five Years Of Anarchy And Chaos: The Best Of EXPLOITED - War Now [EP] EXPLOITED & ANTI PASTI - Don't let em grind you down (ep) EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - Friday Night Lights EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - How Strange, Innocence EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - How Strange, Innocence [remastered] EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - Travels In Constants 21 Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust In Your Head Extreme Noise Terror - Being and Nothing Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Noise Terror - Phonophobia Extreme Noise Terror - Retro-Bution EXTREME NOISE TERROR & DRILLER KILLER - Split EYE FOR AN EYE - Dystans EYELINERS - Confidential EYES ADRIFT - Eyes Adrift EYES ADRIFT - Nita's, Phoenix, AZ - 02-02-02 EYES ADRIFT - Slims, San Francisco, CA - 28-01-02 F.O.P.I. [FLUX OF PINK INDIANS] - Strive to survive / Neu smell F.O.P.I. [FLUX OF PINK INDIANS] - The Fucking Cunts F.U.'S - My America F.U.'S - The Origin Of The Straw Dogs F.Y.P - Come Home Smelly F.Y.P - My Man Grumpy F.Y.P - Toilet Kids F.Y.P. - Come Home Smelly F.Y.P. - Dance My Dunce F.Y.P. - F.Y.P. Chaniwa Split F.Y.P. - Incomplete Crap Vol 1 F.Y.P. - Incomplete Crap Vol 2 F.Y.P. - My Man Grumpy F.Y.P. - Toilets Kids Bread F.Y.P. - Toys That Kill FABULOUS DISASTER - I'm A Mess [Ep) FABULOUS DISASTER - Panty Raid! FABULOUS DISASTER - Put Out Or Get Out FAD - Kill Punk Rock Stars FADED GRAY - A Quiet Time Of Desperation Fairfuck - Fairfuck [EP] FAITH NO MORE - Album Of The Year FAITH NO MORE - Angel Dust FAITH NO MORE - Introduce Yourself FAITH NO MORE - King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime FAITH NO MORE - Live At The Brixton Academy FAITH NO MORE - The Real Thing FAITH NO MORE - We Care A Lot FAITH NO MORE - Who Cares A Lot? (Limited Edition) CD1 FAITH NO MORE - Who Cares A Lot? (Limited Edition) CD2 FALL - Bend Sinister FALL OUT BOY - From Under The Cork Tree FALL OUT BOY - My Heart Will Always Be B-Side to My Tongue FALL OUT BOY - Nodody Puts Baby In The Corner [EP] FALL OUT BOY - Take This To Your Grave FALSE FRIENDS - Uwaga FALSE PROPHETS - Blind Roaches And Fat Vultures FANG - Landshark & Where The Wild Things Are FANTOMAS - Amenaza al Mundo FANTOMAS - The Director's Cut FANTOMAS - Suspended Animation FANTOMAS MELVINS BIG BAND - Millennium Monsterwork FAR FROM FINISHED - Living In The Fallout FARTZ - Because This Fuckin' World Still Stinks FARTZ - Because This Fuckin' World Stinks [7 Inch] FARTZ - Injustice: 15 Working Class Songs FARTZ - Whats In A Name [Alternative Tentacles] FARTZ - What's In A Name...? FARTZ - What's In A Name? FAST TIMES - Counting Down FAST TIMES - Where Were You FASTBACKS - The Answer Is No FASTBACKS - Very, Very Powerful Motor FASTER PUSSYCAT - Faster Pussycat FATBOY SLIM - Better Living Through Chemistry FATBOY SLIM - California Rite Now [compilation] FATBOY SLIM - Halfway between the Gutter and the Stars FATBOY SLIM - Live At The Metro (Chicago) [bootleg] FATBOY SLIM - Live In Ministry Of Sound [bootleg] FATBOY SLIM - Mix & Re-Mix Album [compilation] FATBOY SLIM - Rockafella Skank [single] FATBOY SLIM - You've Come A Long Way, Baby FAZED - Self Titled FEAR - American Beer FEAR - Have Another Beer with Fear FEAR - Live...For The Record FEAR - Los Angeles, Ca.- The Stardust Ballroom 23-04-80 FEAR - More Beer FEAR - Now you're Dead [EP] FEAR - Paradise Studio Demos FEAR - The Record FEEDERZ - Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss FEEDERZ - Jesus 7'' FEEDERZ - Living Room Tape FEEDERZ - Teachers In Space FEELING B - Die Maske Des Roten Todes FEELING B - Die Maske Des Roten Todes FENIX TX - Fenix TX FENIX TX - Lechuza (UK Retail) FENIX TX - Oblique (Promo) FIENDS - Gravedigger FIERY FURNACES - Rehearsing My Choir FIGHT - Nothing New Since Rock N Roll FILTH - Destroy Everything FINAL CONFLICT - Ashes To Ashes Final Conflict - No Peace On Earth No Rest In Hell FINAL EXIT - The Best (S)Hit FE's FINAL EXIT - Too Late For Apologies [EP] FIND HIM AND KILL HIM - Cut Them To Pieces FIND HIM AND KILL HIM - You Can't Fuck With The Kids FIXTURES - Devil's Playground FIXTURES - Forward FIXTURES - One Crisis Short of Chaos FLAG OF DEMOCRACY - Down With People FLESH EATERS - A Minute To Pray, A Second To FLESH EATERS - No Questions Asked FLESHIES - Gung Ho! FLESHIES - Scrape the Walls Fleshies - The Game Of Futbol [EP] FLESHIES - The Game Of Futbol [EP] FLESHIES - The Sicilian FLIGHT 180 - Girls & Boys FLIPPER - Album-Generic Flipper FLIPPER - AMERICAN GRAFISHY FLIPPER - Blow'n Chunks FLIPPER - Gone Fishin' FLIPPER - Live @ Cbgb's, Nyc FLIPPER - Sex Bomb Baby FLOGGING MOLLY - Alive Behind The Green Door FLOGGING MOLLY - Drunken Lullabies FLOGGING MOLLY - Swagger FLOGGING MOLLY - Whiskey On A Sunday FLOGGING MOLLY - Within A Mile From Home FLYING OVER - Bad Bad Rock'N'Roll FLYING OVER - Kill Kill Kill F-MINUS - Failed Society (7 inch) F-MINUS - F-Minus F-MINUS - SUBURBAN BLIGHT F-MINUS - Sweating Blood (EP) F-MINUS - WAKE UP SCREAMING F-MINUS - Wont Bleed Me. Failed Society F-MINUS & CRACK ROCK STEADY 7 - SpliBaby Jesus, Sliced Up in the Man FOLKSTORM - Information Blitzkrieg FOO FIGHTERS - Big Me FOO FIGHTERS - BRAIN DAMAGE (LIVE IN LEEDS & GLASGOW' 2003) FOO FIGHTERS - Everlong [UK CD #1] FOO FIGHTERS - Five Songs And A Cover [EP] FOO FIGHTERS - Foo Fighters FOO FIGHTERS - Generator [UK Single] FOO FIGHTERS - In Your Honor CD1 FOO FIGHTERS - In Your Honor CD2 FOO FIGHTERS - Live At HMV, New York [Bootleg] FOO FIGHTERS - Live On Sonic Net [Bootleg] FOO FIGHTERS - The Colour And The Shape FOO FIGHTERS - There is Nothing Left To Lose FORBIDDEN RAGE - Oi! Oi! Rebels FORGOTTEN - Control Me FORGOTTEN - Control Me FORGOTTEN - Keep The Corpses Quiet FORGOTTEN - St FORGOTTEN - Veni Vidi Vici FORGOTTEN REBELS - In Love With The System FORGOTTEN REBELS - This Ain't Hollywood FORSTELLA FORD - Quietus FORWARD - Act then decide 7''EP FORWARD - Burn down the corrupted justice FORWARD - Feel the core of self EP FORWARD - Fucked Up FORWARD - Just go forward to death FORWARD - We need the truth FORWARD - While you alive 12'' FOUR TET - Pause FRANK BLACK - 1993-06-13 - CFNY Solo Acoustic FRANK BLACK - 1996-06-14 - Hultsfred Festival, Sweden FRANK BLACK - 1999-05-99 - 99 Peel Sessions IK FRANK BLACK - 2000-11-16 - Barfly, London, UK FRANK BLACK - Acoustic FRANK BLACK - DEVIL'S WORKSHOP FRANK BLACK - Dog In The Sand FRANK BLACK - Frank Black FRANK BLACK - FRANK BLACK AND THE CATHOLICS FRANK BLACK - Pistolero FRANK BLACK - Spacial Moment FRANK BLACK - Teenager Of The Year FRANK BLACK - Teenager of the Year FRANK BLACK - The Cult Of Ray FRANK BLACK & THE CATHOLICS - Black Letters Day FRANK BLACK & THE CATHOLICS - Devil's Workshop FRANK BLACK & THE CATHOLICS - Oddballs FRANK BLACK & THE CATHOLICS - Show Me Your Tears FRANK BLACK AND GLEN HANSARD - Studio Session At TodayFM FRANK LONDON'S SHEKHINA BIG BAND - Scientist At Work FRANK ZAPPA - Absolutely Free FRANK ZAPPA - Burnt Weeny Sandwich FRANK ZAPPA - Cruising With Ruben & Jets FRANK ZAPPA - Freak Out FRANK ZAPPA - Hot Rats FRANK ZAPPA - Lumpy Gravy FRANK ZAPPA - Uncle Meat FRANK ZAPPA - Weasels Ripped My Flesh FRANK ZAPPA - We're Only In It For The Money FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13 - Night Of The Living Drag Queens FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13 - The Late, Late Show FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13 - Viva Las Violence FRANTIC FLINTSTONES - A nightmare on nervous FRANZ FERDINAND - Franz Ferdinand FRAU DOKTOR - Muss! FREAK ACCIDENT - Freak Accident FREAKS - Slidebrain FREE BEER - The Only Beer That Matters [Alternative Tentacles] FREE KITTEN - Nice Ass FREE KITTEN - Punks Suing Punks 7'' FREE KITTEN - Sentimental Education FREE KITTEN - Unboxed Free Vodka - Things Could Be Worse FREEBASE - Nothing to Regret FREGATURA - Fregatura FRENZAL RHOMB - A Man's Not A Camel FRENZAL RHOMB - Coughing Up A Storm FRENZAL RHOMB - JJJ Live at the Wireless 5-6-1 FRENZAL RHOMB - Meet the Family FRENZAL RHOMB - Not So Tough Now FRENZAL RHOMB - Sans Souci FRENZAL RHOMB - Shut Your Mouth FRENZAL RHOMB - Sorry About the Ruse FRENZAL RHOMB - War FRENZAL RHOMB - We're Going Out Tonight FRENZAL RHOMB - We're Going Out Tonight [Ep] FROGLEGS - Movin'up FROM OUTER SPACE - Sleepy Head FRONTKICK - Guitars And Crime FRONTKICK - Streetpunk Rebels [Demo] FRONTKICK - Underground Stories FRONTLINE ATTACK - Mindess Violence FRO-TEE SLIPS - Hey!!! Frumpies - Frumpie One Piece FRUSTRATORS - Bored in the USA F-THREE - No Peace,No Justice! FUCK ON THE BEACH - Fastcore And Loud FUCK ON THE BEACH - Fuck On the Beach & Carcass Grinder - split 7'' Fucked Up - Hidden World FUCKEMOS - CAN KILL YOU FUCKEMOS - Fuckemos - Motards Split FUCKEMOS - Lifestyles Of The Drugged And Homeless FUCKIN' FACES - Neue Wege FUCK-UPS - Fu 82 EP FUGAZI - Instrument Soundtrack FUGAZI - 13 songs FUGAZI - Blueprint - Live'90 FUGAZI - End Hits FUGAZI - In On The Kill Taker FUGAZI - Live at Irving Plaza 950405 FUGAZI - Red Medicine FUGAZI - Repeater + 3 Songs FUGAZI - Steady Diet of Nothing FUN - Ep FUN PEOPLE - Anesthesia FUNERAL DRESS - Free Beer For The Punx FUNERAL DRESS - Party Political Bullshit FUNERAL DRESS - SingalongPogoPunk FUNERAL ORATION - Communion FUNKER VOGT - T F-UPS, THE - The F-Ups FURY 66 - For Lack Of A Better Word FURY 66 - Red Giant Evolution FU'S - Do We Really Want To Hurt You FU'S - Kill For Christ FU'S - My America FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Accelerator FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Cascade (single) FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Dead Cities FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - ISDN FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Isness FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Lifeforms (single) FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Lifeforms CD1 FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Lifeforms CD2 FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - My Kingdom (single) FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - Papua New Guinea (single) FUTUREHEADS - The Futureheads FUTURES, THE - Electric Wave From The Underworld G.B.H. - Midnight Madness And Beyond G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - Church Of The Truly Warped G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - City Baby Attacked By Rats G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - From Here To Reality G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - G.B.H.: Celebrity Live Style (Live) G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - Ha Ha G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - Leather Bristles Studs and Acne G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - Punk Junkies G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - PUNK ROCK HITS G.B.H. (GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM) - The Clay Years 1981-1984 GAG - When People Slapping Meat on Marble GAG - When people slapping meat on marble GALACTIC HEROES - Every Sidewalk GAME OVER - Shotgun GANG GREEN - Another Case of Brewtality GANG GREEN - Another Wasted Night GANG GREEN - Back And Gacked GANG GREEN - I81b4u GANG GREEN - Older... Budweiser GANG GREEN - Preschool GANG GREEN - Preschool (1981-1982) GANG GREEN - Sold Out [Ep] GANG GREEN - You Got It GANG OF FOUR - 100 Flowers Bloom CD1 GANG OF FOUR - 100 Flowers Bloom CD2 GARBAGE - Beautifulgarbage GARBAGE - Bleed Like Me GARBAGE - Chicago, IL GARBAGE - Garbage GARBAGE - Kroq Acoustic Breakfast With Garbage GARBAGE - Kroq Almoust Acoustic X-Mas GARBAGE - Live At Lorely Festival, Germany GARBAGE - Live In Amsterdam 25.11.1995 GARBAGE - Live In Dusseldorf, Germany 07.04.1996 GARBAGE - Version 2.0 GAS - No More Hiroshima 7''EP GAS - The Day After flex GAS HUFFER - INTEGRITY TECHNOLOGY & SERVICE GAS HUFFER - JANITORS OF TOMORROW GAS HUFFER - JUST BEAUTIFUL MUSIC GAS HUFFER - One Inch Masters GAS HUFFER - The Inhuman Ordeal Of Special Agent GASMAN - Wild at heart GASMAN - Wild At Heart GASMAN - Wild at heart GASMASK - 7" GASTUNK - Dead song LP GASTUNK - Geronimo EP GASTUNK - Mr Gazime EP GASTUNK - The Vanishing Signs EP GATAS PARLAMENT - Holdning Over Underholdning GAUZE - City Rockers GAUZE - Early Discography GAUZE - Equalizing Distort GAUZE - Fuck Heads GAUZE - Genkai Wa Doko Da GAUZE - Kao O Arrate Denaoshite Kui GAYRILLA BISCUIT - Demos GAYRILLA BISCUIT - Hung Queens Can Suck It GBH - A Fridge Too Far GBH - Diplomatic Immunity GBH - Live At The 100 Club, London, UK - 24.11.81 (Tape) GBH - Live In La, Ca GBH - No Need To Panic GBH - Oh, No! It's G.B.H Again [EP] GBH - Punk as Fuck (split with Billyclub) GC5 - Kisses From Hanoi GC5 - Singles Collection (1997-2000) GEE STRINGS - Arrest Me GEE STRINGS - Arrest Me GEE STRINGS - The Gee Strings & Alternative Losers GENEPOOL - Everything Runs In Circles GENEPOOL - Sendung Signal GENERATION X - Generation X GENERATION X - Kiss Me Deadly GENERATION X - Perfect Hits 1975-1981 GENERATION X - Valley Of The Dolls GENERATORS - Burning Ambition GENERATORS - The Winter Of Discontent GENETIC CONTROL - 1st Impressions GENETIC CONTROL - First Impressions GENETIC CONTROL - First Impressions GENOCIDE ORGAN - Leichenlinie GERMS - (MIA) the Complete Anthology'1993 GERMS - (GI) (Vinyl) GERMS - GermiLive At The Whisky GERMS - Media Blitz GERMS - We Must Bleed GERMS - What We Do Is Secret GEZA X - You Goddam Kids GG ALLIN - Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be GG ALLIN - Anti-Social Personality Disorder [Live] GG ALLIN - Banned In Boston, pt2 GG ALLIN - Dirty Love Songs [compilation] GG ALLIN - Hated In The Nation GG ALLIN - I Was A Murder Junkie GG ALLIN - Rock'N'Roll Terrorist CD1 GG ALLIN - Rock'N'Roll Terrorist CD2 GG ALLIN - The Troubled Troubadour GG ALLIN & MURDER JUNKIES - Brutality And Bloodshed For All GG ALLIN & MURDER JUNKIES - Hated GG ALLIN & THE HOLY MEN - You Give Love A Bad Name GG ALLIN AND ANTISEEN - Murder Junkies GG ALLIN AND THE CRIMINAL QUARTET - Carnival Of Excess GHOST MICE - Europe GHOST MICE - Ghost Mice GHOST MICE - The Debt Of The Dead GIGANTOR - The 100! Club GIRL SCHOOL - Demolition GIRL TROUBLE - New American Shame GIRL TROUBLE - New American Shame GIRLS AGAINST BOYS - Cruise Yourself GIRLS AGAINST BOYS - Disco 666 GIRLS AGAINST BOYS - Freak On ICA GIRLS AGAINST BOYS - House Of GvsB GIRLS AGAINST BOYS - Tropic Of Scorpio GIRLS AGAINST BOYS - Venus Luxure No.1 Baby GIRLS AGAINST BOYS - You Can't Fight What You Can't See GIRLSCHOOL - Demolition GIRLSCHOOL - Hit And Run GIRLSCHOOL - Play Dirty GIRLSCHOOL - Screaming Blue Murder GIRLSCHOOL - Take A Bite GIRLSCHOOL - The Singles CD1 GIRLSCHOOL - The Singles CD2 GISM - Untitled - 17-06-04 GITS - Enter The Conquering Chicken GITS - Frenching The Bully GITS - Kings And Queens GITS - Seafish Louisville GLASS AND ASHES - Aesthetic Arrest GLASS AND ASHES - Glass And Ashes GLASSJAW - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence GLASSJAW - Worship and tribute GNOMES - The Gnomes GO BETTY GO - Nothing Is More GO BETTY GO - Worst Enemy [EP] Go Drowsy - The Only Way From Here GO TEAM - Scratch It Out / Bikini Twilight GO! - Discography GO! FOR THE THROAT - Here And Now GO! TEAM - Thunder Lightning Strike GOB - Too Late... No Friends GOD IS MY CO-PILOT - Get Busy GOD IS MY CO-PILOT - Sex Is For Making Babies GODS TOWER - The Eriee GODS TOWER - The Turns GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - f# a# oo GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - From The Split With Fly Pan Am - Amazezine Split GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antenn CD 1 GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antenn CD 2 GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - Live In Berlin GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - Live In Cleveland (09.30.2001) GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - Live In Paradiso, Amsterdam (18.05.2002) GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - Slow Riot For A New Zero Kanada [EP] GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - Yanqui U.X.O. GOGOL BORDELLO - East Infection GOGOL BORDELLO - Gypsy Punks GOGOL BORDELLO - J.U.F Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat GOGOL BORDELLO - Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony GOGOL BORDELLO - Super Taranta GOGOL BORDELLO - Voi-la Intruder GO-GO'S - God Bless The Go-Go's GOLDEN BOY WITH MISS KITTIN - Or GOLDFINGER - Darrin's coconut ass GOLDFINGER - Goldfinger GOLDFINGER - Hang-ups GOLDFINGER - Open your eyes GOLDFINGER - Stomping Ground GONG - Expresso Ii Good Clean Fun - On The Streets GOOD CLEAN FUN - On The Streets Good Clean Fun - Positively Positive Good Clean Fun - Prince Picture Disc Good Clean Fun - Shoping For A Crew GOOD CLEAN FUN - Shoping For A Crew Good Clean Fun - Straight outta hardcore Good Clean Fun - Today The Scene, Tomorow The World Good Clean Fun - Who Shares Wins [7 Inch] Good Clean Fun & Throwdown - Xmas - Split [7 Inch] GOOD RIDDANCE - A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Rebellion GOOD RIDDANCE - Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection GOOD RIDDANCE - Cover Ups GOOD RIDDANCE - For God And Country GOOD RIDDANCE - My Republic GOOD RIDDANCE - Operation Phoenix GOOD RIDDANCE - Phenomenon Of Craving GOOD RIDDANCE & ENSIGN - Split 7" GOOD RIDDANCE & III REPUTE - It's Only Fun Till Someone Gets Hurt (Split EP) GOOD RIDDANCE & KILL YOUR IDOLS - Split CD GORE GORE GIRLS - Strange Girls GORILLA ANGREB - Aborted GORILLA ANGREB - Bedre Tider GORILLA ANGREB - Gorilla Angreb GORILLA ANGREB - Long Island GORILLA ANGREB - Self Titled EP GORILLA ANGREB - Unknown Album GORILLA BISCUITS - Gorilla Biscuits GORILLA BISCUITS - Hold Your Ground [EP] GORILLA BISCUITS - Start Today GOSSIP - ARKANSAS HEAT [EP] GOSSIP - GOSSIP [EP] GOSSIP - Live at The Casbah 07-24-04 GOSSIP - Movement GOSSIP - STANDING IN THE WAY OF CONTROL GOSSIP - THAT'S NOT WHAT I HEARD GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Boycott Stabb GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Crash GOVERNMENT ISSUE - G.I.5 GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Joy Ride GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Legless Bull [7 Inch] Government Issue - Recorded Live! (EP) GOVERNMENT ISSUE - The Fun Just Never Ends GOVERNMENT ISSUE - You GOVERNMENT WARNING - Arrested GOVERNMENT WARNING - No Moderation Government Warning - No Way Out [EP] GRADY - Y.U. So Shady [Ex Big Sugar, Alternative Tentacles] GRAVE - Grave1 GREEN DAY - 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour GREEN DAY - American Idiot GREEN DAY - Bowling Bowling Bowling Parkin GREEN DAY - Dookie GREEN DAY - Foot In Mouth GREEN DAY - Insomniac GREEN DAY - Kerplunk GREEN DAY - Nimrod GREEN DAY - Oooh... What A Green Day (Live) GREEN DAY - Shenanigans GREEN DAY - Warning GREEN JELLY - 333 GREEN JELLY - 333 GREEN JELLY - Anarchy In The UK GREEN JELLY - Three Little Pigs GREEN MILK FROM THE PLANET ORANGE - He's Crying 'Look' [Beta-lactam Ring Records] GREEN RIVER - Come On Down GREEN RIVER - Dry As A Bone+Rehab Doll Greg Graffin - Cold As The Clay GRIM SKUNK - Meltdown Grimskunk - Fires Under the Road GRINSPOON - Guide To Better Living GROOVIE GHOULIES - 99 Lives GROOVIE GHOULIES - Appetite For Adrenochrome GROOVIE GHOULIES - Armageddon 2000 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Beast With Five Hands 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Berry'd Alive Ep GROOVIE GHOULIES - Born In The Basement GROOVIE GHOULIES - Christmas On Mars 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Don't Go Out Into The Rain 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Flying Saucer Rock And Roll 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Freaks On Parade GROOVIE GHOULIES - Freaks On Parade Ep GROOVIE GHOULIES - Fun In The Dark GROOVIE GHOULIES - Go! Stories GROOVIE GHOULIES - Graveyard Girlfriend 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Hello Hello 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Island Of Pogo Pogo 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Kepi - Yes Depression [Cdep] GROOVIE GHOULIES - Lost Generation 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Magic 8-Ball 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Monster Club GROOVIE GHOULIES - Planet Brian Jones 7'' GROOVIE GHOULIES - Project Ghoulie GROOVIE GHOULIES - Re-Animation Festival GROOVIE GHOULIES - Running With Bigfoot Ep GROOVIE GHOULIES - Summer Fun Ep GROOVIE GHOULIES - Travels With My Amp GROOVIE GHOULIES - World Contact Day GROSSSTADTGEFLUESTER - Muss Laut Sein GROUND ZERO - Null & Void [Tzadik] GROUND ZERO - Revolutionary Pekinese Opera, Version 1.28 [ReR] GUANA BATZ - Undercover GUERILLA - A Call To Arms GUERILLA - Virus Macht GUERILLA - Zona Antifascista GUITAR GANGSTERS - Let 'em Have It GUITAR GANGSTERS - Power Chords For England GUITAR WOLF - Loverock GUITAR WOLF - Planet Of The Wolves GUITAR WOLF - UFO Romantics GUITAR WOLF - Wolf Rock GUN CLUB - Fire Of Love GUNS`N`ROSES - Spagetti Incident GUTS PIE EARSHOT - Wait GUTTERMOUTH - Gorgeous GUTTERMOUTH - Teri Yakimoto H2O - F.T.T.W H2O - Go H2O - H2O HACO - Happiness Proof [P-Vine Records] HACO & HIROMICHI SAKAMOTO - Ash in the Rainbow [ReR] HAGFISH - Live On Brave New Radio Haggis - Pride is our crime Haggis - Shoemaker levy 9 Haggis - Stormtroopers of hate HALF JAPANESE - Bone Head HALF JAPANESE - Charmed Life HALF JAPANESE - Fire In The Sky HALF JAPANESE - Greatest Hits (Disc A) HALF JAPANESE - Greatest Hits (Disc B) HALF JAPANESE - Loud HALF JAPANESE - Music To Strip By HALF JAPANESE - The Band That Would Be King HALI GALI HALID - Samo Za Tabe HALI GALI HALID - Vo-zdra HAMMERHEAD - Evil Twin HAMMERHEAD - Stay where the pepper grows HAMMERSCHMITT - Halleluja HAMMILL PETER - Over HANG ON THE BOX - Di Di Di HANS A PLAST - Ausradiert HANS A PLAST - Hans A Plast HANS A PLAST - Sex Sex Sex [EP] HANSON BROTHERS - BRAD (EP) HANSON BROTHERS - Gross Misconduct HANSON BROTHERS - Gross Misconduct HANSON BROTHERS - Live In Sweden-Sony HANSON BROTHERS - MY GAME HANSON BROTHERS - Sudden Death HAPPY PILLS - Lo-Fi HARD SKIN - Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts HARD-ONS - Dateless Dudes Club HARD-ONS - Most People Are A Waste Of Time HARD-ONS - This Terrible Place HARDSELL - Bark Of The Underdog HARDSELL - Pissed N Broke HARUM SCARUM - Demo HARUM SCARUM - Live In Slovenija (6.05.2000) HARUM SCARUM - Mental Health HARUM SCARUM - Suppose We Try HARUM SCARUM - The Last Light HATED YOUTH - Hardcore Rules [7''] HATED YOUTH - Unrealeased LP [from Roach Motel split] HATEPINKS - Complete Recordings - 2003-2006 HATEPINKS - Plastic Bag Ambitions HATEPINKS - Tete Malade _ Sick In The Head HATER - Hater HATER - The 2nd HATES - EZ Street (EP) HATES - Greatest Hates HATES - Media Cretins (EP) HATES - No Talk In The 80's HATES - Punk Rock Xmas (EP) HAUSVABOT - DEMO HAUSVABOT - Extremsituationen EP HAUSVABOT - Falsch EP HAUSVABOT - Feuertaufe HAUSVABOT - Feuertaufe HAUSVABOT - Freidhofsdesateure HAVOC - OUR REBELLION HAS JUST BEGUN HAVOC - Road Warrior [EP] HAVOC - WHO'S GONNA DIE [EP] HAVOC [ITALIA] - HAVOC HEAVEN SHALL BURN - In Battle There Is No Law HEAVENS TO BETSY - Calculated HEAVENS TO BETSY - Direction Ep HEAVENS TO BETSY - Live in X-ray Cafe Portland OR 93-07-07 HEAVENS TO BETSY - Live Speedboat Gallery HEIMATGLUECK - Koennen Gebratene Tauben Fliegen HELLACOPTERS - Disappointment blues HELLSISTER - Freedom Desecrate Hellraise HELLWORMS - Crowd Repellent [Alternative Tentacles] HELMET - Aftertaste HELMET - Betty HELMET - Meantime HELMET - Size Matters HELMET - Strap It On HEMI CUDA - Classics For Lovers HENRY COW - Concerts CD1 HENRY COW - Concerts CD2 HENRY COW - Leg End HENRY COW - Swedish Radio 6 Sept 1977 HENRY COW - Unrest HENRY COW - Western Culture HENRY COW & SLAPP HAPPY - In Praise Of Learning HENRY COW [FRED FRITH] - Cheap At Half The Price HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE - Adulterer Oriented Rock Henry Fiat's Open Sore - Idiotia Hyperactiva HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE - Mondo Blotto HENRY FIAT'S OPEN SORE - Parallel Universe Of HENRY ROLLINS - A Rollins in the Wry HENRY ROLLINS - Big Ugly Mouth HENRY ROLLINS - Come In And Burn HENRY ROLLINS - Eric the pilot HENRY ROLLINS - Hot Animal Machine + Bonus EP HENRY ROLLINS AND THE HARD ONS - Let There Be Rock HERMAN DUNE - Not On Top HEROS & ZEROS - Wake Up Call HEWHOCORRUPTS - Master Of Profits HEWHOCORRUPTS - The Discographer HEYOKA - Demain Sera HI' STANDARD - Angry Fist HI' STANDARD - Growing Up HI' STANDARD - Love Is A Batterfield [EP] HI' STANDARD - Making The Road HI' STANDARD - The Kids Are Alright HI' STANDARD & WIZO - X-Mas Split HIGGINS++ - Commercial Brake HILLBILLY HELLCATS - Our brand Hissyfits - Wish [EP] HITLER SS - Pordenones Guys CD HIVES - Barely Legal HIVES - Black & White HIVES - Hate To Say I Told You So Ep HIVES - Main Offender Ep HIVES - Oh Lord! When How Ep HIVES - Oh Lord! When? How? Ep HIVES - Tussles In Brussels HIVES - Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones CDS HIVES - Tyrannosaurus Hives HIVES - Veni, Vidi, Vicious HIVES - Walk Idiot Walk (Single) HIVES - Your New Favourite Band HOLE - Bring Me The Head Of Lynn HOLE - My Body, The Hand Grenade HOLE - Ask For It HOLE - Celebrity skin HOLE - Doll Parts EP HOLE - Electric factory (Philadephia, PA 5-15-99) HOLE - Live through this HOLE - Love Story HOLE - MTV Unplugged HOLE - My Beautiful Song HOLE - Plugged and Unplugged (bootleg 1996) HOLE - Pretty on the inside HOLE - Rare And Unreleased Tracks HOLE - Teenage Whore HOLE - The First Session HOLE - Violet HOLY RACKET - North Rebel Radio HOLY RACKET - Songs From The Gutter HOLY SHIT! - What The Fuck?! (EP) HOMOMILITIA - Niewydane HOMOMILITIA - Niszcz Racizm, Ale Najpierw W Swojej Glowie Demo HOMOMILITIA - Twoje Cialo, Twoj Wybor HOPESFALL - No Wings To Speak Of HORSE FEATHERS - House With No Home [Kill Rock Stars] HOUBA - At von zacvrc! HOUBA - Kure Punk-Pao HOUBA - pan Kac HOUBA & LENIWIEC - Crazy Bros [Houba hraje Leniwiec, Leniwiec gra Hoube] HR - It's About Luv EP HUGGY BEAR - Taking the Rough with the Smooch HUMAN ERROR - Life Sentence HUMAN ERROR & LYCANTHROPHY - Grind Core HUMUNGUS - I Hate Mother Fucking Cops + A Reason To Care HUNKIES - Sprawiedliwosc? HUNTINGTONS - All The Stuff (And More) Vol 1 HUNTINGTONS - File Under Ramones HUNTINGTONS - Get Lost HUNTINGTONS - High School Rock HUNTINGTONS - Plastic Surgery HUNTINGTONS - Rocket To Ramonia HUNTINGTONS - Rock'n'Roll Habits For The New Wave HUNTINGTONS - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly HUNTINGTONS - The Huntingtons HUNTINGTONS - The Only One [EP] HUNTINGTONS SPLIT WITH DARLINGTON - [split] HUSKER DU - Candy apple grey HUSKER DU - Everything Falls Apart and More HUSKER DU - Flip Your Wig HUSKER DU - Land Speed Record HUSKER DU - Live At Goofy's Upper Deck 070283 (Won't Burn Right) HUSKER DU - Metal Circus HUSKER DU - New Day Rising HUSKER DU - Warehoues Songs And Stories HUSKER DU - Zen Arcade HYBRID CHILDREN - Uncensored Teenage Hardcore HYPNOSKULL - Ffwd Burnout! I ADAPT - No Pasaran I ADAPT - Sparks Turn To Flames I Against I - Headcleaner I Against I - I'm A Fucked Up Dancer But My Moods Are Swing'n I CAN LICK ANY SONOFABITCH IN THE HOUSE - Menace I Object - Teaching Revenge I OBJECT! - Self Titled I.O.U. - A Cause For Anxiety [7 Inch] IBM 7090 COMPUTER - Music from Mathematics ICONS OF FILTH - Nostradamnedus IDIOTS RULE - Same 7'' IDIOTS RULE - Tape IDLE HANDS - Buiding A Desert IDLE HANDS - Treaty [EP] IDLE YOUTH - Self Titled IDOL PUNCH - Idol Music [Bandai Music] IGGY & THE STOOGES - Metallic 2xKO (Live 73-74) IGGY POP - American Caesar IGGY POP - Avenue B IGGY POP - Beat Em Up IGGY POP - Blah-Blah-Blah IGGY POP - Brick By Brick IGGY POP - Instinct IGGY POP - KISS MY BLOOD IGGY POP - Lust For Life IGGY POP - Naughty Little Doggie IGGY POP - New Values IGGY POP - Party IGGY POP - Rude & Nude IGGY POP - Skull Ring IGGY POP - SKULL RING IGGY POP - Soldier IGGY POP - The Idiot IGGY POP - TV Eye IGGY POP - Zombie Birdhouse IGGY POP & JAMES WILLIAMSON - KILL CITY IGNITE - A Place Called Home IGNITE - Call On My Brothers IGNITE - Family IGNITE - In My Time Ignite - Our Darkest Days IGNITE - Scarred For Life IGOR KRUTOGOLOV'S KARATE BAND - Children 4 Muzik IKKASHINJU - Slow Down EP ILL REPUTE - And Now ILL REPUTE - Big Rusty Balls ILL REPUTE - Bleed ILL REPUTE - Demo [June] ILL REPUTE - Demo [September] ILL REPUTE - Omellete ILL REPUTE - Oxnard Land Of No Toilets 7in ILL REPUTE - Transition ILL REPUTE - What Happens Next? IMPACT UNIT - My Friend The Pit 7''EP IMPERIAL LEATHER - A Nobis Factum Optime Est EP IMPERIAL LEATHER - S/T Mini Cd IMPERIAL LEATHER - Something Out Of Nothing IN CONTROL - Another Year IN CONTROL - Breaking The Curse IN CONTROL - In Control Ep IN CONTROL - The Truth Hurts IN MY EYES - Difference between IN MY EYES - Nothing To Hide INADE - Aldebaran INADE - Burning Flesh INCUBUS - Enjoy Incubus INCUBUS - Fungus Amongus INCUBUS - Make Yourself INCUBUS - Morning View INCUBUS - S.C.I.E.N.C.E INCUBUS - Beyond The Unknown INCUBUS - Crow Left of the Murder INCUBUS - Serpent Temptation INDIGO GIRLS - All That We Let In INDIGO GIRLS - Indigo Girls INDIVIDUAL TOTEM - Aspects Of Theories and Reality INDIVIDUAL TOTEM - Mind Sculptures Flesh INDIVIDUAL TOTEM - SETI INDK - In Decay [EP] INDK - Kill Whitey! INDK - Kill Whitey! INDK - My Last Words (Demo) INE KAFE - Bez Udania Dovodu INE KAFE - Cumil INE KAFE - Je Tu Niekto INE KAFE - Pribeh INE KAFE - Situacia & Kachny [1996 & 1997] INE KAFE - Vitaj! INEPSY - City Weapons INEPSY - No Speed Limit For Destruction INEPSY - Rock N' Roll Babylon INEPSY - See You In Hell INFECT - ESTREPITO INFECT - INDELEVEL INFEST - No Mans Slave Lp INFEST - Slave LP INITIAL STATE - Abort The Soul INME - Overgrown Eden INME - White Butterfly INSTANT AGONY - Out Of The Eighties INSTANT ASSHOLE - Straight Edge Failure INSURGENT KID - Paranoia INTEGRITY - In Contrast Of Tomorrow INTI - The glory in subversion INTIMATE FAGS - Break The Back 7'' [Rip Off Records] INTIMATE FAGS - No Joke 7'' [Suburban Disturbance] J.B.A. - Who Fucked The Culture Up J.F.A. - J.F.A. JABBERS - Outtakes JAD FAIR AND TEENAGE FANCLUB - Words Of Wisdom And Hope [Alternative Tentacles] JAGA JAZZIST - A Livingroom Hush JAGA JAZZIST - Styx JAM - All Mod Cons JAM - Dig The New Breed JAM - In The City JAM - Setting Sons JAM - Sound Affects JAM - The Gift JAM - This Is The Modern World JAMES CHANCE AND THE CONTORTIONS - Buy JAMES IHA - Let It Come Down JANE BIRKIN - RENDEZ-VOUS JANIS JOPLIN - 18 Essential Songs JANIS JOPLIN - Big Brother & The Holding Company JANIS JOPLIN - Cheap Thrills JANIS JOPLIN - Farewell Song JANIS JOPLIN - I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! JANIS JOPLIN - In Concert JANIS JOPLIN - Janis At Woodstock JANIS JOPLIN - Janis Joplin Live At Winterland '68 JANIS JOPLIN - Pearl JARBOE - Anhedoniac JARBOE - Disburden disciple JARBOE - Dissected JARBOE - Thirteen Masks JAWBREAKER - Dear You JE NE SAIS QUOI - We Make Beginnings JEFF BUCKLEY - Crace JEFF HANSON - Madam Owl [Kill Rock Stars] JELLO BIAFRA - Become the media 3CD JELLO BIAFRA - Machine gun in the clown's hand 3CD JELLO BIAFRA - High priest of harmful matter 2CD JELLO BIAFRA - I blow minds for a living 2CD JELLO BIAFRA - No More Cocoons JELLO BIAFRA - No more cocoons 2CD JELLO BIAFRA & D.O.A. - Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours JELLO BIAFRA & MELVINS - SIEG HOWDY JELLO BIAFRA & MOJO NIXON - Prairie Home Invasion JELLO BIAFRA & MOJO NIXON - Will The Fetus Be Aborted [EP] JELLO BIAFRA & NOMEANSNO - The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy JELLO BIAFRA & PLAINFIELD - S-T EP JELLO BIAFRA & THE MELVINS - Live In Koln 20-06-05 JELLO BIAFRA & THE MELVINS - Live San Francisco 31-12-02 JELLO BIAFRA AND THE MELVINS - Never Breathe What You Can't See JELLO VIAGRA - Pra Quem E..ta Bom! JERKS - THE JERKS (EP) Jerry's Kids - Is This My World JERRY'S KIDS - Is This My World Jerry's Kids - Kill Kill Kill JERRY'S KIDS - Kill Kill Kill Jesus & Mary Chain - Come On [Single] Jesus & Mary Chain - Darklands Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Automatic JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Barbed Wire Kisses JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Honey's Dead JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Munki JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Stoned & Dethroned JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - The Complete John Peel Sessions JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - The Sound Of Speed JESUS LIZARD - Bang JESUS LIZARD - Blue JESUS LIZARD - Down JESUS LIZARD - Goat JESUS LIZARD - Head & Pure JESUS LIZARD - Lash JESUS LIZARD - Liar JESUS LIZARD - Puss JESUS LIZARD - Shot JESUS LIZARD - The Jesus Lizard [Jetset EP] JESUS SKINS - Unser Kreuz Braucht Keine Haken JEUNESSE APATRIDE - Black Block'n Roll JEUNESSE APATRIDE - La Victoire Sommeille JEUNESSE APATRIDE - La Victoire Sommeille JEUNESSE APATRIDE - Pas De Compte Rendre Personne JFA - Blatant Localism JFA - Blatant localism [EP] JFA - Concrete Waves JFA - Concrete Waves JFA - Demo JFA - Demo [EP] JFA - Demo [Live] JFA - JFA JFA - Live - Whiskers, Phoenix , AZ 19.8.83 JFA - Live 1984 Tour JFA - Live At Whiskers Phoenix Az 08-19-1983 JFA - Mad Garden [EP] JFA - My Movie [EP] JFA - Nowhere Blossoms JFA - Only Live Once JFA - Valley Of The Yakes JFA - We Know You Suck JFA - We Know You Suck (Recordings 1981-1983) JIM MORRISON - American Prayer JIM O'ROURKE - Bad Timing JIM O'ROURKE - I'm Happy And I'm Singing And JIM O'ROURKE - Insignificance JIMMY EAT WORLD - Bleed American JIMMY EAT WORLD - Singles J'M'EN FOUS - J't'emmerde JOAN JETT AND THE GITS - Evil Stig JOANNA NEWSOM - The Milk-Eyed Mender JOE STRUMMER - Earthquake Weather JOE STRUMMER - EARTHQUAKE WEATHER JOE STRUMMER & MESCALEROS - Streetcore JOE STRUMMER & THE LATINO ROCKABILLY WAR - London Tabernacle 17/06/88 JOE STRUMMER & THE LATINO ROCKABILLY WAR - Permanent Record Outtakes JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS - Germany Calling JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS - Global A Go-Go JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS - Live Tokyo Liquid Room, 10-1-02 JOE STRUMMER AND THE LATINOS ROCKABILLY WAR - Live Edimburgh 11-08 JOE STRUMMER AND THE MESCALEROS - Rock Art And The X-Ray Style JOE STRUMMER AND THE MESCALEROS - Walker JOEY RAMONE - CHRISTMAS SPIRIT JOEY RAMONE - DON`T WORRY ABOUT ME JOEY RAMONE - WITH 22 JACKS VIPER ROOM (LIVE) JOEY SHITHEAD KEITHLEY AND HIS BAND OF REBELS - Band Of Rebels JOHN LYDON - Psycho's Path JOHN SCHOOLEY & HIS ONE MAN BAND - John Schooley & His One Man Band JOHN ZORN - Moonchild JOHNNY CASH - American III JOHNNY CASH - American IV. The Man Comes Around JOHNNY CASH - American Recordings JOHNNY CASH - The Essential Johnny Cash 1955 - 1983 (3 CD) JOHNNY CASH - Unchained JOHNNY CASH - Wanted man JOHNNY REBEL - The Complete Collection JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS - L.A.M.F JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - 2 Kindsa Love (Single) JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Acme JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Controversial Negro (Limited Rel) JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Crypt Style JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Extra Width JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Mo' Width EP JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Now I Got Worry JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Orange JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Plastic Fang JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Plastic Fang JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Talk About The Blues JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Wail EP JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Xtra Acme USA JONAS - Sorry Im Sorry Sorry JOSHUA - A Whole New Theory JOY DIVISION - An Ideal For Living [EP] JOY DIVISION - Atmosphere JOY DIVISION - Closer JOY DIVISION - Live at The Factory, Hulme JOY DIVISION - Live at The Rainbow Theatre, London JOY DIVISION - Live at Winter Gardens, Bournemouth 02.11 JOY DIVISION - Love Will Tear Us Apart JOY DIVISION - Remains [Compilation] JOY DIVISION - Still JOY DIVISION - The Peel Sessions JOY DIVISION - Transmission JOY DIVISION - Unknown Pleasures JOY DIVISION - Warsaw JUCIFER - I Name You Destroyer JUCIFER - L'autrichienne [Alternative Tentacles] JUDGEMENT - No reason why EP JUGHEAD'S REVENGE - Just Joined JUGHEAD'S REVENGE - Unstuck In Time JULEE CRUISE - FLOATING INTO THE NIGHT JULIE RUIN - JULIE RUIN JULIETTE & THE LICKS - You're Speaking My Language JUSTICE - Elephant Skin K.G.B. - Ballroom Blitz Ep K.G.B. - Einmal Rund Um Die Sonne K.G.B. - Kein Grund Zur Beruhigung K.G.B. - Letzte Bestellung K.G.B. - Party Sahne KAAOS - Ismit KAAOS - Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos KABALAS - The Eye Of Zohar KALASHNIKOV - Five Songs for the Faithful Friends KALASHNIKOV - Romantic Songs of Dissidence KALASHNIKOV - Songs About Amore And Revolution Kamikatze - Knit And Trash KAN MIKAMI - Bang! KANGAROO PAW - Kangaroo Paw [Shinkhai] KAOS 64 - Kaos Total 82-92 KAOS KLITORIANO - Kaos Klitoriano KATASTROPHY WIFE - All Kneel KATASTROPHY WIFE - Amusia KATZENJAMMER KABARETT - KATZENJAMMER KABARETT KEMURI - 77 days KEMURI - Little playmate KEMURI - Senka senrui KEVIN SECONDS - Heaven's Near Wherever You Are KEVIN SECONDS - Stoudamire KEVIN SECONDS & HIS GHETTO MOMENTS - Rise Up, Insomniacs! KEVIN SECONDS & MATT SKIBA - Split KID DINAMYTE - Kid dinamyte KID DINAMYTE - Shorter,faster,louder KIDNAPPERS - Ransome Notes & Telephone Calls [Rip Off Records] KIKEIJI - Plastic Scandal EP KILL YOUR IDOLLS & NERVE AGENTS - Split KILL YOUR IDOLS - 4 3-4ths Inch KILL YOUR IDOLS - Funeral For A Feeling KILL YOUR IDOLS - Just The Beginning KILL YOUR IDOLS - No Gimmicks Needed KILLERS - Hot Fuss Killers - Sam's Town KILLJOYS - The Peel Sessions KILLJOYS - The Peel Sessions KILLS - Black Rooster (EP) KILLS - Keep On Your Mean Side KILLS - Midnight Boom KILLS - No Wow KINGS OF NUTHIN - Fight Songs KINGS OF NUTHIN - Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin' KINGS OF NUTHIN - Punkrock Rhythm & Blues KITTIE - Oracle KITTIE - SPiT KITTIE - Untill The End KLASSE KRIMINALE - The Best Of KMFDM - Attack KNOW HOW - Happy Fun Robot Kill Time [Demo Version] KNOW HOW - Now In Technicolor KOFFIN KATS - Staying From The Pack KOKESHI DOLL - Kokeshi Doll KOKESHI DOLL - Piruko Rui KOMMANDO VIKTOR ZOJ - Selbstgebrannt Konflikt - Taku Sme KONTRARITAM - Kontraritam KRAUT - Complete Studio Recordings 1981-1986 KRAUT - Live at CBGB`s 2002 KRAUT - The Movie KREZIP - Unplugged KRISTIN HERSH - Hips And Makers KRISTIN HERSH - Strange Angels KRISTIN HERSH - Sunny Border Blue KRUM BUMS - As The Tide Turns KRUM BUMS - The Sound KRUM BUMS & COMPLETE CONTROL - Death Can Wait KRUMBUMS - Second Demo KRUZENSHTERN & PAROHOD - Songs K'S CHOICE - Cocoon Crash KULTUR SHOCK - Kultura-Diktatura KYUSS / QUEENS OF STONE AGE - split CD L.MINYGWAL - E'er L.U.N.G.S. - Better Class Of Loser L7 - Beauty Process: Triple Platinum L7 - Bricks Are Heavy L7 - From The Outer Space L7 - Hungry For Stink L7 - L7 L7 - Pretend We"Re Dead Ep L7 - Reissue Of 1988 Debut LP L7 - Slap Happy L7 - Smell The Magic LA CRY - Devilized LA DONNAS - Shady Lane LA FRACTION - Aussi Long Sera Le Chemin LA FRACTION - EZLN [EP] La Fraction - La Vie Revee LA FRACTION - S-t LA RUDA SALSKA - Splendid De Lille 1102 LA VELA PUERCA - De Bichos Y Flores LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE - Memorandum LAGWAGON - A Feedbag Of Truckstop Poetry [EP] LAGWAGON - A Feedbag Of Truckstop Poetry [EP] LAGWAGON - Blaze LAGWAGON - Blaze LAGWAGON - Double Plaitinum LAGWAGON - Double Plaitinum LAGWAGON - Duh LAGWAGON - Duh LAGWAGON - Let's Talk About Feelings LAGWAGON - Let's Talk About Feelings LAGWAGON - Let's Talk About Leftovers LAGWAGON - Let's Talk About Leftovers LAGWAGON - Live LAGWAGON - Live LAGWAGON - LIVE IN A DIVE LAGWAGON - Trashed LAGWAGON - Trashed LAIKA & THE COSMONAUTS - C'mon, Do The Laika! LANDSCAPE - Positive Punk Power LANGELY SCHOOLS MUSIC PROJECT - Innocence And Despair LARD - 70s Rock Must Die LARD - Power Of Lard LARD - Pure Chewing Satisfaction LARD - The Last Temptation Of Reid LARD - THE LAST TEMPTATION OF REID LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS - Lars Fredereksen And The Bastards LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS - Viking LAST IN LINE - Last In Line [EP] LAST MILLENIUM SUCKERS - Suck up your life LAWNMOWER DETH - Billy LAWNMOWER DETH - Kids In America LAWNMOWER DETH - Live @ The Polytechnie Nottingham LAWNMOWER DETH - Mower Liberation Front LAWNMOWER DETH - Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth LAWNMOWER DETH - Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns LAWNMOWER DETH - Various Album LAZY COWGIRLS - A little sex and death LAZY COWGIRLS - Broken Hearted On Valentines Day LAZY COWGIRLS - How it looks – how it is LAZY COWGIRLS - Tapping The Source LE RITZ - Punker 7" LE TIGRE - Feminist Sweepstakes LE TIGRE - From the Desk of Mr. Lady LE TIGRE - Le Tigre LE TIGRE - This Island LEAD - Burn This Record LEADBELLY - Death Letter Blues 2CD LEADBELLY - Leadbelly LEATHERFACE - Compact And Bijou [EP] LEATHERFACE - Dog Disco LEE PERRY - Revolution Dub LEE RANALDO - East Jesus LEE RANALDO - Scriptures Of The Golden Eternity LEE RANALDO - Something To Burn LEFT FOR DEAD - Splitting Heads LEFTOVER CRACK - Fuck World Trade (advance) LEFTOVER CRACK - Live In Reading Bootleg LEFTOVER CRACK - Mediocre Generica LEFTOVER CRACK - Rock the 40 Oz (Reissue) LEGENDARY PINK DOTS - The Maria Dimension LEGENDARY PINK DOTS - The Maria Dimension LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS - Pandelirium LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS - Swampblood LENE LOVICH - FLEX LENE LOVICH - STATELESS...PLUS LENINGRAD COWBOYS - Go America LENINGRAD COWBOYS - Mongolian Barbecue LENINGRAD COWBOYS - We Cum From Brooklyn LENNON JOHN - Imagine LENNON JOHN - John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band LES SALES MAJESTES - Bienvenue LES SALES MAJESTES - Dernier Combat LESBIANS ON ECSTASY - Lesbians On Ecstasy LESS THAN JAKE - Borders And Boundaries LEVELLERS - A Weapon Called The Word LEVELLERS - Green Blade Rising LEVELLERS - Levellers LEVELLERS - Levelling The Land LEVELLERS - See Nothings, Hear Nothing, Do Something LIAM LYNCH - Fake Songs LIBERTINES - The Libertines LIBERTINES - Up the Bracket LIDS - St [Rip Off Records] LIFE AFTER LIFE - Just Trip LIFE CRISIS - Unpeaceful Protest [7'' EP] LIFE SENTENCE - Life Sentence 12'' LIFE SENTENCE - More Punks For Profit 7'' LIFE SENTENCE - No Experience Necessary Lp LIGHTNING BOLT - Wonderful Raindow LILI Z. - Let's Go 7'' LILI Z. - S-T 10'' LILITH - Stone LILLINGTONS - Back Channel Broadcast LILLINGTONS - Death By Television LILLINGTONS - Electric Pink LILLINGTONS - I Lost My Marbles [EP] LILLINGTONS - Shit Out of Luck LILLINGTONS - Shit Out Of Luck LIMP WRIST - split with KNIFED LIMP WRIST - What's Up With The Kids LINK 80 - The Struggle Continues LINK 80 - 17 Reasons LISA GERRARD - The Mirror Pool LISA GERRARD & HANS ZIMMER - Gladiator (Soundtrack) LISA GERRARD & PIETER BOURKE - Duality LISA GERRARD & PIETER BOURKE - The Insider LITMUS GREEN - Untitled - 17-06-04 LITTLE ANNIE - SHORT, SWEET & DREAD LIVE - The Distance to Here LIVE - Throwing Copper LIVE ON RELEASE - Seeing red LIVING END - Living end LOCUST - Locust S/t LO-FI SUCKS! - P For Pistacchio LOGICAL NONSENSE - Expand The Hive [Alternative Tentacles] LOGICAL NONSENSE - Soul Pollution [Virus] LOIKAEMIE - 10 Jahre Power From The Eastside LOIKAEMIE - Ihr Fur Uns Und Wir Fur Euch LOIKAEMIE - III (2xCD) LOIKAEMIE - Loikaemie & Smegma LOIKAEMIE - Oi! that's yer lot LOIKAEMIE - Wir sind die Skins LOLITA NO 18 - Angel Of The North LOLITA NO 18 - Fubo Love N.Y.(Parents Love N.Y) LOLITA NO 18 - Karate Teacher LOLITA NO 18 - Nige Ninja LOLITA NO 18 - Sister Run Naked LOLITA NO 18 - Yalitamin LOLITA NO. 18 - The Great Rock & Roll Festival! LOLITA NO. 18 - Toy Doll LOLITA NO. 18 VS NONSTOP BODY - Split LOLITA STORM - Girls Fucking Shit Up LOLITA STORM - Sickslits EP LOLITAS - My English Sucks LONDON GIRL - Music to devour boys by LONDON PUNKHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Symphony Of Destruction LORRAINAS - Fast Kitties LOS BANDITOS - BeatClub LOS CRUDOS - Discography LOS CRUDOS - Los Primeros Gritos (1991-1995) LOS FASTIDIOS - Contiamo Su Di Voi! LOS FASTIDIOS - Guarde Avanti LOS FASTIDIOS - Hasta La Baldoria LOS FASTIDIOS - Live At Cs O.R.S.O LOS FASTIDIOS - Ora Basta (EP) Los Fastidios - Ora Basta [EP] LOS FASTIDIOS - Prawdziwa Sila Ulicy LOS FASTIDIOS - Radio Boots (EP) Los Fastidios - Radio Boots [EP] Los Fastidios - Rebels'n'Revels Los Fastidios - Siempre Contra LOS FASTIDIOS - Siempre Contra LOS FASTIDIOS - Sopra E Sotto Il Palco Live '04 LOS FASTIDIOS - Ten Years Tattoed On My Heart LOS OLVIDADOS - Listen To This!!! [Alternative Tentacles] LOS SAICOS - Wild Teen Punk From Peru LOS SAICOS - Wild teen-punk from Peru Lost Pelicanos - Demo LOU REED - Berlin LOU REED - Coney Island Baby LOU REED - Lou Reed LOU REED - New York LOU REED - Street Hassle LOU REED - The Bells LOU REED - The Blue Mask LOU REED - Transformer LOUSY - Best Wishes Lousy - One Good Round Deserves Another LOUSY - The Babylon District LOVE, COURTNEY - Assorted Live Songs LOVED AND HATED - Hardcore Punk's Not Dead LOW VALUE - The Language Of Stolen Music LOWER CLASS BRATS - A Class of Our Own LOWER CLASS BRATS - Loud and Out Of Tune (Live) LOWER CLASS BRATS - Rather Be Hated Than Ignored LOWER CLASS BRATS - The Clockwork Singles Collection Lower Class Brats - The New Seditionaries LOWER CLASS BRATS - The Plot Sickens Lower Class Brats - The Worst L-SEVEN - L-Seven [EP] LUCY AND THE POPSONICS - A Fabula (Ou A Farsa) De Dois Eletropandas LUDICRA - Fex Urbis Lex Orbis [Alternative Tentacles] LUDOLF NEUM - Ludolf Neum I Njegov Paranormalni Dzuboks LULU - SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT LUNACHICKS - Apathetic LUNACHICKS - BABYSITTERS ON ACID LUNACHICKS - Babysitters On Acid LUNACHICKS - Binge & Purge LUNACHICKS - BINGE AND PURGE LUNACHICKS - Drop Dead Live LUNACHICKS - JERK OF ALL TRADES LUNACHICKS - Jerk Of All Trades LUNACHICKS - Luxury Problem LUNACHICKS - Luxury Problem LUNACHICKS - Pretty Ugly LUNACHICKS - Sushi A La Mode (Japanese Ep) LURKERS - Fulham Fallout LURKERS - God's Lonely Men LURKERS - Ripped 'n' Torn LURKERS - The Punk Singles Collection LURKERS - Wild Times Again LUSH - Gala LUSH - Lovelife LUSH - Split LUSH - Spooky LUSH - Topolino LYDIA LUNCH - 13.13. LYDIA LUNCH - Conspiracy Of Women LYDIA LUNCH - Drowning In Limbo LYDIA LUNCH - Honeymoon In Red LYDIA LUNCH - Hysterie (1976-1986) LYDIA LUNCH - Matrikamantra: CD 1 - Harbinger House LYDIA LUNCH - Matrikamantra: CD 2 - Live In Praque LYDIA LUNCH - Oral Fixation LYDIA LUNCH - Queen Of Siam LYDIA LUNCH - Stinkfist + The Crumb LYDIA LUNCH - The Uncensored Lydia Lunch LYDIA LUNCH - Widowspeak LYDIA LUNCH & CLINT RUIN - Don't Fear the Reaper LYDIA LUNCH & CLINT RUIN - Stinkfist LYDIA LUNCH & GENESIS P. ORRIDGE - Lab Report LYDIA LUNCH & ROWLAND S.HOWARD - Shotgun Wedding LYDIA LUNCH & TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS - Hysterie LYDIA LUNCH & THE ANUBIAN LIGHTS - Champagne, Cocaine And Nicotine Stains [EP] M. RAMONE & THE INTRUDERS - The Answer To Your Problems M.D.C (MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS) - Millions Of Dead Cops 2 (Hey Cop, If I Had A Face Like Yours... ) M.D.C (MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS) - Millions Of Dead Cops M.D.C (MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS) - More Dead Cops M.D.C (MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS) - Shades Of Brown M.D.C. - Acoustic Split With John The Baker 7'' M.D.C. - Elvis In The Rheinland [Live In Berlin] M.D.C. - Live In Amsterdam M.D.C. - Magnus Dominus Corpus M.D.C. - Metal Devil Cokes M.D.C. - Millions Of Damn Christians M.D.C. - Smoke Signals M.D.C. - Split With Capitalist Casualties - Liberty Gone M.D.C. - The Submissives - An Anvil Will Wear Out Many A Hammer M.D.T. [MININMALNI DOBA TRVANLIVOSTI] - Realita M.O.D (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION) - Devolution M.O.D (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION) - Dictated Aggression M.O.D (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION) - Gross Misconduct M.O.D (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION) - Love By Thousands... Hated By Millions M.O.D (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION) - Rhythm Of Fear M.O.D (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION) - Surfin' M.O.D M.O.D (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION) - U.S.A. For M.O.D M.O.D. - Loved By Thousands... Hated By Millions MACC LADS - Alehouse Rock MACC LADS - An Orifice And A Genital MACC LADS - From Beer To Eternity MAD CADDIES - Duck And Cover MAD CADDIES - Rock the plank MAD CADDIES - The Holiday Has Been Cancelled [EP] MAD MARGE AND THE STONECUTTERS - Mad Marge and the Stonecutters MAD SEASON - Live (Bootleg) MAD SIN - ...Sweet & Innocent ...Loud & Dirty! MAD SIN - A Ticket Into Underworld MAD SIN - Amphigory MAD SIN - Break The Rules MAD SIN - Chills And Thrills In A Drama Of Mad Sin And Mystery (Cd) MAD SIN - Dead Moon's Calling MAD SIN - Distorted And Dimensions MAD SIN - God Save The Sin MAD SIN - Live In Japan MAD SIN - Live In Vienna MAD SIN - Mad Sin Vs Battel Of Ninjamanz - The Kamikaze Experience MAD SIN - Psycho 'n Glamrock Demos MAD SIN - Psycho 'n Glamrock Demosmad sin MAD SIN - Survival Of The Sickest MAD SIN - Sweet & innocent... loud & dirty MAD SIN - Teachin' The Goodies... And More! MAD SIN - Underground (Ep) MAD SIN - Young, Dumb & Snotty MADNESS - 7 MADNESS - Absolutely MADNESS - Devine Madness MADNESS - It's Madness MADNESS - Keep Moving MADNESS - Mad Not Mad MADNESS - ONE STEP BEYOND MADNESS - Rise & Fall MADNESS - The Madness MADNESS - Utter Madness MADNESS - Wonderful MAKERS - The Devil's Nine Questions MALDOROR (MIKE PATTON & MERZBOW) - She MAN ...OR ASTRO-MAN? - 1000X MAN ...OR ASTRO-MAN? - Deluxe Men In Space MAN ...OR ASTRO-MAN? - Destroy All Astromen! MAN ...OR ASTRO-MAN? - Eeviac Operational Index And Reference Guide MAN ...OR ASTRO-MAN? - Live Transmissions From Uranus MAN ...OR ASTRO-MAN? - Made From Technetium MAN ...OR ASTRO-MAN? - What Remains Inside A Black Hole MAN ...OR ASTRO-MAN? - Your Weight On The Moon MAN OR ASTROMAN - Your Weight On The Moon MAN OR ASTROMAN? (M.O.A.) - DESTROY ALL ASTROMEN! MANDA & THE MARBLES - More Seduction MANIC STRET PREACHERS - This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours MANIKINS - Crocodiles MANIKINS - Epileptic MANKIND? - Wont You Join the Army Now 7-inch MANU CHAO - Clandestino MARGINAL MAN - Double Image MARIANNE FAITHFULL - BEFORE THE POISON MARILYN'S VITAMINS - In These Shoes MARILYN'S VITAMINS - Politics On The Dance Floor MARKED MEN - On The Outside [Rip Off Records] MARKY RAMONE AND THE INTRUDERS - MARKY RAMONE AND THE INTRUDERS MARKY RAMONE AND THE INTRUDERS - THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS MARKY RAMONE AND THE SPEEDKINGS - ALIVE (LIVE) MARKY RAMONE AND THE SPEEDKINGS - GOOD COP, BAD COP 7" MARKY RAMONE AND THE SPEEDKINGS - I'VE GOT DEE DEE ON MY MIND 7" MARKY RAMONE AND THE SPEEDKINGS - LEGENDS BLEED MARKY RAMONE AND THE SPEEDKINGS - NO IF'S, AND'S OR BUT'S MARKY RAMONE AND THE SPEEDKINGS - SPEEDKINGS RIDE TONIGHT 7" MARNIE STERN - In Advance Of The Broken Arm [Kill Rock Stars] MARS VOLTA - Frances The Mute MASS KOTKI - MASS KOTKI MASSHYSTERI - 7''ep MASTURBATION - 1983-84 - discography MATCHBOOK ROMANCE - West For Wishing EP MAU MAUS - The Punk Singles Collection MAXIM - Hell's Kitchen MC5 - Back In The USA MC5 - High Time MC5 - Kick Out The Jams MC5 - Power Trip MCFLYS - Mcflys ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Are A Drag ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Blow In The Wind (RETAIL) ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Elton EP ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Have A Ball ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Have Another Ball ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Live At The Warped Tour KY ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Ruin Jonnys Bar Mitzvah ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Shannon 7" ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Stevens 7" ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Take A Break ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES - Turn Japanese MEAT PUPPETS - Forbidden Places MEAT PUPPETS - Golden Lies MEAT PUPPETS - Huevos [CD1] MEAT PUPPETS - Huevos [CD2] MEAT PUPPETS - In A Car MEAT PUPPETS - Meat Puppets I [CD1] MEAT PUPPETS - Meat Puppets I [CD2] MEAT PUPPETS - Meat Puppets II MEAT PUPPETS - Mirage [CD1] MEAT PUPPETS - Mirage [CD2] MEAT PUPPETS - Monsters [CD1] MEAT PUPPETS - Monsters [CD2] MEAT PUPPETS - No Joke! MEAT PUPPETS - No Strings Attached MEAT PUPPETS - Too High To Die MEAT PUPPETS - Up On the Sun [CD1] MEAT PUPPETS - Up On the Sun [CD2] MEATMEN - Evil In A League With Satan MEATMEN - Pope On A Rope MEATMEN - Rock & Roll Juggernaut MEATMEN - Stud Powercock, Touch & Go Years 1981-1984 MEATMEN - The Meatmen Misc MEATMEN - Toilet Slave MEATMEN - War Of The Superbikes, Vol. 2 MEATMEN - We're The Meatmen And You Still Suck MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOOD - The Dropper MELISSA ETHERIDGE - Never Enough MELISSA ETHERIDGE - Yes I Am MELISSA ETHERIDGE - Your Little Secret MELT BANANA - 13,000 Miles At Light Velocity MELT BANANA - 666 [7 Inch] MELT BANANA - Bambis Dilemma MELT BANANA - Cactuses Come In Flock MELT BANANA - Dead Spex [7 Inch] MELT BANANA - Eleventh [7 Inch] MELT BANANA - It's In The Pillcase [7 Inch] MELT BANANA - Speak Squeak Creak MELT BANANA & OTOMO YOSHIHIDE - Balls To The Wall Magenta Melt-Banana - 13 Hedgehogs: MxBx Singles 199 Melt-Banana - Cell-Scape MELT-BANANA - Charlie Melt-Banana - Teeny Shiny MELT-BANANA / DISCORDANCE AXIS - Split MELVINS - Colossus Of Destiny MELVINS - Eggnog [EP] MELVINS - Electroretard MELVINS - Honky MELVINS - Hostile Ambient Takeover MELVINS - King Buzzo {To Dale & Joe} [EP] MELVINS - Lysol MELVINS - Stag MELVINS - The Bootlicker MELVINS - The Maggot MELVINS - 10 SONGS MELVINS - 26 SONGS MELVINS - Bullhead MELVINS - Dale Crover [EP] MELVINS - Gluey Porch Treatments MELVINS - Houdini MELVINS - Joe Preston [EP] MELVINS - Nude With Boots MELVINS - Ozma MELVINS - Pigs Of The Roman Empire MELVINS - PRICK MELVINS - SINGLES 1-12 MELVINS - Stoner Witch MELVINS - The Crybaby MELVINS & LUSTMORD - Pigs Of The Roman Empire MENACE - G.L.C. R.I.P. - The Best Of The Menace MENACE - G.L.C. RIP MENACE - Punk Rocker EP MENTAL - Get An Oxygen Tank EP MENY HELLKIN - Amputation Day MERZBOW - 1930 MESH - Who Watches Over Me? Messengers - The Messengers MEST - Hire METAL URBAIN - L'arge D'or CD METEORS - Anagram Singles METEORS - Bastard Sons Of A Rock'n'roll Devil METEORS - Corpse Grinder METEORS - Demo METEORS - Demonopoly METEORS - Hymns For The Hellbound METEORS - In Heaven METEORS - International Wreckers 2 METEORS - John Peel Sessions METEORS - Live I METEORS - Live Ii - Vinyl METEORS - Madman Roll METEORS - Monkey's Breath METEORS - Mutant Monkey METEORS - Mutant Monkey & The Surfers METEORS - Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly METEORS - Psycho Down METEORS - Psychobilly METEORS - Servertime Blues Y Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit METEORS - Stampede METEORS - Teenagers Form Outer Space METEORS - The Best Of METEORS - The Curse Of The Mutants METEORS - The Meteors-Psychobilly Revolution METEORS - Undead,Unfriendly And Unstoppable METEORS - Vs The World 2CD METEORS - Wreckin' Crew METHADONES - 21st Century Power Pop Riot METHADONES - Career Objective METHADONES - Ill At Ease METHADONES - Not Economically Viable METHADONES - This Won't Hurt MIA - Hieb Und Stichfest MIA - Stille Post MICHAEL GIRA - Drainland [Alternative Tentacles] MICRAGIRLS - Feeling Dizzy, Honey MIDDLE CLASS - A Blueprint For Joy 1978-80 MIDDLE CLASS - Homeland MIDDLE CLASS - Out Of Vogue MIDDLE CLASS - Scavenged Luxury [EP] MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - A Jackknife To A Swan MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Awfully Quiet MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Devil's Night Out MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Don't Know How To Party MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Let's fase it MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Live from the Middle East MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - More Noise & Other Disturbances MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Pay Attention! MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Question The Answers MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Ska-Core, Devil And More MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - The Rascal king MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Where'd You Go [EP] MIHOEN! - Container Crusties EP MIHOEN! - st EP MIKA BOMB - The Fake Fake Sound Of Mika Bomb MIKA MIKO - C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. [Kill Rock Stars] MILEMARKER - FRIGID FORMS SELL Milkman - Is This Punk Enough For You MILLENCOLIN - For Monkeys MILLENCOLIN - Home From Home MILLENCOLIN - Life on a plane MILLENCOLIN - Melancholy Collection MILLENCOLIN - Pennybridge Pioneers MILLENCOLIN - Tiny Tunes MILLENCOLIN - Kingwood MILLENCOLIN - Ray [CDS] MILLENCOLIN - Shut You Out (CDS) Million Dollar Marxists - Zero Culture MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET - Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash MINISTRY - Animositisomina MINISTRY - Dark Side Of The Spoon MINISTRY - Filth Pig MINISTRY - Psalm 69 MINISTRY - Sphinctour MINISTRY - The Land Of Rap And Honney MINISTRY - The Mind Is A Jerrible Thing To Jaste MINISTRY - Twich MINOR THREAT - 12XU (Live) MINOR THREAT - 27 Songs Live (Bootleg) MINOR THREAT - Complete Discography MINOR THREAT - First Demo Tape MINOR THREAT - Live At Buff Hall 7" MINOR THREAT - Live in Boston [04-03] MINOR THREAT - Live In Chicago MINUS THE BEAR - This Is What I Know About Bein MINUTEMEN - Double Nickels On The Dime MINUTEMEN - 3-Way Tie (For Last) MINUTEMEN - Ballout Result MINUTEMEN - Bean Spill MINUTEMEN - Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat MINUTEMEN - Joy MINUTEMEN - Minuteflag MINUTEMEN - Paranoid Time MINUTEMEN - Project Mersh MINUTEMEN - Sound Factory MINUTEMEN - The Politics Of Time MINUTEMEN - The Punch Line MINUTEMEN - Tour Spiel MINUTEMEN - What Makes A Man Start Fires MISCHIEF BREW - Bakanal MISCHIEF BREW - Don't Spoil Your Supper MISCHIEF BREW - Live At Coyle Street Collective 2005-04-24 MISCHIEF BREW - Smash The Windows MISCHIEF BREW - Songs From Under The Sink MISCONDUCT - A Change MISFATS - Misfits Tribute [EP] MISFIT SOCIETY - No Discount on Large Amount MISFITS - 12 Hits From Hell MISFITS - 9:30 Club - Live from Washington, D.C. 2.28.82 MISFITS - Al's Bar - Live from Los Angeles, California 4.17.82 MISFITS - American Psycho MISFITS - Argentina 2000 MISFITS - Boxed-Set (CD1) MISFITS - Boxed-Set (CD2) MISFITS - Boxed-Set (CD3) MISFITS - Boxed-Set (CD4) MISFITS - Collection I (1978-1983) MISFITS - Collection II (1977-1983) MISFITS - Cuts From The Crypt (1996-2001) MISFITS - Earth A.D MISFITS - Evilive MISFITS - Evilive 2 MISFITS - Famous monsters MISFITS - Happy Halloween MISFITS - Hittsville - Live from Passaic, New Jersey 12.25.81 MISFITS - Legacy Of Brutality MISFITS - Live at DirecTV Music Hall MISFITS - Live at Paradise Garage Lisbon MISFITS - Live with Joey & Marky Ramone oct 1998 MISFITS - Max's Kansas City, New York, NY 12.20.78 MISFITS - Michigan Union Ballroom MISFITS - Monster Mash [EP] MISFITS - Project 1950 MISFITS - Psycho in Chile MISFITS - Revenge Will Be Ours - 7 Inch MISFITS - Santa Monica Civic Center - Live from Santa Monica, California 6.11.83 MISFITS - Seven Boots From Hell MISFITS - Shoking Return MISFITS - Static Age MISFITS - The Philips Us Open Snowboarding Championships Live [EP] MISFITS - Walk Among Us MISFITS - Walk Amoug You (Live In New York City) MISFITS - Why Be Something You're Not MISFITS \ BALZAC - Don't Open 'til Doomsday MISFITS MEET NUTLEY BRASS - Fiend Club Lounge MISFITS MEET NUTLEY BRASS - Fiend Club Lounge MISFITS WITH JOEY & MARKY RAMONE - Live with Joey & Marky Ramone oct 1998 MISS KITTIN - Berlin Is Burning MISS KITTIN - I.COM MISS KITTIN AND THE HACKER - Champagne E.P. MISS KITTIN AND THE HACKER - First Album MISTREATERS - Grab Them Cakes MISTREATERS - Playa Hated To The Fullest MOB - Let The Tribe Increase MOB - No Rules in This Game MOB 47 - Garanterat Mangel MOBY - 18 MOBY - Play The B Sides MODELS - Man of the Year [EP] MODERN LIFE IS WAR - My Love. My Way MODERN LIFE IS WAR - Witness MODEST MOUSE - This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About Mogwai - Rock Action Mogwai - BBC Live Mogwai - Come on Die Young MOGWAI - Come On Die Young Mogwai - Ep+6 Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People MOGWAI - Happy Songs For Happy People Mogwai - Mogwai EP Mogwai - Mr. Beast MOGWAI - Rock Action Mogwai - Ten Rapid Mogwai - Young Team MOJO NIXON - Aug.,2,1987 Binghampton,NY MOJO NIXON - Bo-Day-Shus!!! MOJO NIXON - Free, Drunk And Horny MOJO NIXON - Frenzy MOJO NIXON - Gadrooks!!! Hornemade Bootleg MOJO NIXON - Grovelling At The Grotto MOJO NIXON - Horny Holidays MOJO NIXON - Mojo Nixon Et Al - Pleasure Barons, Vancouver, 1993 MOJO NIXON - Otis MOJO NIXON - Real Sock-Ray-Blue MOJO NIXON - Root Hog Or Die MOJO NIXON - The Chime In Baton Rouge 7/27/87 MOJO NIXON - Whereabouts Unknown MOJO NIXON AND THE TOADLIQUORS - 7-7-00,Denver,CO MOJO NIXON AND THE TOADLIQUORS - Houston, TX, 4-11-97 MOJO NIXON AND THE TOADLIQUORS - July 5, 2000, 7th. St MN MOJO NIXON AND THE TOADLIQUORS - June 15, 1991, Marquee,New York MOJO NIXON AND THE TOADLIQUORS - November 30, 1996, 1st , Avenue, MPLS, MN MOLOTOV COCKTAIL - UNITED COLORS OF POVERTY AND SHAME MOLOTOV COCTAIL - Once Upon A Time In America MONICA'S LIPS - Demo MONKS - Black Monk Time MONTREAL - Alles Auf Schwarz MONTREAL - Die Schoenste Sprache Der Welt MOORE, THURSTON - Please Just Leave Me [My Paul Desmond] MOPED LADS - Kicked Out Of 77 MOPEDS - Fortissimo MOPES - Accident Waiting To Happen MORAL CRUX - Something More Dangerous MORAY EEL - Psycho Delusion MORPHINE - Cure For Pain MORPHINE - Yes MOSKOVSKAYA - Mother's Son MOSKOVSKAYA - Mother's Son MOSKOVSKAYA - No One Will Get Here Out Alive MOSKOVSKAYA - The Edge Of A New Era MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD - Merciless MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD - Our Lady of Annihilation MOTARDS - …Rock The Kids MOTARDS - Saturday Night [Rip Off Records] MOTHER LOVE BONE - Apple MOTHER LOVE BONE - Hello Hometown (Vogue, Seattle, 03.01.90) MOTHER LOVE BONE - Mother Love Bone [2CD] MOTHER LOVE BONE - Stardog Champion CD1 MOTHER LOVE BONE - Stardog Champion CD2 MOTORPSYCHO - Let Them Eat Cake MR. BURNS - Where Is Your Freedom MR. T EXPERIENCE - Fireside 9.22.00 - Chicago, IL MR. T EXPERIENCE - Love Is Dead MR. T EXPERIENCE - Milk Milk Lemonade MR. T EXPERIENCE - Our Bodies Our Selves MR. T EXPERIENCE - Revenge Is Sweet, And So Are You MR. T EXPERIENCE - Road To Ruin MR.BUNGLE - California MR.BUNGLE - Disco Volante MR.BURNS - Where Is Your Freedom MS.FITS - Hate Is Your Mistress MU330 - Mu330 MUDHONEY - Since We've Become Translucent MUDHONEY - Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge MUDHONEY - Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew MUDHONEY - Here Comes Sickness: Best Of BBC Sessions MUDHONEY - Let It Slide (EP) MUDHONEY - March To Fuzz (CD 1) MUDHONEY - March To Fuzz (CD 2) (Live) MUDHONEY - Mudhoney MUDHONEY - My Brother the Cow MUDHONEY - Piece of cake MUDHONEY - Superfuzz Bigmuff + Early Singles MUDHONEY - The Lucky Ones MUDHONEY - Tomorrow Hit Today MUDHONEY - Under A Billion Suns MUDHONEY & GAS HUFFER - You Stupid Asshole/Knife Manual [single] MUDHONEY & SONIC YOUTH - Live In Hollywood (Split) MUFFS - Blonder & Blonder MUFFS - Hamburger Muffs - Happy Birthday To Me Muffs - The Muffs MULESKINNER JONES - Terrible Stories MUMMIES - Fuck The Mummies MUMMY THE PEEPSHOW - Electric Roller Girl MUNICIPAL WASTE - Hazardous Mutation MUNICIPAL WASTE - Municipal Waste MUNICIPAL WASTE - split 7'' with BAD ACID TRIP MUNICIPAL WASTE - The Art Of Partying MUNICIPAL WASTE - Waste Em All MURDER DISCO X - Demo 98 Murderdolls - Beyond the Valley of Murderdol MURPHY`S LAW - Back With A Bong MURPHY`S LAW - Dedicated MURPHY`S LAW - Good For Now EP MURPHY`S LAW - Murphy's Law MURPHY`S LAW - The Best Of Times MURPHY'S LAW - The Party's Over MUSE - Absolution MUSE - Origin Of Symmetry MUSE - Showbiz MUSHROOM ATTACK - demo 07.1990 MUSHROOM ATTACK - Masters Of The Glueniverse (from split CD w. Disorder) MUSHROOM ATTACK - Masters Of The Glueniverse (from split CD with Disorder) MUSLIM GAUZE - Chechnya Over Dub MUSLIM GAUZE - Jaal Ab Dullah Muslimgauze - Azzazin Muslimgauze - Betrayal Muslimgauze - Eleven Minarets MUSLIMGAUZE - Farouk Engineer Muslimgauze - Fatah Guerrilla (3 CD) Muslimgauze - Hamas Arc MUSLIMGAUZE - Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass Muslimgauze - Iran MUSLIMGAUZE - Mazar-i-Sharif Muslimgauze - Narcotic MUSLIMGAUZE - Sufiq Muslimgauze - United Staes Of Islam Muslimgauze - Veiled Sisters Muslimgauze & Les Joyaux De La Princesse - Split MUSTARD PLUG - Pray For Mojo MXPX - Ten Years And Running MXPX - 17 [EP] MXPX - At The Show (Live) MXPX - Christmas Only Comes Once A Ye MXPX - Ever Passing Moment MXPX - Fat Club [7 Inch] MXPX - Let It Happen MXPX - Life In General MXPX - Move To Bremerton MXPX - On The Cover [EP] MXPX - Pokinatcha MXPX - Renaissance [EP] MXPX - Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo MXPX - Teenage Politics MXPX - The Broken Bones [EP] MXPX - Warped Tour 07-14-00 MY AWESOME MIXTAPE - Songs Of Sadness And Songs Of Happiness MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Ecstasy & Wine MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Geek MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Glider MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Isn't Anything MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Sunny Sundae Smile MY BLOODY VALENTINE - The New Record By My Bloody Valentine [EP] MY BLOODY VALENTINE - This Is Your Bloody Valentine MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Tremolo (EP) NACO NAZOV - Zlata stredna cesta NADA SURF - The Proximity Effect NAILBOMB - Point Blank NAILBOMB - Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide (Live) NAKED AGGRESSION - Bitter Youth NAKED AGGRESSION - Gut Wringing Machine NAKED AGGRESSION - Keep Your Eyes Open [Ep] NAKED AGGRESSION - March March Alive NAKED AGGRESSION - March March Along NAKED AGGRESSION - March March Along NAKED AGGRESSION - Plastic World NAKED AGGRESSION - Plastic World NAKED AGGRESSION - Recordings 1991-1994 NAKED AGGRESSION - They Cant Get Me Down NAKED AGGRESSION - They Cant Get Me Down NAKED RAYGUN - All Rise NAKED RAYGUN - Basement Screams NAKED RAYGUN - Flammable Solid NAKED RAYGUN - Free Shit! Live NAKED RAYGUN - Jettison NAKED RAYGUN - Last Of The Demohicans NAKED RAYGUN - Rat Music For Rat People Vol. Iii NAKED RAYGUN - Something's Gone Wrong Again (The Buzzcocks Covers Compilation) NAKED RAYGUN - Understand_ NASHVILLE PUSSY - Dirty Best-Of (Live) NASHVILLE PUSSY - Get Some NASHVILLE PUSSY - High As Hell NASHVILLE PUSSY - Let Them Eat Pussy NASHVILLE PUSSY - Let Them Eat Pussy NASHVILLE PUSSY - Let Them Eat Pussy - Eat More Pussy (Bonus Cd) NASHVILLE PUSSY - LET THEM EAT PUSSY (DISC 1) NASHVILLE PUSSY - LET THEM EAT PUSSY (DISC 2) NASHVILLE PUSSY - LIVE NASHVILLE PUSSY - Say Something Nasty NASHVILLE PUSSY - Say Something Nasty NASUM - Doombringer NASUM - Human 2,0 NASUM - Industrislaven NASUM - Inhale / Exhale NAUSEA - Extinction NAUSEA - Extinction The Second Coming NAUSEA - Lie Cycle [7 Inch] NAUSEA - Live In Holland NAUSEA - Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol.1 NAUSEA - Smash Racism Now [7 Inch] (Bootleg) Nausea - The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol 2 (85-88) Nazis From Mars - Fuck You NAZIS FROM MARS - Nazis From Mars NAZIS FROM MARS - Space Pebbles NECROS - Conquest for death + E.P.`s NEGATIVE APPROACH - Demo NEGATIVE APPROACH - Demo NEGATIVE APPROACH - Negative Approach 7'' Negative Approach - Ready To Fight NEGATIVE APPROACH - Tied Down 7'' NEGATIVE APPROACH - Total recall NEGATIVE APPROACH - Touch And Go NEGATIVE FX - S/T NEGATIVES - Rules And Regulations NEKROMANTIX - Brought Back to Life NEKROMANTIX - Curse Of The Coffin NEKROMANTIX - Dead Girls Dont Cry NEKROMANTIX - Demons Are Girl`s Best Friend NEKROMANTIX - Hellbound NEKROMANTIX - Live In Chicago, IL 22402 NEKROMANTIX - Return of the Loving Dead NEKROMANTIX - Undead 'N' Live NEOS - Discography NERDS - Just Because She Didn't Want To Fuck NERDS - Some Of This Some Of That NERVE AGENTS - Days Of The White Owl NERVE AGENTS - The Butterfly Collection NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - Join The Army NEUROSIS - Enemy Of The Sun NEUROSIS - Through Silver In Blood NEUROSIS - A Sun That Never Sets NEUROSIS - A Sun That Never Sets Neurosis - Aberration [EP] NEUROSIS - Enemy Of The Sun NEUROSIS - Neurosis & Jarboe NEUROSIS - Souls at Zero NEUROSIS - Sovereign NEUROSIS - Sovereign NEUROSIS - The Eye Of Every Storm NEUROSIS - The Word As Law Neurosis - The World As Law NEUROSIS - Through Silver In Blood NEUROSIS - Times Of Grace NEUROSIS - Times Of Grace NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS - Neurotic Outsiders NEVER HEALED - St NEW BOMB TURKS - At Ropes End NEW BOMB TURKS - Destroy Oh Boy! NEW BOMB TURKS - Drunk On Cock [EP] NEW BOMB TURKS - Information Highway Revisited NEW BOMB TURKS - Nightmare Scenario NEW BOMB TURKS - Scared Straight NEW BOMB TURKS - Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains NEW BOMB TURKS - Veronica Lake Ep NEW MODEL ARMY - No Rest For The Wicked NEW MODEL ARMY - Thunder and Consolation NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - Electric Version NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - Mass Romantic NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - Twin Cinema NEW TANGO ORQUESTA - Bestiario NEW TANGO ORQUESTA - Part II NEW TANGO ORQUESTA - The New Tango Orquesta NEW YORK DOLLS - 1973-1974 Rock-n-roll NEW YORK DOLLS - Endless Party NEW YORK DOLLS - Live In Concert, Paris 1974 NEW YORK DOLLS - Live in NYC - 1975 Red Patent Leather NEW YORK DOLLS - New York Dolls NEW YORK DOLLS - Too Much Too Soon NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Get This! NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Live in Europe NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Low Blow NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Minor Moods NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE - New York Ska Jazz Ensemble NICE VIEW - Second 7" NICO - Camera Obscura NICO - Chelsea Girl NICO - Desertshore NICO - Drama Of Exile NICO - END NICO - My Funny Valentine NICO - Peel Session NIG HEIST - Nig-Heist NIGHTMARE - Be put to urge rise in yourself EP NIGHTMARE - Footprints of the wind EP NIGHTMARE - Give Notice Of Nightmare NIGHTMARE - Ikasama EP NIGHTMARE - Scatterraw NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - Demo NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - New [Ep] NIHILISTICS - 13th Aniversary NIHILISTICS - Nihilistics [EP] NIKMAT OLALIM - Battle Legacy NINA HAGEN - Bee Happy NINA HAGEN - Fearless [Brazilian Edition] NINA HAGEN - Freud Euch NINA HAGEN - In Ekstasy (English) NINA HAGEN - Love NINA HAGEN - My Way NINA HAGEN - Nina Hagen NINA HAGEN - Nina Hagen Band NINA HAGEN - Nunsexmonkrock NINA HAGEN - Return Of The Mother NINA HAGEN - Revolution Ballroom NINA HAGEN - Street NINA HAGEN - Unbehagen NINA SIMONE - Forbidden Fruit NINA SIMONE - In Concert NINA SIMONE - Nina At Newport NINE INCH NAILS - And All That Could Have Been NINE INCH NAILS - Broken NINE INCH NAILS - Further Down The Spiral NINE INCH NAILS - Perfect Drug Version NINE INCH NAILS - Pretty Hate Machine NINE INCH NAILS - The Downward Spiral NINE INCH NAILS - The Fragile - Left NINE INCH NAILS - The Fragile - Right NINE INCH NAILS - Wish Things Falling Apart NINE INCH NAILS - With Teeth NINE INCH NAILS - You Give Us Control NIRVANA - From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah NIRVANA - Le Zenith (Seasons In Hell Vol 2) [bootleg] NIRVANA - All Apologies - Rape Me (Single) NIRVANA - As Alive As Ever [27.08] NIRVANA - Bleach NIRVANA - Come As You Are (Live In Seattle, USA) NIRVANA - Come As You Are (Single) NIRVANA - Fecal Matter [demo] NIRVANA - Heart-Shaped Box (Single) NIRVANA - Heaven Can Wait NIRVANA - In Bloom (Single) NIRVANA - In utero NIRVANA - Incesticide NIRVANA - Last Concert In Japan [17.02] NIRVANA - Late! Pocketwatch [Dave Grohl demo] NIRVANA - Lithuim - Been A Son - Curmudgeon (Single) NIRVANA - Nevermind NIRVANA - Out Of The Blue NIRVANA - Seattle '88 [bootleg] 28.12.1988 NIRVANA - SLIVER [THE BEST OF THE BOX] NIRVANA - Smells Like Ten Spirit (Single) NIRVANA - Suicide Solution, Palatrussardi, Milano [bootleg] 25.02.1994 NIRVANA - The Priest' They Called Him [single] NIRVANA - Trick Or Treat NIRVANA - Unplugged in New York NIRVANA - WITH THE LIGHT OUT (BOXED-SET CD 3) NIRVANA - With The Lights Out (Disc 1) NIRVANA - With The Lights Out (Disc 2) NIRVANA & JESUS LIZARD - Oh, The Guilt! & Puss [Split Single] NK6 - Keep On Keeping On NO CHOICE - Try And You Might NO COMPLY - With Windmills Turning Wrong Directions NO COMPLY - Your Life Is Your Direction NO FUN AT ALL - No Straight Angels NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - No Hope For The Kids NO INNOCENT VICTIM - Tipping the Scales NO RESPECTS - Unadjusted CD1 NO RESPECTS - Unadjusted CD2 [Live] No Rest - Suportar A Dor NO REST - Suportar A Dor No Smoking Orchestra. - Live is a Miracle in Buenos Aires NO SYMPATHY - Tisic spatnych slov NO USE FOR A NAME - Daily Grind NO USE FOR A NAME - Death Doesn't Care [EP] NO USE FOR A NAME - Hard Rock Bottom NO USE FOR A NAME - Leche Con Carne NO USE FOR A NAME - Let Em Out! [EP] NO USE FOR A NAME - Live In A Dive NO USE FOR A NAME - Making Friends NO USE FOR A NAME - More Betterness NO USE FOR A NAME - New Red Archives Years NO USE FOR A NAME - You Bug Me [EP] NO VALUE - Can Not Help It [Single] NO VALUE - Demo NO VALUE - from Split 7inch with SAYYADINA NO VALUE - November 2000 to march 2001 [EP] NO WTO COMBO - LIVE FROM THE BATTLE IN SEATTLE NOBODYS - GENERATION XXX NOBODYS - I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE NOBODYS - LESS HITS MORE TITS NOBODYS - SHORT SONGS FOR SHORT ATTENTION SPANS NOBODYS - THE SMELL OF VICTORY NOBODYS - V.M.L. LIVE (28.09.1996) NOBODYS & JOE QUEER - QUEERS FOR A DAY, NOBODYS FOR LIFE (EP) NOFX - 13 Stitches (EP) NOFX - 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough to Go on Our Other NOFX - Bottles To The Ground NOFX - Bottles to the Ground (EP) NOFX - Demo NOFX - Fat Club (EP) NOFX - Fuck the Kids NOFX - Fuck The Kids (EP) NOFX - Heavy Petting Zoo NOFX - I Heard They Suck Live! NOFX - Liberal Animation NOFX - Live At The Warped Tour NOFX - Live Deconstruction Tour Lissabon NOFX - Louise And Liza (EP) NOFX - Maximum Rock'N'Roll NOFX - Pods And Gods (EP) NOFX - Pump Up The Vacuum NOFX - Punk In Drublic NOFX - Regaining Unconsiousness (EP) NOFX - Ribbed NOFX - S&M Airlines NOFX - So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes NOFX - So What If Were On Music (EP) NOFX - Surfer NOFX - The Decline [EP] NOFX - The Greatest Songs Ever Written [By Us] NOFX - The Longest Line NOFX - The P.M.R.C. Can Suck On This (EP) NOFX - The war on errorism NOFX - Theyve Actually Gotten Worse Live NOFX - Timmy The Turlte (EP) NOFX - Together On The Road (Live) NOFX - White Thrash, Two Heebs And A Bean NOFX - Wolves in Wolves Clothing NOFX/RANCID - Cover Each Other NOMADS - Sonically Speaking NOMEANSNO - 0+2=1 NoMeansNo - All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt NOMEANSNO - Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie NOMEANSNO - Generic Shame NOMEANSNO - In The Fishtank NOMEANSNO - Live & Cuddy NOMEANSNO - Mama NOMEANSNO - Mr.Right & Mr.Wrong NOMEANSNO - One NOMEANSNO - One Down Two To Go NOMEANSNO - Sex Mad NOMEANSNO - Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed NOMEANSNO - The Day Everything Became Isolated And Destroyed ) NOMEANSNO - The Day Everything Became Nothing NOMEANSNO - The Peoples Choice NOMEANSNO - The Worldhood Of The World (As Such) NOMEANSNO - Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy NOMEANSNO - Would We Be Alive NOMEANSNO - Wrong NOMEANSNO - You Kill Me NORELAX - Gridalo! NORTH OF AMERICA - Brothers Sisters NOTDURFT - Junge Liebe In Gefahr NOTHINGTON - All In NOUVELLE VAGUE - Bande A Part NOUVELLE VAGUE - Comming home NOUVELLE VAGUE - KCRW 89.9 Morning Becomes Eclectric, 14th April 2005 NOUVELLE VAGUE - Nouvelle Vague NOUVELLE VAGUE - VA - Late Night Tales NOUVELLE VAGUE - VA - Nouvelle Vague Presents New Wave NUCLEAR DEATH - Bride of Insect / Carrion For Worm NUMBERS - Now You Are This [Kill Rock Stars] NUSCHT - ...Zu Erwarten NWA - Straight Outta Compton NY REL-X - Sold Out of Love NZ REL-X - She's Got A Gun - Paranoia O Pioneers!!! - Black Mambas OASIS - Difinitely Maybe OBLIVIANS - Oblivians OBLIVIANS - Soul Food O'DEATH - Broken Hymns, Limbs And Skin O'DEATH - Carl Nemelka Family Photographs O'DEATH - Head Home OF MONTREAL - Tour-Only OFFSPRING - Americana OFFSPRING - Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace OFFSPRING - Smash OHL - Live In Leverkusen 7" OHL - Tuerkenlied+2 7" OI POLLOI - Ar Ceol Ar Canan Ar-A-Mach OI POLLOI - Fight Back! OI POLLOI - Fuaim Catha OI POLLOI - Guilty 7" OI POLLOI - In Defence Of Our Earth OI POLLOI - Let The Boots Do The Talking OI POLLOI - Mind The Bollocks Ep OI POLLOI - Oi Polloi - Six Of The Best Cd OI POLLOI - Omnicide 7" OI POLLOI - Outraged By The Atomic Menace OI POLLOI - Outraged By The System OI POLLOI - Pigs For Slaughter OI POLLOI - Skins 'n' Punks Vol 2 (Split With The Betrayed) OI POLLOI - Split With Blownapart Bastards OI POLLOI - To Resist Is Our Duty When Injustice Is Law OI POLLOI - Total Anarchoi OI POLLOI - Total Resistance To The Fucking System OI POLLOI - Unite And Win OI POLLOI - Unlimited Genocide (Split With Aoa) OI VALCANS - Music Is Oi! OLD HAUNTS - Poisonous Times [Kill Rock Stars] ON FILE - The Real McOi! ONE DOLLAR SHORT - Press And Hold ONE WAY SYSTEM - All Systems Go ONE WAY SYSTEM - Forgotten Generation ONE WAY SYSTEM - Leave Me Alone ONE WAY SYSTEM - Return in Breizh (live) ONE WAY SYSTEM - Waiting For Zero ONE WAY SYSTEM - Writing On The Wall ONWARD - In a different place Operation Ivy - Lint Rides Again (Last Show) Operation Ivy - Seedy Operation Ivy - Unity Operation Ivy - 69 Newport [EP] Operation Ivy - East Bay [EP] Operation Ivy - Energy OPERATION IVY - Energy Operation Ivy - Energy EP Operation Ivy - Lint : The King Of Ska [EP] Operation Ivy - Lint Rides Again (LAST SHOW) Operation Ivy - Live At Gilman Operation Ivy - Operation Ivy OPERATION IVY - Operation Ivy Operation Ivy - Plea For Peace [EP] Operation Ivy - Radio Daze - Live On FM Radio Operation Ivy - Ramones EP Operation Ivy - Rancid Operation Ivy - Seedy Operation Ivy - Sound System Operation Ivy - Unity The Complete Collection OPERATSIOON O - Viies Ratas OPPRESSED - AntiFa in USSR OPPRESSED - Dead & Buried and Fatal Blow OPPRESSED - Fight For Your Life - The Best of OPPRESSED - More Noize For The Boys Oppressed - Music For Hooligans OPPRESSED - Oi! Oi! Music! OPPRESSED - Totally Opressed OPPRESSED - We Can Do Anything ORDINARY BOYS - Over The Counter Culture ORTHODOX CELTS - The Celts Strike Again OTEP - Demo OTEP - House Of Secrets OTEP - Sevas Tra OTOMO YOSHIHIDE'S NEW JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Dreams [Tzadik] OTOMO YOSHIHIDE'S NEW JAZZ QUINTET - Tails Out [DIW] OUR LADY PEACE - Clumsy OUT COLD - Out Cold OXYMORON - Beware Poisonous 7 Inch OXYMORON - Beware Poisonous 7 Inch OXYMORON - Crisis Identity 7 inch OXYMORON - Crisis Identity 7 inch OXYMORON - Feed The Breed OXYMORON - Feed The Breed [Promo] OXYMORON - Fuck The 90's…Here's Our Noise OXYMORON - Fuck the Nineties...Here's Our Noize OXYMORON - The Pack Is Back OXYMORON - The Pack Is Back OXYMORON - Westworld Mini LP OXYMORON - Westworld Mini LP P - P P.O. BOX - And the lipstick traces PACHINKO - Behind The Green PAGAN BABIES - Demo Tape PAINT IT BLACK - New Lexicon PAINT IT BLACK - Paradise PAINTBOX - Back reporter 7'' flexi PAINTBOX - Burn Your Weak Mind And Fly High EP PAINTBOX - Earth ball sports tournament PAINTBOX - Raise the capital (live) PAINTBOX - Singing shouting crying PAINTBOX - The Door EP PAN.THY.MONIUM - Dream II PAN.THY.MONIUM - Khaoohs PAN.THY.MONIUM - Khaooohs And Kon-Fus-Ion PANACEA - Twisted Designz PANASONIC - Kulma PANIC - Dying For It Panic! At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out PANICS - 1980-1981 I Wanna Kill My Mom PANICS - 1980-1981 I Wanna Kill My Mom PANSY DIVISION - Absurd Pop Song Romance PANSY DIVISION - Deflowered PANSY DIVISION - More Lovin' From Our Oven PANSY DIVISION - Pile Up PANSY DIVISION - Total Entertainment! PANSY DIVISION - Undressed PANSY DIVISION - Wish I'd Taken Pictures PANTHER - 14 Kt God [Kill Rock Stars] PANX ROMANA - Antartes Poleon PANX ROMANA - Kratos Kleiston PANX ROMANA - Paidia Sta Opla PANX ROMANA - Panx Romana PAPA ROACH - Infest PAPA ROACH - Lovehatetragedy PAPRIKA KORPS - Przede wszystkim muzyki PARAGRAF 119 - Du Har Ikke En Chance PARAGRAF 119 - Musik Til Ulempe PARAGRAF 119 - Stotteplade For Anarchist Black Cross Kobenhavn PARTISANS - Police Story PARTY OF HELICOPTERS - Mt. Forever PATRIOTS - Land Of The Free Ep PATTI SMITH - DREAM OF LIFE PATTI SMITH - Easter PATTI SMITH - EXODUS (LIVE) PATTI SMITH - GONE AGAIN PATTI SMITH - GUNG HO PATTI SMITH - HORSES PATTI SMITH - PEACE AND NOISE PATTI SMITH - RADIO ETHOPIA PATTI SMITH - SUMMER CANNIBALS PATTI SMITH - WAVE PEACE LOVE AND PITBULLS - Red Sonic Underwear PEACHES - Fatherfucker PEACHES - Impeach My Bush PEACHES - Teaches of Peaches PEACHES & GONZALES - Red Leather [12''] PEACOCKS - Angel PEARL JAM - Wishlist [EP] PEARL JAM - 1991 Fan Club Single PEARL JAM - 1992 Fan Club Single PEARL JAM - 1993 Fan Club Single PEARL JAM - 1995 Fan Club Single PEARL JAM - 1996 Fan Club Single PEARL JAM - 1997 Fan Club Single PEARL JAM - 1998 Fan Club Single PEARL JAM - 2003-04-12 - House Of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL [CD1] PEARL JAM - 2003-07-19 - Mexico City III, Mexico [CD1] PEARL JAM - 2003-07-19 - Mexico City III, Mexico [CD2] PEARL JAM - 2003-07-19 - Mexico City III, Mexico [CD3] PEARL JAM - Binaural PEARL JAM - Given To Fly [EP] PEARL JAM - MTV UNPLUGGED, NY PEARL JAM - Rare Tracks PEARL JAM - TEN PEGBOY - Cha Cha Damore PEGBOY - Earwig PEGBOY - Fore PEGBOY - Strong Reaction PEGBOY - Three Chord Monte PEKINSKA PATKA - Biti Ruzan Pametan I Mlad (7) PEKINSKA PATKA - Plitka Poezija PENADAS POR LA LEY - Sexo Debil PENETRATION - Moving Targets PENETRATION - Penetration PENNYWISE - About A Time PENNYWISE - From The Ashes PENNYWISE - Full Circle PENNYWISE - Land Of The Free? PENNYWISE - Pennywise PENNYWISE - Reason to Believe PENNYWISE - Straight Ahead PENNYWISE - Unknown Road PENNYWISE - Wildcard-A Word From The Wise PERSIANA JONES - Agarra La Onda PERSIANA JONES - Brivido Caldo PERSIANA JONES - Puerto Hurraco PERSIANA JONES - Puerto Hurraco PERSIANA JONES - Siamo Circondati PESTPOCKEN - "Giessen Asozial" Demotape PESTPOCKEN - Virus BRD EP PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - A Foot Full Of Bullets Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Alien Pubduction PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Alien Pubduction PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Alien Pubduction PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Cringe PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - -Hit Factory Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Journey To The Centre Of Johnny Clarkes He PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Journey To The Centre Of Johnny Clarkes Head PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Live And Loud !! PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Pissed And Proud PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Rotting In The Fart Sack PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Rotting In The Fart Sack [Ep] PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Schwein Lake Live (Munich 12-12-1995) PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Soberphobia PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Supermodels PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Supermodels PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Test Tube Trash PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - The Best Of Peter And The Test Tube Babies PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - The Loud Blaring Punk Rock Peter And The Test Tube Babies - The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - The Punk Singles Collection Peter Pan Speedrock - Spread Eagle PHANTOM LIMBS - Applied Ignorance [Alternative Tentacles] PHANTOM LIMBS - Displacement [Alternative Tentacles] PHANTOM SURFERS - Great Surf Trash PHOBIA - Ousar Lutar, Ousar Vencer PHOBIA-RESIST AND EXIST - Phobia-Resist And Exist PHOTOPARADE - Demo PHOTOPARADE - Fat And Furious (Demo) PICASSO TRIGGER - Bipolar cowboy PIG DESTROYER - Prowler In The Yard PIG MUST DIE - Die Zeit Ist Gekommen PIKNIK - Al Je Lep Ovaj Svet PIKNIK - Biber Piknik (LP) PIKNIK - Brlog (LP) PIKNIK - Mish, Puz I Ker PIKNIK - Prvi (LP) PIKNIK - Total Shit Project PILLOW - Natasha EP PILLOW - Sona's EP PILLOW FIGHT - Remixes PILLOW FIGHT - Tomorrow I'm Bringin' A Gun To School PILLOW FIGHT - We Didn't Come Here to Dance PILOT SCOTT TRACY - Any City PILOT SCOTT TRACY - Flight 0713 PINHEAD GUNPOWDER - COMPULSIVE DISCLOSURE PINK FAIRIES - Live 1970-71. Mandies And Mescaline Round Uncle PINK PANTHERS - GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN PISS DRUNKS - Alcoholocaust PISS SHIT FUCK - Use Your Delusion PISSCHRIST - Distort Melbourne PISSCHRIST - Nothing Has Changed PISSCHRIST - Pisslicking Singles PISSED JEANS - Demo PIST - Ideas Are Bulletproof PISTOL GRIP - Another Round PISTOL GRIP - Tear It All Down PITCHSHIFTER - Deviant PITCHSHIFTER - PSI PITCHSHIFTER - www.Pitchshifter.Com PIXIES - The B-Side File [3rd Edition] PIXIES - A La Pixies PIXIES - At The BBC PIXIES - Bossanova PIXIES - Death To The Pixies 1 PIXIES - Death To The Pixies 2 PIXIES - Demo PIXIES - Doolittle PIXIES - EP Collection PIXIES - Extra BBC Songs PIXIES - Give Me Ecstasy Vol.1 PIXIES - Live At Cabaret Metro PIXIES - Pixies Aka The Purple Tape PIXIES - Rare PIXIES - Supernova. Live In Vienna PIXIES - Surfer Rosa PIXIES - Timeless Stars PIXIES - Trompe Le Monda PIXIES - Velouria Live PJ HARVEY - Dry PJ HARVEY - Is This Desire? PJ HARVEY - Rid Of Me PJ HARVEY - Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea PJ HARVEY - To Bring You My Love PJ HARVEY - Uh Huh Her PJ HARVEY - 4-TRACK DEMOS PJ HARVEY - B-SIDES PJ HARVEY - DANCE HALL AT LOUSE POINT PJ HARVEY - EUROPE (LIVE) PJ HARVEY - I HEAR DISCO (DESERT SESSIONS) PJ HARVEY - SHEELA-NA-GIG (SINGLE) PJ HARVEY - THE SINGLES (1995-2000) PJ HARVEY - TO BRING YOU MY LOVE: THE B SIDES (CD 2) PJ HARVEY - White Chalk Pj Harvey & Bjork - I Can't Get No Satisfaction (MTV) PJ HARVEY & JOHN PARISH - Dance hall at louse point PLACEBO - Black Market Music PLACEBO - B-sides PLACEBO - Covers PLACEBO - Live At the Wireless PLACEBO - Meds PLACEBO - Once More with feeling (singles) PLACEBO - Placebo PLACEBO - Sleeping With Ghosts PLACEBO - The Bitter End (single) PLACEBO - This Picture (single) PLACEBO - Without you I'm nothing PLAID - P-Brane [EP] PLANET SMASHERS - Attack Of The Planet Smashers PLANET SMASHERS - Life Of The Party PLANET SMASHERS - No Self Control PLANET SMASHERS - The Planet Smashers PLANET SMASHERS - Unstoppable PLASMATICS - Beyond The Valley Of 1984 PLASMATICS - Butcher Baby 7'' PLASMATICS - Coup D'Etat PLASMATICS - Final Days (Anthems for the Apocalypse) [compilation 1981-88] PLASMATICS - Maggots The Record PLASMATICS - Meet The Plasmatics 12" (RARE) PLASMATICS - Metal Priestess PLASMATICS - Metal Priestess Ep PLASMATICS - Mistress of taboo PLASMATICS - New hope for the wretched PLASMATICS - New Hope For The Wretched PLASMATICS - WENDY AND LEMMY (FEAT. MOTORHEAD) PLASMATICS [WENDY O. WILLIAMS] - Kommander Of Kaos PLASTIC BERTRAND - An 1 PLEASANT VALLEY CHILDREN - Fuck Kill Destroy PODWORKOWI CHULIGANI - Ciezko Jest! Podworkowi Chuligani - Powrot Na Ulice PODWORKOWI CHULIGANI - Powrot Na Ulice POISON - Flexi POISON - Hot Rod 7'' (Selfish) POISON - Mystery Temptation 7'' (Extasy) POISON ARTS - 4 Tracks from Attack Of 4 Tribes. (Selfish) POISON ARTS - Kick Rock (Selfish) POISON ARTS - One Hundred Dragon (Captain) POISON GIRLS - Statement CD 1 1977-80 POISON GIRLS - STATEMENT CD 1 1977-80 POISON GIRLS - Statement CD 2 1981-82 POISON GIRLS - STATEMENT CD 2 1981-82 POISON GIRLS - Statement CD 3 1983-84 POISON GIRLS - STATEMENT CD 3 1983-84 POISON GIRLS - Statement CD 4 1985-88 POISON GIRLS - STATEMENT CD 4 1985-88 POISON GIRLS - Their Finest Moments POISON IDEA - Blank Blackout Vacant POISON IDEA - Bone's Kitchen Demo POISON IDEA - Darby Crash Rides Again POISON IDEA - Darby Crash Rrides Again EP POISON IDEA - Dead Boy W Jeff Dahl POISON IDEA - Demo 81-83 POISON IDEA - Demo '82 POISON IDEA - Discontent POISON IDEA - Dutch Courage POISON IDEA - Dysfunctional Songs For Codependent Addicts POISON IDEA - Feel The Darkness POISON IDEA - Filthkick POISON IDEA - Getting The Fear POISON IDEA - Ian Mackaye POISON IDEA - Ian MacKaye EP POISON IDEA - Kboo Live 1983 POISON IDEA - Keep Warm. Burn Out The Rich POISON IDEA - Kings Of Punk POISON IDEA - Kings Of Punk POISON IDEA - Latest Will And Testament POISON IDEA - Latest Will And Testament POISON IDEA - Learning To Scream POISON IDEA - Live In Kienzle Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany 1991-3-8 POISON IDEA - Live In La Roca Karatepunk!!! POISON IDEA - Live In Lintfabriek Kontich, Belgium 2003-7-19 POISON IDEA - Live In Vienna POISON IDEA - Live On Kboo 10.9.91 POISON IDEA - Official Bootleg POISON IDEA - Pajama Party POISON IDEA - Pick Your King POISON IDEA - Picture Disc POISON IDEA - Pig's Last Stand POISON IDEA - Punish Me POISON IDEA - Record Bootleggers Are Potential Millionaires POISON IDEA - Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes POISON IDEA - Religion & Politics Part 1 & 2 POISON IDEA - Taken By Surprise POISON IDEA - The Best Of Poison Idea POISON IDEA - The Early Years POISON IDEA - War All The Time POISON IDEA - War All The Time POISON IDEA - We Must Burn POISON IDEA - We Must Burn POISON IDEA - Your Choice Live POLICE - Zenyatta Mondatta POLICE BASTARD - Demos Compilations POLICE BASTARD - Gulf War Syndrome POLICE BASTARD - Split With A38 POLICE BASTARD - Split With Unkind POND - Practice of Joy Before Death POPE ON ACID - Second Demo POPPER KLOPPER - 10 Jahre Popper Klopper Live, Trier-Exil CD1 POPPER KLOPPER - 10 Jahre Popper Klopper Live, Trier-Exil CD2 POPPER KLOPPER - Alles wird gut POPPER KLOPPER - Horroskop POPPER KLOPPER - Kalashnikov Blues POPPER KLOPPER - Keine Geheimnisse EP + Bonus POPPER KLOPPER - Learning to Die POPPER KLOPPER - Nadel Verpflichtet POPPER KLOPPER - No Compromise POPPER KLOPPER - Wer sich nicht wehrt... POPPERKLOPPER + ANFALL - Elendszug POPPERKLOPPER FEAT. PATTI PATTEX - No Compromise POPSTERS - All Of You POPSTERS, THE - Everything I Want PORK DUKES - All The Filth PORKERS - Grunt! PORKERS - Hot Dog Daiquiri PORKERS - Chemical Imbalance PORKERS - Grunt PORKERS - Hot Dog Daiquiri PORKERS - Not Bad, Pretty Good, Not Bad PORKERS - Time Will Tell PORKERS - Too Big For Your Boots CDS PORKERS - X-Factor PORTISHEAD - Sweet Times, Non-album Tracks PORTISHEAD - Symphony PORTISHEAD - Dummy PORTISHEAD - Melody Nelson PORTISHEAD - Pearl PORTISHEAD - Portishead PORTISHEAD - Roseland NYC Live PORTISHEAD - Toy Box PORTISHEAD [BETH GIBBONS & RUSTIN MAN] - Out Of Season PORTUGAL JAPAN - Portugal Japan POWDER MONKEYS - Blood, Sweat & Beers PRESIDENTS OF THE USA, THE - Pure Frosting PRESS GANG - Press Gang 7'' PRESS GANG - Same 12'' PRESTESTRANNA VEL VEL VEL - H?imomkring I Drangedal PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES - 12" EP Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES - Good health PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES - Is It Broken Doctor PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES - The New Romance PRIMAL SCREAM - Riot City Blues [x] PRIMAL SCREAM - Screamadelica PRIMUS - Pork Soda PROBLEMATICS - The Kids All Suck [Rip Off Records] PRODIGY - Experience PRODIGY - Experience PRODIGY - Music For Gilted Generation PRODIGY - Serial Thrillas PRODIGY - The Fat Of The Land PROFESSIONALS - I Didn't See It Coming PROJECT PITCHFORK - Alpha omega PROJECT PITCHFORK - Carnival PROJECT PITCHFORK - Carrion PROJECT PITCHFORK - Chakra red PROJECT PITCHFORK - Little Entities PROJECT PITCHFORK - Little EON PROJECT PITCHFORK - Steelrose PROJECT X - Straight Edge Revenge [EP] PROPAGANDHI - Potemkin City Limits PROPAGANDHI - How To Clean Everything PROPAGANDHI - Less Talk More Rock PROPAGANDHI - Today's Empire's Tomorrow's Ashes PROPAGANDHI - Where Quantity is Job #1 PROPAGANDHI & I SPY - I'd Rather Be Flag Burning Split Lp PROPELLERHEADS - Decksandrumsandrockandroll PROTEST - From Protest To Resistance PROTESTERA - Kampen gеr vidare PROTESTERA - Zora EP PSIHOMODO POP - Best Of PSIHOMODO POP - Srebrne Svinje PSY WOJNY - Demokracja PSYCHIC TV - Descending PSYCHIC TV - Were You Ever Bullied At School…Do You Want Revenge? PSYCHOTERROR - Punks in the City PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - 9 PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - Compact Disc PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - Flower Of Romance PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - Live In Tokyo PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - That What Is Not PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - This Is What You Want - This Is What You Get PUERTO MUERTO - Elena PUERTO MUERTO - Muerto Country PUERTO MUERTO - See You In Hell PUERTO MUERTO - Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore PUERTO MUERTO - Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore! PULLEY - Pulley PULLEY - Together Again For The First Time PUNK LUREX O.K. - Hatut Ja Myssyt PUSSY GALORE - Corpse Love: The First Year PUSSY GALORE - Dial 'M' For Motherfucker PUSSY GALORE - Exile On Main Street PUSSY GALORE - Right Now! PUYA - Fundamental PVC - Wall City Rock PVC AND NINA SCHULZ - Ice Cold Eyes mLP Q AND NOT U - Power QUAKES - Last Of The Human Beings QUAKES - Self Titled QUASI - Featuring "Birds" QUEENS OF STONE AGE - Restricted To Everyone, Everywhere, All The Time QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - B-Sides QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Lullabies To Paralyze QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Queens of the Stone Age QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Rated R QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Songs for the Deaf QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE & BEAVER - The Split CD QUEERS - A Day Late And A Dollar Short QUEERS - Beat Off QUEERS - Beyond The Valley of Assfuckers QUEERS - Bubblegum Dreams [EP] QUEERS - Don't Back Down QUEERS - Everything's Ok [EP] QUEERS - Grow Up QUEERS - Later Days And Better Lays QUEERS - Live In West Hollywood (Live) QUEERS - Love Songs For The Retarded QUEERS - Move Back Home QUEERS - My Old Mans A Fatso [EP] QUEERS - Pleasant Screams QUEERS - Punk Rock Confidential QUEERS - Rocket To Russia QUEERS - Suck This (Live) QUEERS - Surf Goddess [EP] Queers - The Munki Brain QUEERS - Today [EP] QUEERS - V.M. Live - 24.02.1995 [EP] QUEERS - Weekend At Bernie's QUESTION - St 7'' QUI - Love's Miracle R.E.M. - Automatic For The People R.E.M. - Green R.E.M. - Monster R.E.M. - Platinum collection Rabauken - All' Die Jahre… Rabauken - Deutschland Weltmeister RABAUKEN - Hey, Mein Freund... Rabauken - Warte, Warte Nur Ein Weilchen RABIH ABOU KHALIL - Arabian Waltz RADIATORS FROM SPACE - TV Tube Heart RADIATORS FROM SPACE - TV Tube Heart RADICAL NOISE - Make A Wish RADIO BIRDMAN - Living Eyes RADIO BIRDMAN - Radios Appear RADIO BIRDMAN - The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978) RADIOHEAD - 2+2=5 (live) RADIOHEAD - Airbag / How Am I Driving? RADIOHEAD - Amnesiac RADIOHEAD - Covers Or Colaborations RADIOHEAD - Go To Sleep RADIOHEAD - Hail To The Thief RADIOHEAD - I Might Be Wrong(live) RADIOHEAD - Karma Police (single) RADIOHEAD - Kid A RADIOHEAD - Live Acoustic Set BBC Radio1 - 09.12.2003 RADIOHEAD - Live At King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Scotland - 05.03.1993 RADIOHEAD - Live in Ferrara - 11.07.2003 RADIOHEAD - My Iron Lung RADIOHEAD - Pablo Honey RADIOHEAD - The Bends RADIOHEAD - There There (single) RADIOHEAD - Towering Above The Rest (CD1) RADIOHEAD - Towering Above The Rest (CD2) RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - Evil Empire RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - The Battle of Los Angeles RAINCOATS - Looking In The Shadows RAINCOATS - The Raincoats RAISED FIST - Wath Your Step RAMBO AMADEUS - Don't Happy Be Worry RAMBO AMADEUS - Kurac Picka Govno Sisa Live RAMONES - !Adios Amigos! RAMONES - Acid Eaters RAMONES - All The Stuff (And More) CD1 RAMONES - All The Stuff (And More) CD2 RAMONES - Animal Boy RAMONES - Blitzkreig '76 [Bootleg] RAMONES - Brain drain RAMONES - End Of The Century RAMONES - Escape From Zagreb RAMONES - Greatest Hits Live RAMONES - Halfway To Sanity RAMONES - It's Alive RAMONES - Leave Home RAMONES - Live At CBGB RAMONES - Loco Live [Original Version] RAMONES - Loco Live [US Version] RAMONES - Loud, Fast Ramones 2 Cd (137+33,2) RAMONES - Mondo Bizarro RAMONES - Pleasant Dreams RAMONES - Ramones RAMONES - RAMONESmania RAMONES - Road To Ruin RAMONES - Rocket To Russia RAMONES - Subterranean Jungle RAMONES - Too tough to die RAMONES - We're Outta Here! RAMONETURES - Ramonetures RANCID - And Out Come The Wolves RANCID - Bloodclot Ep RANCID - Brad Logan [7''] RANCID - B-sides collection - East Bay Punx RANCID - Demolition Session RANCID - Grease & Garbage RANCID - Hooligans RANCID - Indestructible RANCID - Let Me Go (promo) RANCID - Let's Go RANCID - Life Won't Wait RANCID - Live In New York RANCID - Live In San Francisco RANCID - Live In Sweden RANCID - Live In Tokyo RANCID - Rancid RANCID - Rancid 2000 RANCID - Roots Radicals [7''] RANCID - Rudeboys In Germany RANCID - Warped Tour In Seattle RANDY - Ska [EP] RANDY - The Human Atom Bombs RANTANPLAN - Gegen den Trend RANTANPLAN - Kein Schulterklopfen RANTANPLAN - Kopfer RANTANPLAN - Samba RAPEMAN - Two Nuns & A Pack Mule + Budd EP RAPEMAN - Two Nuns And A Pack Mule Rashit - Her Seyin Bir Bedeli Var RASTA KNAST - Bandera Pirata LP/CD RASTA KNAST - Die Katze beisst in Draht RASTA KNAST - Legal Kriminal RATOS DE PORAO - Onisciente Coletivo RATOS DE PORAO - Anarkophobia RATOS DE PORAO - Ao Vivo! RATOS DE PORAO - Brasil RATOS DE PORAO - Cada Dia Mais Sujo E Agressivo RATOS DE PORAO - Carniceria Tropical RATOS DE PORAO - Crucificados Pelo Sistema RATOS DE PORAO - Descanse Em Paz RATOS DE PORAO - Dirty And Aggressive RATOS DE PORAO - Feijoada Acidente - Brasil RATOS DE PORAO - Feijoada Acidente (Internacional) RATOS DE PORAO - Guerra Civil Canibal (EP) Ratos De Porao - Homem Inimigo Do Homem RATOS DE PORAO - Just Another Crime RATOS DE PORAO - Periferia RATOS DE PORAO - Sistemados Pelo Crucifa RATOS DE PORAO - So Crassicos RAVEONETTES - Chain Gang Of Love RAW POWER - 20 Rebel Years RAW POWER - Burning The Factory RAW POWER - XX Rebel Years RAW POWER - You are the victim RAWSIDE - Police Terror & VKJ EP RAWSIDE - Staatsgevalt RAWSIDE - Staatsgevalt REAGAN YOUTH - A Collection Of Pop Classics REAGAN YOUTH - A Collection Of Pop Classics REAGAN YOUTH - Live REAL MCKENZIE - Oot & Aboot Real Mckenzies - 10000 Shots (Advance) REAL MCKENZIES - Clash of the Tartans REAL MCKENZIES - Loch & Loaded REAL MCKENZIES - The Real McKenzies REBEKKA - NEOPHYTE RECHARGE - "Menschen, Hass, Vernichtung" LP Red Alert - We've Got The Power RED AUNTS - Saltbox RED ELVISES - Better than sex RED ELVISES - Grooving to the moscow beat RED ELVISES - I Wanna See You Bellydance RED ELVISES - Lunatics And Poets RED ELVISES - Russian Bellydance RED ELVISES - Shake Your Pelvis RED ELVISES - Six-Strings Samurai RED ELVISES - Surfing in Siberia RED ELVISES - Welcome To The Freak Show RED FLAG 77 - A Short Cut To A Better World Red London - Days Like These Red London - Once Upon A Generation RED SNAPPER - Reeled And Skinned (Warp33) RED TAPE - Radioactivist Red Union - Black Box Recorder REEL BIG FISH - Everything Sucks (2000 Rerelease) REEL BIG FISH - favorite noise REEL BIG FISH - Why Do They Rock So Hard REFUSED - The Shape Of Punk To Come REFUSED - This Just Might Be The Thruth REGISTRATORS - Terminal Boredom [Rip Off Records] Regulations - Electric Guitar Regulations - Regulations REJECTED - Heat of the Night REJECTED - Rejected RENMINBI - People's [EP] RENMINBI - The Great Leap REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - Untitled [Alternative Tentacles] RESET - No Limits RESIDENTS - Hell! 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(STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH) - Speak English Or Die SAGE FRANCIS - A Healthy Distrust SAGE FRANCIS - Personal Journals SAHARA HOTNIGHTS - Jennie Bomb SAINTS - [I'm] Stranded SAINTS - Eternally Yours SAINTS, THE - 1-2-3-4 (2x7'') SAMIAM - Astray SAMIAM - You Are Freaking Me Out SANITYS DAWN - Chop Copper SATAN PANONSKI - Live In Sarajevo SATAN PANONSKI - Live In Zagreb SATAN PANONSKI - Ljuljajmo Ljubljeni Ljubicasti Ljulj SATIRNINE - No Blessings - No Reasons [EP] SAUSAGE - Riddles Are Abound Tonight SAVE FERRIS - Introducing Save Ferris SAVE FERRIS - It Means Everything SAVE FERRIS - Modified SCAMPS - Order now! SCHACHTANLAGE GEGENORT - Einsatzstoff Und Energie SCHIZOID - All Things Are Connected SCHLEIM KEIM - Ddr Von Unten SCHLONG - Unessential Schlong SCHOLASTIC DETH - Killed By School Scholastic Deth - Killed By School [7 Inch] SCHOLASTIC DETH - Revenge Of The Nerds Scholastic Deth - Revenge Of The Nerds [7 Inch] SCHOLASTIC DETH - Shackle Me Not! Scholastic Deth - Shackle Me Not! [Tape] SCHOOLGIRL BITCH - Abusing the Rules EP SCHWEISSER - Pororoca SCISSOR SISTER - Loura SCOTT WEILAND - 12 Bar Blues SCRAPY - The Smart Sensation SCRAPY - Unsteady Times SCREAM - Still Screaming - This Side Up SCREAMERS - In A Better World (2CD) SCREAMERS - In A Better World (2CD) SCREAMING TREES - Anthology SCREAMING TREES - Buzz Factory SCREAMING TREES - Change Has Come [EP] SCREAMING TREES - Dollar Bill SCREAMING TREES - Dust SCREAMING TREES - Even If & Especially When SCREAMING TREES - Invisible Lantern SCREAMING TREES - Nearly Lost You [Single] SCREAMING TREES - Other Worlds [EP] SCREAMING TREES - Shadow Of The Season [Single] SCREAMING TREES - Something About Today SCREAMING TREES - Sweet Oblivion SCREAMING TREES - Uncle Anesthesia SCREAMING TREES - Winter Songs SCREECHING WEASEL - Anthem For A New Tomorrow SCREECHING WEASEL - Bark Like A Dog SCREECHING WEASEL - Beat Is On The Brat SCREECHING WEASEL - Boogada Boogadaboogada! 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SEBADOH - 4 Song CD [EP] SEBADOH - Asshole [EP] SEBADOH - Asshole [EP] SEBADOH - Bakesale SEBADOH - Bubble & Scrape SEBADOH - Harmacy SEBADOH - III SEBADOH - Live On MSN SEBADOH - Louisville, KY 'The Mercury Paw', Guitar Mountain 4-1999 SEBADOH - Magic Ribbons [EP] SEBADOH - Magnet's Coil [EP] SEBADOH - Not Too Amused [EP] SEBADOH - Oven Is My Friend [EP] SEBADOH - Rebound [EP] SEBADOH - Rocking The Forest [EP] SEBADOH - Sebadoh Vs Helmet [EP] SEBADOH - Skull [EP] SEBADOH - Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock SEBADOH - Sonic Life [EP] SEBADOH - Soul And Fire [EP] SEBADOH - The Freed Weed SEBADOH - The Offramp, Seattle, WA 8/16/1993 SEBADOH - The Sebadoh SEBADOH - We Can Still Do It [Live In Sweden] SEBADOH & AZALIA SNAIL - Split SECTOR 4 - Heartbreak Hotel EP SEE YOU IN HELL - S-T SEKIRI - Sekiri Tani SELECTER - HAIRSPRAY SELECTER - MADNESS (SP) SELECTER - VERY BEST OF SELECTER - Very Best Of The Selecter SELF-DESTRUCT - Violent Affair [EP] SENSA YUMA - Up Yours SEX BOMBA - Alkohol SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy in the UK (Live At the 76 Club) SEX PISTOLS - Filthy Lucre Live SEX PISTOLS - Flogging A Dead Horse SEX PISTOLS - Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle SEX PISTOLS - Kill The Hippies SEX PISTOLS - Kiss This SEX PISTOLS - Live at Chelmsford Prison SEX PISTOLS - Mini Album SEX PISTOLS - Never Mind The Bollocks SEX PISTOLS - Some Product SEX PISTOLS - We've Cum for You're Children SFA - Live @ Wfmu Radio 01-03-91 SFA - New York 7'' SFA - So What SFA - Solace SFA - Thanks A Lot  [Demo] SFA - The New Morality SHADOW MEN ON A SHADOW PLANET - Savvy Show Stoppers SHAGGS - Philosophy Of The World SHAM 69 - Angels With Dirty Faces CD1 SHAM 69 - Angels With Dirty Faces CD2 SHAM 69 - BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert SHAM 69 - Borstall Breakout SHAM 69 - Cockney Kids Are Innocent SHAM 69 - Green Eggs and Shams SHAM 69 - Kings & Queens SHAM 69 - Live 78 (tape) SHAM 69 - Live at CBGB's SHAM 69 - Live At CBGB's SHAM 69 - Live At Roxy SHAM 69 - Live At The Roundhouse SHAM 69 - Punk Fiction Presents [EP] SHAM 69 - Rarities 1977-80 SHAM 69 - Shams Last Stand SHAM 69 - Tell Us The Truth SHAM 69 - That's Life SHAM 69 - The A Files SHAM 69 - The Adventures Of Hersham Boys SHAM 69 - The Complete Sham69 Live SHAM 69 - The Game SHAM 69 - The Punk Singles Collection (1977-1980) SHAM 69 - United SHAM 69 - Volunteer SHAMPOO - Girl Power SHANE MAC GOWAN - Snake SHARK ATTACK - Discography SHELLAC - 1000 Hurts SHELLAC - All Tomorrow's Parties 20.04.2002 SHELLAC - At Action Park SHELLAC - BBC Evening Session 5.7.94 SHELLAC - Excellent Italian Greyhound SHELLAC - Live In Tokyo SHELLAC - Live On WNUR SHELLAC - Terraform SHELLAC - Terraform SHELLAC - The Futurist SHELLAC - The Rude Gesture A Pictoral History SHELLAC - Uranus SHELTER - Beyond Planet Earth SHELTER - Mantra SHELTER - Quest For Certainty SHELTER - The Purpose, The Passion SHELTER - When 20 Summers Pass SHELTER - Perfection Of Desire SHINS - Chutes Too Narrow SHIVAREE - ROUGH DREAMS SHOCKS - 05.05.07 - Goettingen JuZi SHOCKS - Banned From The Usa SHOCKS - Bored To Be In Zero 3 SHOCKS - Brace...Brace SHOCKS - Live Energy '99 - '03 SHOCKS - More Cuts For You In Zero 2 SHOCKS - Some Songs SHOCKS - The 7 Inches SHONEN KNIFE - 712 SHONEN KNIFE - Happy Hour SHONEN KNIFE - Let`s knife SHONEN KNIFE - Let`s knife SHONEN KNIFE - Pretty Little Baka Guy+Live In Japan SHONEN KNIFE - Rock Animals SHONEN KNIFE - Shonen Knife SHONEN KNIFE - We Are Very Happy You Came SHONEN KNIFE - We Are Very Happy You Came SHORA & MERZBOW - Switching Rhetorics SHORT FUSE - Demo SHORT MILLIE - An attempt to document SHORT MILLIE - An attempt to document SHRINE - Psycha Sibenica - Tak dost! SICK OF AT ALL - Blood, Sweat, and No Tears SICK OF AT ALL - Built to Last SICK OF AT ALL - Call Ta Arms SICK OF AT ALL - Just Look Around SICK OF AT ALL - Live in a World Full of Hate SICK OF AT ALL - Scratch The Surface SICK OF AT ALL - Sick Of At All SICK OF AT ALL - Spreading the Hardcore Reality [EP] SICK OF AT ALL - We Stand Alone (Live) SICK OF AT ALL - Yours Truly SICK OF IT ALL - Death To Tyrants SICK ON THE BUS - Go To Hell Sick On The Bus - Punk Police Sick On The Bus - Set Fire To Someone In Authority SICK PUPPY - Winners at the game of life SID VICIOUS - Never mind the reunion SID VICIOUS - Sid Vicious SIDETRACKED & IN DISGUST - Split 7'' SIECHTUM - Kreuz-X-Feuer SIGUR ROS - Icelandic Opera House, Reykjavik SILIKON FEST - Do You Want Fries With That- SILVER CHALICE - 7inch SILVERCHAIR - Diorama SILVERCHAIR - Freak Show SILVERCHAIR - Frogstomp SILVERCHAIR - Neon Ballroom SILVERCHAIR - Rarities SILVERCHAIR - Rarities SILVERFISH - Silverfish with Scrambled Eggs SIMPLETONES - I Have A Date SIMPSONS - Songs In The Key Of Springfield SIMPSONS - The Simpsons Sing The Blues SIMUINASIWO - Phase 4 SIN CITY SUCKERS - The Return Of The Sin City Suckers SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Face To Face SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Hallowed House SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Melt! [12'' Vinyl] SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Nocturne SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Overground [Live Bootleg] SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Peek-A-Boo SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Playground Twist [7'' Vinyl] SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Slowdive [7''+12'' Vinyl] SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Song From The Edge Of The World [7''+12'' Vinyl] SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Spellbound [7''+12'' Vinyl] SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - The Last Beat Of My Heart [7''+12'' Vinyl] SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - The Peel Sessions SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - The Seven Year Itch - Live SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - The Staircase (Mystery) [7'' Vinyl] SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - This Wheel's On Fire [12''+2x7'' Vinyl] SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - A Kiss In The Dreamhouse SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Hyaena SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Join Hands SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Juju SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Kaleidoscope SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Once Upon A Time - The Singles SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Peepshow SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Superstition SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - The Rapture SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - The Scream SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Through The Looking Glass SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Tinderbox SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Twice Upon A Time (The Singles) SISTA SEKUNDEN - Sista Sekunden - 2006 - SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS - Uncut SIX BY SEVEN - The Things We Make SIXTEEN HORSEPOWER - Low estate SKAMPARARAS - Have Fun / Bawcie Sie SKAMPARARAS - Skampararas SKAOS - Back to life SKAOS - Ham & Eggs SKAOS - Porno 75 SKA-P - !!Due corra la voz!! SKA-P - El Vals Del Obrero SKA-P - Eurosis SKA-P - Planeta Eskoria SKA-P - Ska-P SKARFACE - Best&Next SKARFACE - Merci SKARPRETTER - Ammunition EP SKARPRETTER - Tape Release SKARPRETTER - Tape Release Skatalites - Ball Of Fire Skatalites - Greeting From Skamania Skatalites - Guns Of Navarone Skatalites - Hi-Bop Ska Skatalites - Ska Voovee Skatalites - The Long Hot Summer SKATE KORPSE - Discography SKEPTIX - Pure Punk Rock SKID ROW - B-Side Ourselves SKIN - FLESHWOUNDS SKOIDATS - A Cure For What Ales You Skoidats - The Times SKOIDATS - The Times SKREWDRIVER - After The Fire SKREWDRIVER - All Skrewed Up SKREWDRIVER - Blood & Honour SKREWDRIVER - Boots & Braces - Voice Of Britain SKREWDRIVER - Boots And Braces SKREWDRIVER - Hail The New Down SKREWDRIVER - Hail victory SKREWDRIVER - Land On Fire SKREWDRIVER - Last gig in Germany SKREWDRIVER - Rocumentary SKREWDRIVER - The Complete Studio Collection '77-'83 SKREWDRIVER - The Strong Survive SKREWDRIVER - Waterloo Live SKREWDRIVER - White Rider SKREWDRIVER (IAN STUART) - Justice For The Cottbus Six SKREWDRIVER (IAN STUART) - No Turning Back SKREWDRIVER (IAN STUART) - Patriot SKREWDRIVER (IAN STUART) - Patriotic Ballads ll - Our Time Will Come SKREWDRIVER (IAN STUART) - Slay The Beast Skumdum - War Is Money MCD SKUNK ANANSIE - Paranoid & Sunburnt SKUNK ANANSIE - Post Organismic Chill SKUNK ANANSIE - Stoosh SKYCLAD - Vintage Whine SLAPSHOT - 16 Valve Hate SLAPSHOT - Back On The Map SLAPSHOT - Blast Furnace (1993) SLAPSHOT - Digital Warface (2003) SLAPSHOT - Step On It And Back On the Map SLAPSHOT - Tear It Down SLAPSHOT - Unconsciousness SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - A Dog Day Afternoon SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Barking Up The Right Tree SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Bite Back SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Cracked Up Really High SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Do It Dogstyle SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Live At The Factory SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Live Slaughter Rabid Dogs SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Shocking SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Slaughter & The Dogs EP SLAYER - Reign In Blood SLAYER - Undisputed Attitude SLEATER-KINNEY - All Hands On The Bad One SLEATER-KINNEY - BBC Sessions SLEATER-KINNEY - Call The Doctor SLEATER-KINNEY - Dig Me Out SLEATER-KINNEY - Live 1999.06.01 - middle east SLEATER-KINNEY - Live 2000.07.10 - Elysee Montmartre, Paris SLEATER-KINNEY - Live DV8 2-28-99 SLEATER-KINNEY - One Beat SLEATER-KINNEY - One Beat [Bonus CD] SLEATER-KINNEY - Sleater-Kinney SLEATER-KINNEY - The Hot Rock SLEATER-KINNEY - The Woods SLEEPER - Smart SLEEPER - The It Girl SLEIM KEIM - Demotape SLICK IDIOT - Dick Nity SLICK SHOES - Burn Out SLIM CESSNA'S AUTO CLUB - Cipher [Alternative Tentacles] SLIM CESSNA'S AUTO CLUB - Slim Cessna's Auto Club SLIME - Alle Gegen Alle SLIME - Compilation `81 Bis `87 SLIME - Die Letzten SLIME - Schweineherbst SLIME - Slime I SLIME - Yankees Raus SLITS - Cut Slits - In The Beginning SLITS - Peel Sessions SLOPPY SECONDS - Destroyed SLOPPY SECONDS - Destroyed SLOPPY SECONDS - Knock Your Block Off SLOPPY SECONDS - Live No Time For Tuning SLOPPY SECONDS - More Trouble Than They're Worth SLOPPY SECONDS - The First Seven Inches ...And Then Some SLUTS - 12'' Of Sluts SMART WENT CRAZY - Con Art SMASHING PUMPKINS - 1979. SMASHING PUMPKINS - 1991-1998 [not for sale] SMASHING PUMPKINS - Adore SMASHING PUMPKINS - Bullets With Butterfly Wings SMASHING PUMPKINS - Earphoria SMASHING PUMPKINS - Gish SMASHING PUMPKINS - Gothic-Industrial Tribute SMASHING PUMPKINS - Greatest Hits 1: Rotten Apples SMASHING PUMPKINS - Greatest Hits 2: Judus O SMASHING PUMPKINS - Live At Del Mar SMASHING PUMPKINS - Live In Atlanta SMASHING PUMPKINS - Live In Copenhagen SMASHING PUMPKINS - Lull [EP] SMASHING PUMPKINS - Machina II: The Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music SMASHING PUMPKINS - Machina: The Machines Of God SMASHING PUMPKINS - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness CD1 SMASHING PUMPKINS - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness CD2 SMASHING PUMPKINS - Pisces Iscariot SMASHING PUMPKINS - Reel Time Demos III SMASHING PUMPKINS - Siamese Dream SMASHING PUMPKINS - Thirty-Three SMASHING PUMPKINS - Tonight, Tonight SMASHING PUMPKINS - Zero SMASHMOUTH - Astro Lounge SMASHMOUTH - Fush Yu Mang SMASHMOUTH - Smash Mouth SMITHS - Hatful Of Hollow SMITHS - Louder Than Bombs SMITHS - Meat Is Murder SMITHS - Rank SMITHS - Strangeways Here We Come SMITHS - The Queen Is Dead SMITHS - The Smiths SMOKING POPES - Destination Failure SNFU - ...And No One Else Wanted To Play SNFU - Beautiful Unlike You And I (7''] SNFU - Better Than A Stick In The Eye SNFU - Fyulaba SNFU - Fyulaba SNFU - If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish SNFU - In The Meantime And In Between Time SNFU - Let's Get It Right The First Time SNFU - Live In The Summer Of 1986 (7'') SNFU - Real Men Don't Watch Quincy [7''] SNFU - She's Not On The Menu E.P First [7''] SNFU - Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes SNFU - Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes SNFU - The Last Of The Big Time Suspenders SNFU - The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed SNFU - The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed SNFU - The Ping Pong (Ep) SNIVELLING SHITS - I can't Come SNUFF - Blue Gravy Phase 9 SNUFF - Demmamussabebonk SNUFF - In The Fishtank SNUFF - Long Ball To No One SNUFF - Scminkie Minkie Pinkie Ep SNUFF - Sweet Days SNUFF - Tweet Tweet My Lovely SOCIAL DISTORTION - Canada Promo SOCIAL DISTORTION - Live At Galaxy booteg SOCIAL DISTORTION - Live KROQ (Almost Acoustic Xmas) SOCIAL DISTORTION - Mainliner(Wreckage Of The Past) SOCIAL DISTORTION - Mommy's Little Monster SOCIAL DISTORTION - Prison Bound SOCIAL DISTORTION - Self Titled SOCIAL DISTORTION - Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell SOCIAL DISTORTION - White Light, White Heat, White Trash SOCIAL UNREST - Complete Studio Recordings, Vol. 1 SOCIAL UNREST - Complete Studio Recordings, Vol. 2 SOCIAL UNREST - New Lows SOCIEITY'S DISEASE - Depletion EP SOCIETYS PARASITES - Self Titled SOFT PINK TRUTH - Do You Party SOME CHIKEN - New Religion Some Girls - All My Friends Are Going Death SOME KIND OF HATE - Undisputed SONAR - Connected SONAR - Remote Assault SONAR - Voodoo Vision [EP] SONIC YOUTH - A THOUSAND LEAVES SONIC YOUTH - Bad Moon Rising SONIC YOUTH - Ciccone Youth - The Whitey Album SONIC YOUTH - Daydream Nation SONIC YOUTH - Dirty SONIC YOUTH - EVOL SONIC YOUTH - Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star SONIC YOUTH - GOO SONIC YOUTH - Helen Lundeburg and Eyeliner Vinyl SONIC YOUTH - Hidros 3 [x] SONIC YOUTH - Hjld That Tiger SONIC YOUTH - IIosaari SONIC YOUTH - Live At Roskilde Festival [01-07] SONIC YOUTH - Live in Lille SONIC YOUTH - MADE IN USA SONIC YOUTH - Murray the Street SONIC YOUTH - NYC Ghosts & Flowers SONIC YOUTH - Peel Sessions on October 19, 1988 SONIC YOUTH - Rather Ripped SONIC YOUTH - SCREAMING FIELDS OF SONIC LOVE SONIC YOUTH - SILVER SESSION FOR JASON KNUTH [EP] SONIC YOUTH - Sister SONIC YOUTH - Sonic Nurse Bonuses SONIC YOUTH - Sonic Nurse North American Tour (29.07.2004 - Chicago, IL) SONIC YOUTH - Sonic Rare [compilation] SONIC YOUTH - Starfield Road (Live From France) SONIC YOUTH - SYR 4 Goodbye 20th Century CD1 SONIC YOUTH - SYR 4 Goodbye 20th Century CD2 SONIC YOUTH - SYR 5 SONIC YOUTH - SYR 6 Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisiminimui SONIC YOUTH - SYR1 SONIC YOUTH - SYR2 SONIC YOUTH - SYR3 INVITO AL CIELO [EP] SONIC YOUTH - The Best of Sonic Youth SONIC YOUTH - THE DIAMOND SEA (SINGLE) SONIC YOUTH - WASHING MACHINE SONIC YOUTH - WHORES MOANING [EP] SONIC YOUTH & I.C.P & EX - In The Fishtank SONICS - Here Are The Sonics SORROW - Crazy Buzz Buggy SOUNDGARDEN - Alive In The Superunknown EP SOUNDGARDEN - Badmotorfinger SOUNDGARDEN - Big Dumb Sex SOUNDGARDEN - Down On The Upside SOUNDGARDEN - Fortissimo SOUNDGARDEN - Gardenheads SOUNDGARDEN - Louder Than Love SOUNDGARDEN - Mega Sounds SOUNDGARDEN - Somms [EP] SOUNDGARDEN - Superunknown SOUNDS - Living In America SPAZZ - Spazz-Romantic Gorilla Split SPAZZTIC BLURR - Spazztic Blurr SPAZZYS - Aloha Go Bananas Specials - Guilty'til Proved Innocent! Specials - More Specials (Enhanced CD) Specials - Self Titled Specials - Singles Specials - Skinhead Girl Specials - Today's Specials Specials - Too Much Too Young EP SPEEDBUGGY - Cowboys & Aliens SPEEDY J - A Shocking Hobby SPERMBIRDS - Common thread SPERMBIRDS - Don't Forget The Fun [Ep] SPERMBIRDS - Eating Glass SPERMBIRDS - Family Values SPERMBIRDS - Joe SPERMBIRDS - Shit For Sale Spermbirds - Something to Prove / Nothing Is Easy SPERMBIRDS - Thanks [Live] SPIDER BABIES - Adventures In Sex & Violence! SPIDER BABIES - All Fucked Up SPIDER BABIES - Crimes Against Humanity SPIDER BABIES - Dragging Me Down (EP) SPIDER BABIES - Drivin' Me Mad SPIDER BABIES - Gonna Get Real Hurt (7) SPIDER BABIES - I'm Not Alone SPIDER BABIES - Tomorrow / What's Wrong With Me SPIDER BABIES - Undressed To Kill SPIDER BABIES - Web Of Hate SPILLSBURY - Raus! SPITFIRE - Hardcore Discography 86 89 SPORTFREUNDE STILLER - Burli SPORTFREUNDE STILLER - Burli SS DECONTROL - Break It Up SS Decontrol - Power SS Decontrol - The Kids Will Have Their Say SS-KALIERT - A.C.A.B. (Demo) SS-KALIERT - Dsklation SSS - Short Sharp Shock STAGE BOTTLES - We Need A New Flag Stalin - Romunsuto 7'' Stalin - Stalinism 7'' Stalin - Stop Jap STALIN - Stop Jap / Mushi / Go Go Stalin - Street Value Stalin - Trash STALINS WAR - Mirror In A Dark Room EP STALINS WAR - We Represent The Voice Of Opposition EP STALLIONS - Hey Baby, It's The… STARK RAVING MAD - Amerika STARK RAVING MAD - MX 12'' STARS AND STRIPES - One Man Army STARZY SINGERS - Rock A Bubu STARZY SINGERS - Takie Jest C'est La Vie STATIC THOUGHT - In The Trenches STATICS - Rat City [Rip Off Records] STEAM PIG - Wy-Id T'D' Double-In STEPMOTHERS - Posh Boy Recordings STEPMOTHERS - Posh Boy Recordings STEREO TOTAL - Do The Bambi STEREO TOTAL - Juke-Box Alarm STEREO TOTAL - Monokini STEREO TOTAL - Musique Automatique STEREO TOTAL - My Melody STEREO TOTAL - Oh Ah STEREO TOTAL - Party Anticonformista STEREO TOTAL - Total Pop STEREO TOTAL - Tresors Caches STEVE VAI - Sex & Religions STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - All The Best STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - And Best Of All...Hope Street CD1 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - And Best Of All...Hope Street CD2 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Broken Fingers Live In Aberdeen STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Drinkin' Again [Jake Burns solo] STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Fifteen & Counting Glasgow Barrowlands [Live] STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Flags and Emblems STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Get A Life STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Go For It STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Guitar & Drum STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Hanx! STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Hope Street STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Inflammable Material STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Live & Loud STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Nobodys Heroes STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Now Then STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - On Fortune Street [Jake Burns & The Big Wheel] STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Song By Song STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - The Peel Sessions STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Tin Soldiers STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Tinderbox STIFFING GLUE - First Fuckin' [7 Inch] STILLS - Logic Will Break Your Heart STINKY TOYS - Stinky Toys LP Stitches - 8x12 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - #4 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Shangri-La Dee Da STOOGES - Fun House STOOGES - Raw Power STOOGES - The Stooges STORM - Nordavind STRANGLERS - Black And White STRANGLERS - Dreamtime STRANGLERS - Feline STRANGLERS - La Folie STRANGLERS - No More Heroes STRANGLERS - Rattus Norvegicus STRAP-ONS - Punk On Punk Crime STRAP-ONZ - Can't Hold Back STRAWBERRY BLONDES - Rise Up STREET DOGS - Back To The World Street Dogs - Fading American Dream STRIPSEARCH - Galileo STROHSACKE - Nante's Inferno STROKES - Is This It STROKES - Room on Fire STUPIDS - Jesus Meets The Stupids STUPIDS - Peruvian Vacation, Violent Nun SUBHUMANS - 29.29 Split Vision SUBHUMANS - 29:29 Split Vision SUBHUMANS - EP-LP SUBHUMANS - EP-LP SUBHUMANS - From The Cradle To The Grave SUBHUMANS - Internal Riot SUBHUMANS - Live in Glasgow, Scotland 1998-6-8 SUBHUMANS - Live in Leeds, England 1983-11-5 Subhumans - New Dark Age Parade SUBHUMANS - The Day The Country Died SUBHUMANS - The Day The Country Died SUBHUMANS - The VLondon, England 1991-1-3 SUBHUMANS - Time Flies + Rats SUBHUMANS - Time Flies But Aeroplanes Crash / Rats SUBHUMANS - Unfinished Business SUBHUMANS - Unfinished Business (EP) SUBHUMANS - Worlds Apart SUBHUMANS - Worlds Apart (1985) SUBLIME - (Acoustic) Bradley Nowell & Friends SUBLIME - 40 Oz. to Freedom SUBLIME - Robbin' The Hood SUBLIME - Second Hand Smoke SUBLIME - Sublime SUBLIME - War on the Blvd SUBMISSION HOLD - Eat More Garlic SUBMISSION HOLD - Sackcloth And Ashes SUBMISSION HOLD - Waiting for another monkey to throw the first brick SUEDE - Suede SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Bladescate SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Controlled By Hatred Suicidal Tendencies - FNG Suicidal Tendencies - Free Your Soul And Save My Mind Suicidal Tendencies - Freedumb SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Join The Army SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Join The Army SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Lights Camera Revolution Suicidal Tendencies - Prime Cuts SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Still Cyco - After All These Years SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Suicidal For Life SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Suicidal Tendencies SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - The Art Of Rebellion SUICIDE - American Supreme SUICIDE - American Supreme (Bonus Disc) SUICIDE - Ghost Riders SUICIDE - Suicide SUICIDE - Suicide(first album) SUICIDE - Suicide(second album) SUICIDE KINGS - Teenage Disaster SUICIDE MACHINES - A Match And Some Gasoline SUICIDE MACHINES - Battle Hyms SUICIDE MACHINES - Destruction By Definition SUICIDE MACHINES - Steal This Record SUICIDE MACHINES - The Suicide Machines SUM-41 - All Killer No Filler SUPER HEROINS - Love And Pain SUPERBUS - Aeromusical SUPERBUS - Pop 'n' Gum SUPERCHARGER - Supercharger SUPERCHARGER - Wall To Wall Moustache SUPERNOVA - Ages 3 And Up SUPERNOVA - Pop As As Weapon SUPERNOVA - Rocks SUPERSUCKERS - La Mano Cornuda Supersuckers - Motherfuckers Be Trippin' SUPERSUCKERS - Must've Been High Supersuckers - Paid SUPERSUCKERS - The Evil Powers of Rock 'n' Roll SURF PUNKS - My Beach SURF PUNKS - My Beach SUSPICIONS - St [Rip Off Records] SUSPICIONS - We're All Wrong 7'' [Rip Off Records] SUZY & LOS QUATTRO - Ready To Go SUZY & LOS QUATTRO - Sing With Tv Smith 7'' SWANS - Filth SWANS - Body To Body, Job To Job (live) SWANS - Children of God SWANS - Soundtracks For The Blind 01 - Silver Disc SWANS - Soundtracks For The Blind 02 - Copper Disc SWANS - White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity SWEET 75 (KRIST NOVOSELIC) - Sweet 75 SWIRLIES - Blonder Tongue Audio Baton SWIRLIES - Brokedick Car SWOONS - Hart Aber Herzlich SWOONS - Klein und Faul SWOONS - Magnetsignale aus dem Nichts SWOONS - Sonic Baby SWOONS - Klaus Is Dead SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Mezmerize SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Steal This Album SYSTEM OF A DOWN - System Of A Down SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Toxicity T.S.O.L. - Beneath The Shadows T.S.O.L. - Change today T.S.O.L. - Dance with me T.S.O.L. - Dance With Me T.S.O.L. - Disappear T.S.O.L. - Divided We Stand T.S.O.L. - Revenge T.S.O.L. - T.S.O.L T.S.O.L. - Thoughts of yesterday TAD - God's Balls TAD - Infrared Riding Hood TAD - Inhaler TAD - Saltlick TAKESHI TERAUCHI & HIS BLUE JEANS - Manatsu No Umi Wo Buttobase TALK SHOW - TALK SHOW Talking Heads - Fear Of Music TALKING HEADS - Little Creatures TALKING HEADS - More Songs About Buildings And Talking Heads - Naked Talking Heads - Remain In Light Talking Heads - Speaking In Tongues Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense [Live] TALKING HEADS - Talking Heads: 77 TALKING HEADS - True Stories TANK GIRL - Kids With Guns TANYA DONELLY - Whiskey Tango Ghosts TAR BABIES - Face The Music Ep TARANTELLA - Esqueletos [Alternative Tentacles] Team Dresch - Captain My Captain Team Dresch - Personal Best Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing TEARS - Here Come The Tears TEEN IDLES - 100 EP TEEN IDLES - Minor Disturbance (EP) TEEN IDOLS - Full Leather Jacket TEEN IDOLS - Pucker Up TEEN IDOLS - Teen Idols TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Another Way TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Total TELEFONES - Vibration Change (Dallas, Texas) TELEVISION - Adventure TELEVISION - Little Johny Jewel TELEVISION - Marquee Moon TELEVISION - New York Stories TELEVISION - Television TELEVISION - The Blow Up CD1 TELEVISION - The Blow Up CD2 TEMPLARS - 1118-1312 TEMPLARS - Clockwork Orange Horror Show TEMPLARS - Dans Les Catacombes TEMPLARS - La Noche De Los Gabiotas EP TEMPLARS - Omne Datum Optimum TEMPLARS - Outremer TEMPLARS - Phase II TEMPLARS - The Horns Of Hattin TEMPLARS - The Return Of Jacques De Molay TERRORGRUPPE - Blechdose TERRORGRUPPE - Fundamental TERRORGRUPPE - Musik fьr Arschlцcher TESA - Nekad TEXAS TERRI BOMB - Eat Shit + 1 TEXAS TERRI BOMB - Your Lips... My Ass THATCHER ON ACID - Pressing- 84-91 THE BE GOOD TANYAS - Blue Horse THE BE GOOD TANYAS - Chinatown THE BE GOOD TANYAS - It's Not Happening THE BE GOOD TANYAS - The Littlest Bird The Fight - Stay punk THEE HEADCOATEES - Have Love Will Travel THEE HEADCOATEES - Punk Girls THEORETICAL GIRLS - Theoretical Girls THEORETICAL GIRLS - Theoretical Girls THERAPY? - Caucasian Psychosis THERAPY? - High Anxiety THERAPY? - Infernal Love THERAPY? - Nurse THERAPY? - Semi-Detached THERAPY? - Shameless THERAPY? - Suicide Pact - You First THERAPY? - Troublegum THERMALS - Fuckin A THERMALS - More Parts Per Million Thermals - The Body The Blood The Machine THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - No! THINK OF ONE - Naft THINK OF ONE - Naft THIRD WORLD PLANET - Air Quality Warning EP THIS IS MY FIST - I Don't Want To Startle You But They Are Going Thom Yorke - Eraser THRALL - Lifer [Alternative Tentacles] THRICE - Identity Crisis THRICE - illusion of safety THRILLS - Lets Bottle Bohemia THRILLS - So Much For The City THROBBING GRISTLE - DoA - The Third And The Final Report THROBBING GRISTLE - Giftgas THROWING MUSES - 000506 - Gut Pageant I THROWING MUSES - 030320 - Astoria in London THROWING MUSES - 030426 - In New York With Tanya Donelly THROWING MUSES - 030512 - on KEXP in Seattle THROWING MUSES - 890226 - Muses in London THROWING MUSES - 890625 - Newcastle, England THROWING MUSES - 900301 - The Paradise in Boston THROWING MUSES - 950217 - Black Sessions, France THROWING MUSES - 950420 - Opera House in Toronto, Canada THROWING MUSES - 950525 - Fort Apache, WFNX THROWING MUSES - B Sides THROWING MUSES - Harlesden Mean Fiddler THROWING MUSES - House Tornado: The Fat Skier THROWING MUSES - Hunkpapa THROWING MUSES - Limbo THROWING MUSES - Live to Tape THROWING MUSES - Morning Becomes Eclectic THROWING MUSES - MSN Live THROWING MUSES - On the radio in Boston THROWING MUSES - Somewhere in Germany THROWING MUSES - Stand Up EP THROWING MUSES - The Real Ramona THROWING MUSES - Town & Country Club THROWING MUSES - Two Meter Sessions Dutch Radio THROWING MUSES - University THROWING MUSES - WRIU Broadcast THROWN UPS, THE - Seven Years Golden THUG MURDER - The 13th Round THULSA DOOM - Desensitized EP THURSTON MOORE - Hurricane Floyd THURSTON MOORE - Psychic Hearts THURSTON MOORE - Root Tic Tac Toe - Halt! TIC TAC TOE - IST DER RUF ERST RUINIERT TIC TAC TOE - KLAPPE DIE 2 TE Tic Tac Toe - Ugu ugu TIED & TICKLED TRIO - Observing Systems TIGER ARMY - Tiger Army TIGER LILLIES - Ad Nauseam TIGER LILLIES - Bad Blood + Blasphemy TIGER LILLIES - Births, Marriages And Deaths TIGER LILLIES - Bouquet of Vegetables - The Early Years TIGER LILLIES - Circus Songs TIGER LILLIES - Farmyard Filth TIGER LILLIES - Farmyardfilth TIGER LILLIES - Low Life Lullabies TIGER LILLIES - Shockheaded Peter TIGER LILLIES - Spit Bucket TIGER LILLIES - The Brothel To The Cemetery TILT - Been Where? Did What? TILT - Collect 'Em All TILT - Live In Holland (Willem) TILT - Live In Portugal (Fat Wreck Tour) TILT - Play Cell TILT - Til It Kills TILT - Viewers Like You TILT - War Room (7 inch) Toasters - Dog Eat Dog [7 Inch] TODAY IS THE DAY - Willpower TOILET BOYS - Living Like A Millionaire TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Fantasia TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Full-Tension Beaters TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Gunslingres - Live TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - High Numbers TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Live TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Live At Berfort TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - On Tour TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Pioneers TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Ska Evangelists Dvdrip Live TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Skapara Tojo TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Stompin' on DOWN BEAT ALLEY TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Utsukushiku moeru mori TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - World Famous TOM WAITS - Bone Machine TOMAHAWK - Tomahawk TOMMY AND THE TERRORS - On The Run [7 Inch] TOMORROW - Merda!! 7''EP TOOL - Undertow TORTOISE - Millions Now Living Will Never Die TORTOISE - Mosquito TORTOISE - Tortoise TOTAL ANNIHILATION - THE GLORIOUS FIVE YEAR PLAN Total Chaos - 17 Years Of Chaos TOTAL CHAOS - Anthems From The Alleyway TOTAL CHAOS - Avoid All Sides TOTAL CHAOS - Factory Man 7'' TOTAL CHAOS - In God We Kill TOTAL CHAOS - In God we kill TOTAL CHAOS - Patriotic Shock TOTAL CHAOS - Patriotic Shock TOTAL CHAOS - Pledge Of Defiance TOTAL CHAOS - Punk invasion TOTAL CHAOZ - Demo 1 TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION - Demo 2000 v1.0 / Demo 2000 v2.0 Totalitar - Dom Lurar Oss Totalitar - Klass Inte Ras Totalitar - Multinationella Mordare TOTALITAR - Ni Maste Bort TOTALITAR - Sin Egen Motstandare Totalitar - Split with Disclose (only Totalitar side) Totalitar - Vansinnets Historia Totalni Kloshari - Kakva Korist Od Naslova TOXIC HOLOCAUST - Evil Never Dies TOXIC HOLOCAUST - Hell On Earth TOXIC NARCOTIC - 89-99 Toxic Narcotic - Damn Near Killed 'Em Toxic Narcotic - People Suck Toxic Narcotic - Populution [7 Inch] Toxic Narcotic - Shoot People Not Dope Toxic Narcotic - We're All Doomed Toxic Narcotic & The Unseen - Boston’s Finest - Split [7 Inch] TOXIC REASONS - 20th Anniversity Reunion Show [Dayton-Ohio] TOXIC REASONS - Anything For Money TOXIC REASONS - Bullets For You TOXIC REASONS - Bullets For You TOXIC REASONS - Dedication 1979-1988 TOXIC REASONS - Ghost Town 7'' TOXIC REASONS - God Bless America [Ep] TOXIC REASONS - In The House Of God TOXIC REASONS - Independence TOXIC REASONS - Independence TOXIC REASONS - Killed By Remote Control TOXIC REASONS - Killed By Remote Control Lp TOXIC REASONS - No Peace In Our Time TOXIC REASONS - No Peace In Our Time TOXIC REASONS - Nobody Tells Us [Ep] TOXIC REASONS - Peel Sessions 19-11-86 TOXIC REASONS - Target Video Live TOXIC REASONS - War Hero 7'' TOXIC REASONS - Within These Walls TOXIN III - Toxin III EP TOXOPLASMA - ...spielen ihre Lieder TOXOPLASMA - Ausverkauf TOXOPLASMA - Dito TOXOPLASMA - Gut & Bose TOXOPLASMA - Gut und Bose TOXOPLASMA - Leben verboten TOXOPLASMA - Leben verboten TOXOPLASMA - Monsters Of Bullshit EP TOXOPLASMA - Monsters of Bullshit EP TOXOPLASMA - Toxoplasma TOXOPLASMA - Toxoplasma TOXSIN - Illusion TOY DOLLS - A Far Out Disc TOY DOLLS - Absurd Ditties TOY DOLLS - Anniversary Anthems TOY DOLLS - Bare Faced Cheek TOY DOLLS - Dig That Groove Baby TOY DOLLS - Fat Bob's Feet TOY DOLLS - Idle Gossip TOY DOLLS - On Stage in Stuttgart TOY DOLLS - One More Megabyte TOY DOLLS - Orcastrated TOY DOLLS - Our Last Album? TOY DOLLS - Singles 83-84 TOY DOLLS - Ten Years Of Toys TOY DOLLS - Twenty TWO Tunes Live From Tokyo TOY DOLLS - Wakey Wakey! TRABALHAR PARA MORRER - s/t Tracy and the Plastics - Culture for Pigeon Tracy and the Plastics - Forever Sucks [EP] TRAGIC MULATTO - Judo For The Blind [Alternative Tentacles] TRAGIC MULATTO - Locos Por El Sexo [Alternative Tentacles] TRAGIC MULLATO - Locos Por El Sexo [Alternative Tentacles] TRAILER TRASH UK - Go Ahead TRANSPLANTS - Transplants TRASHWOMEN - Spend The Night With Trashwomen TRAVIS - The Man Who TRIBE 8 - By the Time We Get to Colorado TRIBE 8 - Role Models For Amerika TRIBE 8 - Snarkism TRICLOPS! - Out Of Africa TRISTEZA - Spine And Sensory TROMPKA POMPKA - Demo-3 TSUNAMI BOMB - The Definitive Act TSUNAMI BOMB - The Invasion From Within' TSUNAMI BOMB - The Ultimate Escape TUMOR CIRCUS - S-T TUNES - Bright Yellow Sun TUNISIA FISH - Hey! Oi! Rejected Turbo A.C.'s - Avenue X Turbo A.C.'s - Live To Win-(Advance) TURBONEGRA - L'ass Cobra TURBONEGRO - Apocalypse Dudes TURBONEGRO - Ass Cobra TURBONEGRO - Never is Forever TURBONEGRO - Promosexual Cd5 TURBONEGRO - Turbonegro EP TURBONEGRO - Vaya Con Satan EP TV On The Radio - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes TV SMITH - Channel Five TV SMITH - Generation Y TV SMITH - Immortal Rich TV SMITH - In The Arms Of My Enemy TV SMITH - March Of The Giants TV SMITH - Misinformation Overload TV SMITH - Rip Everything Must Go TV SMITH - The Future Used To Be Better TV SMITH - Useless, The Very Best Of TYPE O NEGATIVE - Bloody Kisses TYPE O NEGATIVE - October Rust TYPE O NEGATIVE - World Coming Down U.K. SUBS - Another Kind Of Blues + bonus tracks U.K. SUBS - AWOL U.K. SUBS - Brand New Age U.K. SUBS - C.I.D. [EP] U.K. SUBS - Crash Course U.K. SUBS - Demonstration Tapes U.K. SUBS - Diminished Responsibility U.K. SUBS - Diminished Responsibility U.K. SUBS - Down On The Farm U.K. SUBS - Endangered Species U.K. SUBS - Flood Of Lies U.K. SUBS - Gross Out U.S.A. (Live) U.K. SUBS - Huntington Beach U.K. SUBS - In Action U.K. SUBS - Keep On Running [EP] U.K. SUBS - Killing Time U.K. SUBS - Mad Cow Fever U.K. SUBS - Party In Paris [EP] U.K. SUBS - Punk Can Take It (1979-1982) U.K. SUBS - Quintessentials U.K. SUBS - Riot U.K. SUBS - She's Not There [EP] U.K. SUBS - The Revolutions Here U.K. SUBS - The Singles (1978-1982) U.K. SUBS - Time Warp Greatest Hits U.K. SUBS - Universal U.K. SUBS - Violent State (Live And Overdubbed) U.K. SUBS - Warhead U.K. SUBS - Warhead U.S. BOMBS - Back at the Laundromat U.S. BOMBS - Covert Action U.S. BOMBS - Garibaldi Guard! U.S. BOMBS - Nevermind The Opened Minds [EP] U.S. BOMBS - Put Strength In The Final Blow U.S. BOMBS - The World U.S. BOMBS - We are the Problem U.X.A. - Illusions Of Grandeur UGLY KID JOE - America's Least Wanted UGLY KID JOE - As Ugly As They Wanna Be UGLY KID JOE - Menace To Sobriety UK Subs - Original Punks Original Hits 2CD ULTRA BIDE - God Is God Puke Is Puke [Alternative Tentacles] ULTRA X-TREME - Killswittch engage & chimaira ULTRAMAN - Non-Existence UMT - Promo CD UNCURBED - Punks On Parole Uncurbed - Welcome to Anarcho City UNDER AL KRITIK - Demo UNDEROATH - Act Of Depression UNDEROATH - Cries Of The Past UNDEROATH - The Changing Of Times UNDERTAKERS - 13 Savage Garage Punk Rippers UNDERTONES - Dig Yourself Deep UNDERTONES - Get What You Need UNDERTONES - Undertones UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON - 12'' [Kill Rock Stars] UNKNOWNMIX - Unknownmix 3 UNSANE - Blood Run UNSANE - Lambhouse UNSANE - Occupational Hazard UNSANE - Total Destruction UNSANE - Unsane UNSANE - Visqueen UNSEEN - Complete Singles Collection 1994-2000 UNSEEN - Explode UNSEEN - Protect And Serve UNSEEN - So This Is Freedom UNSEEN - State Of Discontent UNSEEN - The Anger And The Truth UNSEEN - The Anger And The Truth UNSEEN - Totally Unseen UNWOUND - Challenge For A Civilized Society UNWOUND - Fake Train UNWOUND - Leaves Turn Inside You [CD1] UNWOUND - Leaves Turn Inside You [CD2] UNWOUND - New Plastic Ideas UNWOUND - Single History 1991-1997 UNWOUND - The Future Of What UNWOUND - Repetition UNWOUND - Toulouse - Dollar Pub UNWRITTEN LAW - Elva UNWRITTEN LAW - Blue Room UNWRITTEN LAW - Oz Factor UNWRITTEN LAW - Unwritten Law UP FRONT - Spirit UP, BUSTLE AND OUT - Light'em Up, Blow'em Out UPRIGHT CITIZENS - Make The Future Mine & Yourz / Bombs Of Peace URBAN WASTE - Urban Waste (EP) USELESS INTENT - Useless intent VAARAT VIERAAT - Minusta [EP] VAARAT VIERAAT - Vaarat Vieraat [EP] VAGEENAS - Absolutely Live & Sick VAGEENAS - When Music Hurts VAGINA GRANDE - Hur Sexig E Jag Nu Motherfucker VAMPIRE BEACH BABES - Attack Of The Killers Bikinis VANDALS - Oi! To The World Vandals - Christmas with the Vandals Oi to the World! VANDALS - Fear of a Punk Planet Vandals - Hitler Bad, Vandals Good Vandals - Hollywood Potato Chip Vandals - Internet Dating Superstuds Vandals - Live EP VANDALS - Look What I Almost Stepped In Vandals - Peace Through Vandalism Vandals - Slippery When Ill Vandals - Sweatin' To The Oldies-Live Vandals - The Quickening Vandals - The Quickening Vandals - When In Rome Do As The Vandals VANILLA MUFFINS - Hail! Hail! Sugar Oi! (CD1) VANILLA MUFFINS - Hail! Hail! Sugar Oi! (CD2) VANILLA MUFFINS - The Devil Is Swiss VANILLA MUFFINS - The Drug Is Football VAPIDS - Charm School Dropouts VAPIDS - Teenage Head VAPIDS - Wanna Fuck Around VARUKERS - Bloodsuckers VARUKERS - Deadly Games (The History) VARUKERS - Die Varukers EP VARUKERS - How Do You Sleep VARUKERS - Live In Holland VARUKERS - Live In Leeds VARUKERS - Murder VARUKERS - Nothings Changed Ep VARUKERS - One Struggle One Fight VARUKERS - Prepare for the attack VARUKERS - Still Bollox But Still Here VARUKERS - The Riot City Years [1983-1984] VARUKERS - The Riot City Years '83-'84 VASELINES - The Way Of The Vaselines - A Complete History VATICAN COMMANDOS - Hit Squad For God (EP) VATICAN COMMANDOS - Hit Squad For God EP VEDDER, EDDIE - One Step Back VELOCITY GIRL - Live At The Sub-Pop Vermonstress Festival VELVET UNDERGROUND - Another View VELVET UNDERGROUND - Live At Bataclan Club (Paris) VELVET UNDERGROUND - Live MCMXCIII 2CD VELVET UNDERGROUND - Loaded VELVET UNDERGROUND - The Best Of VELVET UNDERGROUND - The Velvet Underground VELVET UNDERGROUND - The Velvet Underground & Nico VELVET UNDERGROUND - VU VELVET UNDERGROUND - White Light / White Heat VENDETTA - Terror Nation VENNASKOND - News from Nowhere VENTURES - Best 31 Hits VERBAL ABUSE - Just an american band VERBAL ABUSE - Just An American Band VERBAL ABUSE - Rocks Your Liver VERUCA SALT - American Thighs VERUCA SALT - Eight Arms To Hold You VERUCA SALT - Resolver VIALKA - Curiosities Of Popular Customs VIALKA - The Republic Of The Bored And Boring VIBRATORS - Buzzin' VIBRATORS - Demos and Rarities VIBRATORS - Energize VIBRATORS - Fifth Amendment + Recharged VIBRATORS - French Lessons With Correction! VIBRATORS - Guilty + Alaska 127 VIBRATORS - Hunting For You VIBRATORS - Hunting for You VIBRATORS - Meltdown + Vicious Circle VIBRATORS - Noise Boys VIBRATORS - Punk The Early Years VIBRATORS - Pure Mania VIBRATORS - Pure Mania VIBRATORS - The Power Of Money VIBRATORS - The Power Of Money [The Best Of the Vibrators] VIBRATORS - Unpunked + Volume 10 VIBRATORS - V2 VIBRATORS - V2 VIBRATORS - We Vibrate - The Best of Vice Squad - Defiant VICE SQUAD - No Cause For Concern VICE SQUAD - Resurrection VICE SQUAD - Stand Strong Stand Proud VICE SQUAD - The Very Best Of Vice Squad VICIOUS - Alienated VICIOUS - Mondo Destructo VICIOUS - Vicious VICTIM'S FAMILY - 4 Great Thrash Songs VICTIM'S FAMILY - Headache Remedy VICTIM'S FAMILY - The Germ VICTIM'S FAMILY - Things I Hate To Admit VICTIM'S FAMILY - Voltage & Violets VICTIM'S FAMILY - White Bread Blues VIKING - Askungen VINDICTIVES - Curious Oddities And The Bare Essentials VINDICTIVES - Hypno-Punko VINDICTIVES - Original Masters VINDICTIVES - Unplugged VINES - Highly Evolved Vines - Vision Valley VINES - Winning Days VIOLATORS - The No Future Years VIOLENT APATHY - Reason [Ep] VIOLENT FEMMES - Add It Up [1981 - 1993] VIOLENT FEMMES - Hallowed Ground VIOLENT FEMMES - Violent Femmes VIOLENT FEMMES - Why Do Birds Sing? VIOLENT MINDS - Violent Minds VIOLENT SOCIETY - From The Vaults VIOLENT SOCIETY - From The Vaults VIOLENT SOCIETY - Punk Is Just A Phase VIOLENT SOCIETY - Separation Is Killing Us VIOLENT SOCIETY - The Rise Of Punk Doesnt Mean VIRUS - Benefis Of War VIRUS - NOWHERE TO HIDE VIRUS - Singles And Rarities VIRUS - SINGLES AND RERITIES VIRUS - Still Fighting For A Future VISQUEEN - King Me VITAMIN X - Bad Trip VITAMIN X - Bad Trip Vitamin X - Down The Drain VITAMIN X - Down The Drain, People That Bleed Vitamin X - Once Upon A Time...-VINYL VITAMIN X - People That Bleed (EP) Vitamin X - People That Bleed Ep Vitamin X - See through their lies Vitamin X - Straight Edge Crew VIVISICK - Alarm Chain Handle On Opposite Wall Ep VIVISICK - Landing To Brasil VIVISICK - Punks Were Made Before Sounds Ep VOICE OF A GENERATION - Classic Stupidity VOICE OF A GENERATION - Hollywood Rebels VOICE OF A GENERATION - Obligations To The Odd VOID - Condensed Flesh VOID - Condensed Flesh [EP] VOID - Demo VOID - Hit'n'run Demo VOID - Live 9-30 Club, DC 13.02 VOID (?) - Potion for bad dreams (unreleased LP) VOIDS - Untitled - 17-06-04 VOMITOSE - Don't Say We Didn't Warn You VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Baile de los locos VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Bulletproof (Single) VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Exitos al cabron VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Firme VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Firme (Spanish) VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Left For Dead (Promo) VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Steady as she goes VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Symbolic VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - The band geek mafia VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - The Potty Training Years (Unrealised compilation) VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Who is this is VOX POPULI - Ne Mozes Svima Udovoljiti VULTURE CULTURE - Hau dju-du WAGE OF SIN - A MISTAKEN BELIEF IN FOREVER WAKING KILLS THE DREAM - Depending On Tomorrow WALTARI - Big Bang WALTARI - Pala Leipaa - Ein Stuckchen Brot WALTARI - Radium Round WALTARI - So Fine! WALTARI - Space Avenue WANNADIES - Bagsy Me WARSAW - Warsaw WARZONE - Fight For Justice WASTED - Down & Out WASTED - On The Brink WASTED - On The Brink 7 Single WASTED YOUTH - Reagan`s In / Get Out Of My Yard WAT TYLER - Tummy Weezer - Deluxe Edition    Weezer - Maladroit Weezer - Pinkerton Weezer - The Green Album Weezer - Weezer WEEZER - Weezer WEIRDOS - Condor WEIRDOS - Weird World Vol. 2 WEIRDOS - Weird World, Vol. 1 (1977-1981) WESLEY WILLIS - Greatest Hits [Alternative Tentacles] WHIRLWIND HEAT - Flamingo Honey WHISKEY REBELS - Whiskey Rebels WHISKEY SUNDAY - Old No 12 Brand WHITE FLAG - Feeding Frenzy WHITE FLAG - Jail Jello [Ep] WHITE FLAG - Peace WHITE FLAG - S Is For Space WHITE FLAG - Third Strike WHITE FLAG - Wfo WHITE FLAG - Zero Hour WHITE STRIPES - De Stijl WHITE STRIPES - ELEPHANT WHITE STRIPES - Elephant WHITE STRIPES - Get Behind Me Satan WHITE STRIPES - The White Stripes WHITE STRIPES - White Blood Cells WIPERS - The Best of the Wipers WIPERS - The Herd WIRE - A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck WIRE - Not About To Die (Studio Demos 78-79) WIRE - Object 47 WIRE - Pink Flag WITCH HUNT - ...As Priorities Decay Cd WITCH HUNT - Selftitled EP WITCH TRIALS - The Witch Trials 12'' [Alternative Tentacles] WITCHES WITH DICKS - Manual WITHIN TEMPTATION - Mother earth WOLFBRIGADE - In Darkness You Feel No Regrets WONDERPRICK - Fartgun WOVEN HAND - Blush Music WOVEN HAND - Cafe De La Dance - 15-04-2002 WOVEN HAND - Consider The Birds WOVEN HAND - Live Kb Malmo 02-05-02 WOVEN HAND - Mosaic WOVEN HAND - Puur WOVEN HAND - Ten Stones WOVEN HAND - Woven Hand WRETCHED ONES - s/t X - Beyond and back-The X anthology X - Los Angeles X - Wild Gift X.T.C. - WHITE MUSIC XBXRX - 7 Song Clear XBXRX - Europe Tour 7'' XBXRX - Gop Ist Minee XBXRX - Love Songs For The Blind XBXRX - We Hate the President 7'' Xiu Xiu - Chapel Of The Chimes Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles Xiu Xiu - Fag Patrol Xiu Xiu - Knife Play Xiu Xiu - La Foret Xiu Xiu - Promise Xiu Xiu - The Air Force XIU XIU - Women As Lovers X-POSSIBLES - Blood Everywhere X-POSSIBLES - The X-Possibles XPOZEZ - Discography X-RAY SPEX - Anthology CD1 X-RAY SPEX - Anthology CD2 (Live) X-RAY SPEX - Conscious Consumer X-RAY SPEX - Germfree Adolescents X-RAY SPEX - Obsessed With You XTC - BBC Radio1 Live In Concert YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Fever To Tell YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Yeah Yeah Yeahs [EP] Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts: A Guess At LP YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Gold Lion-Let Me Know CDS USA YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Is Is [Ep] YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Live at Knaack - Berlin - 12-06-2003 YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Live on WFMU - 2002 YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Machine [EP] YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Show Your Bones YEASTIE GIRLZ - Yeastie Girlz YELLOW MACHINEGUN - Build & Destroy YELLOW MACHINEGUN - Spot Remover YELLOW MACHINEGUN - Yellow Bucket YONDERBOI - Shallow and Profound YOSHIHIRO HIRAOKA & HUMAN ARTS - Shogakara Taigai CD YOUNG GODS - Only Heaven YOUNG GODS - Second Nature YOUNG GODS - T.V. Sky YOUNG NEIL - Mirror Ball YOUNG, NEIL - Are You Passionate? YOUR BLACK STAR - Beasts YOUR BLACK STAR - Sound From The Ground YOUTH BRIGADE - Come Again Ep YOUTH BRIGADE - Happy Hour YOUTH BRIGADE - Out Of Print YOUTH BRIGADE - Sink With Kalifornija YOUTH BRIGADE - To Sell The Truth YOUTH CORPS - Massaker [EP] YOUTH GONE MAD - Pollenate YOUTH OF TODAY - Break Down The Walls YOUTH OF TODAY - Can't Close My Eyes YOUTH OF TODAY - Disengage YOUTH OF TODAY - We Are Not In This Alone YUM! YUM! ORANGE - Orange Juice YUM! YUM! ORANGE - Jelly Beans YUM! YUM! ORANGE - Orange Funky Radio YUM! YUM! ORANGE - Orange Street 33 Yuppicide - Dead Man Walking Yuppicide - Fear Love YUPPIE PRICKS - Brokers Banquet YUPPIE PRICKS - Initial Public Offering ZATREST - Divka z Asijskeho bistra ZEKE - Death Alley ZEKE - Kicked In The Teeth ZEKE - Pinstriping Dutchman's Coffina ZEKE - Super Sound Racing ZEKE - Dirty Sanchez ZEKE - Flat Tracker ZEN GUERILLA - Trance States In Tongues ZEN GUERILLA - Invisible Liftee Padgap Tooth Clown ZEN GUERILLA - Positronic Raygun ZENI GEVA - Freedom Bondage ZENI GEVA - Nai-Ha ZENI GEVA - Trance Europe Experience [live] ZERO BOYS - Blood Is Good ZERO BOYS - The History Of Tape ZERO BOYS - Vicious Circle ZERO BOYS - Zero boys ZERO BOYS - Zero Boys ZEROS - The Zeros EP ZIGGENS - Chicken Out ZIGGENS - Ignore Amos ZIGGENS - Live In San Luis ZIGGENS - Pomona Lisa ZIGGENS - Rusty Never Sleeps ZIGGENS - The Ziggens ZIGGENS - Three Wise Men & Dickie Instrumentals ZIGGENS - Wake Up & Smell The Ziggens ZIVILVERSAGER - Eure Zukunft ist nicht unsere ZODIAC KILLERS - Have A Blast ZODIAC KILLERS - Radiation Beach ZODIAC KILLERS - Society's Offenders ZODIAC KILLERS - The Most Thrilling Experience ZODIAK KILLERS - Have A Blast ZOLAR X - Timeless ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN - Dealin' The Death Card ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN - Monster Formal Wear ZOUNDS - Curse Of The Zounds ZOUNDS - The Curse Of Zounds ZSK - Discontent Hearts And Gasoline ZSK - From Protest to Resistance ZSK - If Liberty Means Anything At All [EP] ZSK - Riot Radio ZSK - We Are The Kids ZUTONS - Who Killed The Zutons? ZWAN - Mary Star Of The Sea
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